burn baby burn !! yes to the fats n calories …..

A good start to a good day begins with a run in the morning….

No excuses even though it started raining in my area. I ran on the treadmill instead..

my idea of  OOTD ? my sports gear  lol! … lululemon top and shorts plus my nike free knit running shoes

The kick of endorphin after a good sweat…. Shiok !


Running is a cheap and simple way to start an exercise routine. No gym membership required! 30-45 mins each session is all you need to start a healthy lifestyle. Based on my own running watch or treadmill calculation ..  my 5km session run burns about 250-290 calories (results may vary from speed and weight of a person).  At least i dun feel so guilty when i next down a cup of Latte or chomp on a pastry.  Haha..

Join me?