Dinner at suju & wild honey

A dinner gathering with the gals at Suju Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery.  We miss the food here.


grilled chicken with Japanese Spices


an all-time favourite... miso grilled black cod


one of the our must-haves... mixed tempura


look at the BIG prawns....


the plain rice is so tasty that its hard to stop at one


After our heavy dinner,  we decided to sit down for a cuppa to end our wonderful meal.


cuppa at wild honey


the casual & cosy interior of wild honey


nice ambience for a get together



like the deco on this brick wall





my caffine boost... cuppacino


my surprise birthday cake






My first visit to Wild Honey as i have heard a lot of good reviews.  Its was pity that the restaurant was too crowded for that day so we could only drop by for coffee and desserts.     We got to the Wild Honey at about 9.20pm and the staff informed us politely that last order  was 9.30pm cos the restaurant will be closed at 10.30pm (which wasnt a big deal since we were only gonna have drinks).  At 10pm,  the originally dimmly lit restaurant was suddenly as bright as daylight (** Guess it was their subtle way of  telling customers to finish up their food)  so we thought we still had 30mins to finish up our coffee and cakes.  At 10.15pm,   a friendly staff went round each table to inform of the closing time,  another had a taken out his pail and mop, and started mopping the floor while some customers were finishing up their food even when they were still 15 mins prior to closing time.  My last 30 mins in Wild Honey was quite a disappointment.  A restaurant who had created such a nice ambience and food experience was spoilt in just a few mins.  Think incidents like this will only happen in Singapore.  Hope the management will look into this.  No doubt is not a big deal but a meer 15 mins sure bring the restaurant service to a different standard.



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    Dear Mikko,

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    1. mikko says: Reply

      Dear perlin,

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    2. mikko says: Reply

      Hi perlin,

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      hope to hear from you again.


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