homemade banana bread


I have developed a new hobby since about a year back. Hmmm if you have seen me posting a lot of running and fitness, this is not! My new hobby is baking. i am into learning to bake bread and cakes. With my journey into fitness, i want to enjoy food and desserts but after working out so hard, i feel i also dun want to be putting unwanted calories back. Home-baked, i want to make it a healthier choice as i learn to bake the things i like by using healthier choices. either organic ingredients or less sugar and also less processed ingredients.

the banana bread was something i found was i was having bananas there were going too ripe too fast. so i decided to try this receipe and i am so glad that it turn out pretty well for a first timer.


these are all that is needed for the ingredients.


All you need to do is mash up the ripe banana and add in the ingredients.  very very easy.



Ta-dah… how it looks like fresh out from the oven.  the texture is actually dense and cake-like.


Looks like banana cake right ?



A simple and easy receipe.  You can email me or leave me a note if you would like the receipe and how to make it.

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