Ikebana at Erabelle

Ikebana means flower arrangements in Japanese.  My first hands-on experience on trying out flower arrangements.  Erabelle’s owner, Esther, was kind to get her staff to arrange for me to attend a very interesting flower arrangement class that was organised for their VIP customers when we found our common interest in things Japanese.  Her believe that beauty is not only on looks but it can extend even to our surroundings and lifestyle.


The Ikebana event was held at Erabelle Parco Millenia.... conducted by a professional teacher, Chris


notes explaining the different plants and flowers given


flowers and materials are all provided...


with a small class of about 8 paxs, there were a lot of attention from the teacher


hands on .... and step by step to putting the whole arrangements together




clearing up .. Chris (our teacher) explaining that each of our arrangements turned out different even though we all had the same flowers


my first flower arrangement.... looks quite nice after a few touches from Chris


each of us has a pic with our own "creation"


made friends with a very nice and friendly lady, Huini at the eventshe has made a nice arrangement for herself too



this erabelle shop carries clothes as well as some cute staff for the house


Shop looks very pretty with them selling all the pretty things.


Mikko’s comments:  An interesting experience for me as its quite a surprise to see that the same plants and flowers can turn out quite different from different persons.  According to Chris (the teacher), our personality can be expressed through our flower arrangements.  I think I agree 🙂














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  1. Good job for a first timer! 🙂

    1. mikko says: Reply

      Thank you for your comments. I had lot of fun 🙂

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