Imiy handy mist review

Something that i have found recently when i was packing my place for the CNY.   Following my recent craze on beauty gadgets,  this is another !

bought this during my tokyo trip in nov 2010 as i was attracted by the packaging



3 items are included in the box... the mist machine, a bottle of essence and even a case cover


the handy mist gadget is shaped like a handphone. small n handy


just slide to open


the mist nozzle


a small little compartment to fill the essence


gadget is battery operated for convenience


it only takes 30sec to hydrate your whole face


So how does it work?  This little gadget is actually a mist humidifier.   IMIY utilises ultrasonic waves at a rate of 166,000 vibrations/sec to split water into nano sized particles. These particles (mist)  are so tiny that is easily absorbed by the skin.  Can be used on clean face or even over makeup.  Keeps skin hydrated.  Great for skin in air-con places.


I have since found some videos on youtube.   Imiy was also being featured by Kelvin of  Taiwan’s TV programme Queen’s .

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    Wonderful Post.thanks for share.Please post more!

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