Lunch At Hashida Sushi


It is always a treat when it comes to eating at Hashida Sushi.  I was so happy with hubby told me that we are having lunch at Hashida.  My last trip there was since my birthday in jan 2017.  My first ‘encounter” with Hashida san was during a luncheon event at Chanel Fashion show about a year back.  The food presentation and also food source left a very strong impression that i went searching for is restaurant online.  At that time,  he was already well known even before his TV and newspaper feature.  His passion and his demands for his food quality are reasons that made him stand out.  There are many good sushi restaurants in Singapore, but i always feel that Hashida san always made his traditional food special by adding subtle and interesting ingredients to his dishes.


We were seated in the counter seat in the room. Where Hashida San, chef of the day, will be preparing the food for us.


We are seated at the counter seat, in the room where Hashida san will be serving us his food.  I like to seat near the chef in dining setting like this.  Its gives me a chance to chat with the chef and also to see how our food are being prepared.



Our lunch set started with a beancurd skin with fish roe.  This dish may look simple but the lightness of the beancurd skin on the palate is so refreshing .  You can taste soy bean and the aroma from the beans are light and delightful in your mouth.


Next up , chawanmushi is being served.  Dun think its is just the usual steam egg,  Hashida san has added sweet corn into the egg custard.  The natural sweetness and texture from the blended corn kern, give the dish a light and fluffy feel.  I was slurping up the smooth egg custard without much effort.



After that 2 starters,  this is where the serious eating starts … we each had a plate of seasonal sashimi, selected by the chef. Love his choices of fish and seafood.  The selection consists of a mix of the different textures from the different fish and seafood. When the food is so fresh, you really dun need much seasoning to enjoy the taste of the sea.




Sushi Chef will served the nigiri sushi , piece by piece , varying the taste and texture of the seafood or fish.  Some, which he will jus add a dash of soya sauce or what he feels that will bring out the best taste.








This is one of my favourites in sushi restaurant!! This is a real cholesterol booster !  Loads of sea urchin (uni) and fish roe (ikura).  Not only is the color pretty , the taste is out of this world too.  Just stir n mix the seafood with the rice underneath, and you are ready to gobble down everything.


I always believe in leaving the best for last.  This is my highlight of the meal … the tuna belly (Ootoro) .  Hashida San is super generous with this . He slice off a huge slice from the whole belly part of the tuna , which he will bring out to the counter towards the end of the meal.  He once mentioned to us that a big block of this can cost up to a price of a car in Japan.  So i will always savour the taste of this thick and juicy piece .  good tuna belly actually melts in your mouth as it is marbled with good fish oil .


The meal is completed with a slice of the expensive musk melon from japan and also yuzu sorbet.

Other than having superb food quality, the service is also awesome at Hashida Sushi.  I will make sure i find some excuses to come back here again.  Hahaha.

Omakase lunch costs about $250 per pax.


Hashida Sushi Singapore

333A orchard Road #04-16 mandarin gallery S(238897)

opening hours : 12-3pm and 7-10pm





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