Dinner at Shun Ka Shuu Tou

Chanced upon this nice and relatively new japanese restaurant a few months back and this is my 2nd visit. Located on the 2nd floor of Amara Hotel, this nice little place has been set up less than 6 months ago. I have decided to go for the kaiseiki (japanese course dinner) as a treat to myself to curb my craving for Japanese food.


The presentation for the appetizer was very pretty and to my surprise… the simple taste of each dish caused an explosion on the taste bud. The veggie and the seared fish left a strong impression as each was lightly flavoured but the chef managed to play with different texture of the food.

sashimi assortment

The well-decorated plate of assorted Sashimi was fresh and tasty, the freshness of the seafood was definitely more than just looks.

fish with goose liver

A fusion of japanese and western as used to enhance the taste of this dish. Who would have expected the chef to pair fish and goose liver? It was an interesting combination. The goose liver left a distinctive after taste without compromising the taste of the fish.

simmered fresh bamboo shoot

A simple looking dish but good textured dish. The fresh bamboo shoot used for the simmer was very crunchy.

pan seared wagyu beef

This is my highlight of the meal. Beautifully marbled wagyu beef was marinated with a pinch of salt, then pan-seared and served with a dash of black pepper. The beef was very tender and juicy. For once, I find the serving a bit too small.

nigiri sushi

An assortment of nigiri sushi (hand-rolled sushi) was served next. Small and bite-size serving. What the japanese would call “Hitokuchi” (meaning in just one mouth full). Yummy!

black sesami ice cream

The course dinner ended with black sesami ice cream. Not my usual favourite but the one done i have to admit that it was good. The black sesami flavoured was flavourful.

The kaiseki dinner was charged at $175 per pax. Although the pricing was premium, I feel that almost every dish was good. The chef as able to create very simple but yet tasty dishes. The service standard was a disappointment. Service staff were chatting amongst themselves without paying much attention to the customers. Even the japanese waitress served the dishes across the table (this is not something acceptable in Japan as it is deem to be rude). The dinning experience would have been more enjoyable if the service standard is improved.

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