Leghila Neoprene bags

After my banane bag,  this is another one of those fun bags that i have found.  Have you heard of this bag? Leghila bags are made of neoprene.  If you not very familiar with fabrics, neoprene it is used in a wide variety of applications, such as laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces and mostly commonly on wetsuits.


So whats so big deal about it?  a few reasons :

–  its comes in 68 bi-colors (great for the fashion conscious)

– no more dirty looking bags cos these beauties are washable

– no more aching shoulders as they are very light weight

– 8 styles to choose from (should be able  find one style that suits you)

– they are made in italy.

– many fashion magazines call Leghila a ‘must-have’ fashion accessory and the bags were being featured in magazines such as Marie Clare, Elle, Vogue, Glamour and  Her World.



vogue magazine write-up


The collections available in singapore are :

the birkin-shaped inspired bag.... B-bag



another shape.... G-Bag


this version is the biz-bag




in the shop at doorstepluxury


b-bag in small size



my girlfriend bought the purple/red B-bag in Large



got my b-bag in cherry red and black (large). a washable laundry bag is also included



front view



back view



bottom view



side view



b-bag has a very roomy interior



For those interested to find out more about this bag,  online store (www.doorstepluxury.com) carries both the B-bag and the G-bag.  Sizes for the b-bag are small (31x22hx12cm) or large (40x30hx18cm). while G-bag comes in one size (40x30hx9cm).

Price range : B-Bag (small @ S$340, large @S$385), G-Bag (S$350)


Go check it out!




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  1. i like the colors and the fact it’s light weight 🙂

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi shiella, i feel the same about leghila as you..thanks for leaving your comments.

  2. CAT says: Reply

    i love the way these bags look AND the fact that they’re neoprene…BUT! do they get saggy when you put things in them? is there structure? i don’t want to get one if it’s going to get dumpy!

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi cat, this neoprene bags are great. I bought mine in a large so its able to carry quite a bit of stuff inside. guess it will only sag if u have heavy books or laptops inside 🙂

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