Hermes – Festival De Metiers

Festival De Metiers was an interesting event held by Hermes at the Paragon Atrium.  I was one of the lucky ones who got invited to the opening of the event on 01 Sep.  “Artisan” from France were being flown in to Singapore to showcase their craftsmenship, on how a piece of Hermes product is being created from scratch to an end product. The sections were divided into leather work, scarf printing, porcelain painting, watch making, tie making and also Gem setting.  As you watched how the artisans painstaking create each and every item with such details and precision,  you know why we have to pay so much for this super highend luxury brand.

The whole atrium has been converted into a Hermes workshop.  There are different stations showing how various products are being created.

this was for the scarf demo...


love the way they used the remnants of the material to create this fringe


the pottery section.. the artisan putting beautiful colours on the porcelin


colourful yet sophiticated


next, the leatherwork.... their leather feels amazing!!!


my favourite colour.... hermes orange


this must be the most popular guy amongst the rest... he is setting diamonds on the famous bracelet


thats how the bracelet will look like upon completion


you can also see how they make horse saddles


watch making in progress


handmade ties are being created on the spot


other than the workmanship, food was also presented in a very intesting manner.


ham rolled up with a brush... like presenting art


jugs of jam, made to look like colored paint


look at the ice lolli... they look yummy


last but not least... posing for some pictures before we end the night


the 3 beauties with picture-perfect smiles


The fare will be opened to public starting from 3 Sep 2011.  It was really an eye-opening experience for me.  Catch them in action if you are in Orchard this coming weekend.  Enjoy!

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