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My dear friend, sharon has made a recently trip to korea.  She told me she will do her “bit” for my blogging.  These are some of the interesting products from Korea that are not seen/found here yet.


These are the items she has gotten me...


this is a 2-step treatment hair mask.


Simple and easy to follow directions on usage


Step 1 : Treatment essence sachet (where ponytail is).

Step 2: Hair Cap to put on after treatment mask application.

Nice packaging and i think the creator is so thoughtful.  Good for gals like me who dislike washing the messy shower cap after hair treatment.


a teeth whitening tape pack. Apparently, this is hot seller in Japan. There is even a indication on box that "this product is not available in Japan. Only available in Korea."


Even though instructions are korean, the pictures make it easy to understand how to use


Hydra Intensive Skin Mist ... using Hydrophillic and Lipophilic ingredients for deep penetration


as for this? it is not a new innovation... sharon bought it cos she knows i like Hello Kitty. LOL


Thank you, Sharon for always having me on your mind when you travel.  Our old habits die hard!  We are always on the lookout whenever we see new innovations.  Thats what good BFFs are for.











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  1. Koky says: Reply

    Anywhere in Singapore selling the teeth whitening?? I WANT~

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi koky, unfortunately have not seen this product in spore. will keep a lookout…

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