Erabelle Prestige – what an experience!

I was pleasantly surprised when the MFP team told me that I was being invited to a Vanity Trove and Erabelle Prestige collabration events about 2 weeks back.  I was once a upon a time a customer of Erabelle in 2004 and I frankly, I only remembered them as a eyebrow trimming shop with their beauty advisers in kimono as uniforms.  I really didnt know what to expect….


the shop at vivo is BIG...... first, an introduction on getting a customised eyebrow shape before they start the erabrow demo


model was brought to a treatment room to get ready for the erabrow demo. She had numbing cream applied on the brow area to minimise any discomfort.


check out the treatment room the model was resting in..... it was so nice and spacious

So what is Erabrow?

As stated in their press release: “One of Erabelle’s signature cosmetic artistry services, Erabrow is a bespoke semi-permanent colour service for your eyebrows. This service will lend colour and depth to pale, faded and naturally sparse brows and can restyle and reshape brows that have been over-plucked.

There’s no such thing as one style fits all. Customised to your faceshape, shape and colour of brows will be tailored to perfectly frame your face and eyes and showcase your assets.

Using specialized Softstroke technique and Erabelle’s Micropen, colours are applied just below the epidermis of skin to simulate the look of perfectly-drawn eyebrows. Effects will last 2-3 years. With this, one can free themselves from the rigmarole of makeup and yet look polished and groomed every single minute of the day.”

This is similar to what is generally known as “eyebrow embroidery”  but done differently.  Colours are applied onto the dermis with a micropen, using feathery strokes so that the eyebrows looks as natural as possible.

the relaxed look on the model's face shows that the treatment session is almost pain-free


according to erabelle, there are quite a few shades available for your brows to choose from to match your hair. All materials used are imported and Erabelle ensure that these pigments are high quality. Hygiene is another factor that they are particular.


While waiting for the model to complete her new eyebrows,  all the bloggers and invited guests were given a chance to try out our very own customised eyebrow as well.


xinyi having a go at the eyebrow shaping


i had my eyebrows customised too..


can you see the difference on the left and right? Its amazing that with the corrected eyebrow, the eyes looked more lifted and so much neater


eyebrow completed.... a pic with the erabelle adviser who did it for me (***oops... i forgot to ask for her name)



posing for pics with their brows done.. Miyake and celestina


Erabelle was really thoughtful.... look at the spread of snacks and tea


guests can sit back and relax with a cuppa at the spacious and cosy waiting area


this is how the model looked with her brows done.... the erabelle way. very natural is it? no 'down' time at all.


Other than cosmetic artistry like eyebrow shaping, eyebrow designing, lip embroidery,  Erabelle prestige also offers some very interesting and luxurious japanese-influenced Spa treatments.  High quality ingredients, tip-top spa rooms (decorated to each ladies or girls’ fantasy) for you to indulge yourself while you have your little spa haven in easily located places.


each room is decorated with a lot of thoughts n details.... the 'oh-la-la' room.... oh so sexy!


to the princessy room


to the country style room


only the finest linen are being used.. as erabelle believes in pampering their customers. The towels are even customised.


a lot of details has been thought and executed in putting the rooms together. you can see that even at the wash basin


fresh flowers are chosen for each themetic room.... giving each room character and also a subtle scent that was so soothing and nice


for those who are like me crazy about things japanese.... this tea room was just amazing. i feel like i was in japan.


Mikko’s comments:  It was really quite an experience for me.  Erabelle prestige was completely re-vamped.  I was very impressed with the themetic rooms and the overall experience I had.  The image I had of Erabelle in 2004 and now as a world apart.  I am totally awe that I am able to find a spa or beauty place that is willing to splurge so much and pay so much attention just to bring their best to their customers.  My encounter with the lady owner, was another eye-opener.  I was so impressed that she was so particular and meticulous to each and every detail of the products, to the deco, to the service standard, that she has inculcated to Erabelle as a brand.  As place where luxury meets comfortable,  lifestyle and beauty are all integreted into one.  This is definitely a place i would pamper myself the next time i am looking for a spa and i would definitely recommend to friends. Their little personal touch to everything was very impressive.  It gives a little smile to the person receiving their service and also their things as one can see the efforts being put in by their team of staff at Erabelle.   Ganbatte ne!!!  Hope to see more and more shops of theirs coming up in Singapore so they can bring the beauty services standards here to another level.


the press release kits were all customised as well. Was surprised to see my name on the pouch


Besides being very thoughtful and generous to the bloggers and guests who attended the event,  Erabelle is also very generous to MFP readers.  I will be giving away 4 high quality eyebrow pencils.  Look out under the MFP forum to bring home one k?


And….. there is more!!!!!  Ladies who are on the constant lookout for new spa places,  this is something for u.

Additional Erabelle’s promotions for you!

1) Enjoy special promotion for 50% off the services with a voucher within August’s Vanity Trove. Erabelle collaborated with Vanity Trove for this event and we were all given an August Trove. 

2) You can also enjoy 10% off all services by quoting “MikkoVanityTrove”


Want another chance to win your Erabelle’s eyebrow pencil?  Please “like” my photo at Vanity Trove for an additional chance.  Just as simple as that…

Good luck!!


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