Imperial Treasure Steamboat

Hi hi,  hope i am being missed here… lol.    Known to my friends to be a foodie,  obviously must start the engine with a food post.  Have been really busy with some visitors last week.  Had a very good meal at one of my favourite steamboat place.


crispy fish skin


Geo duck sashimi... definitely an indulgence 🙂




US prime beef.... very yummy. can tell from the marbling right?


fried beancurd skin.. a quick dip in the soup and this simple item will taste like heaven


fresh prawns


kurobuta or black pork. sweet and melts in your mouth


a good variey of soup base.. very good stock/broth. I usually go for the chicken soup. have tried their "mala" and pork bone soup. just as tasty.


very interesting condiments... more like the szechuan style where u can create your own concoction.


Imperial Treasure at Ion.. on level 4


Mikko’s comments:  a great place for ‘luxury’ steamboat as they serve good quality meat.  Broth tasted like its been boiled for hours.  only setback is your pocket.  prepare to spend about $50-80 per head depending food ordered.  will i go back again ?  of course…  )





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