Dinner at Nabe Seizan – 2 star Michelin Restaurant


With the launch of the much awaited Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria ,  came many new restaurants.  For all, this is their first time outside of Japan.

Seizan Nabe, one of the restaurants in Japan Food Town and a branch of the 2-star Michelin Restaurant in Tokyo is definitely one of the “Must Trys”. Nabe Seizan was founded by Chef Haruhiko Yamamoto.  This is a Kaiseki restaurant in Tokyo which specialises in Japanese hotpot.

Hubby and I chanced upon this shortly after they were first opened.  We decided to give it a go the first time when the Store Manager proudly told us that one would require to make a reservation 6 months in advance in Tokyo just to get to dine there. Everything is cooked the same as in Tokyo . Our first experience was so pleasant that we told ourselves that we will be back when the master chef (who helmed the Tokyo main restaurant) makes a ‘special’ 2-day appearance.

The restaurant has very limited seats.  They can only accommodate 16 paxs for lunch and 10 paxs for dinner.

I was so excited that I was able make a reservation for the special dinner on 16 July 2016. There were only 8 seatings left !  The food quality will be even more premium than their usual dinner, (which is at $180 per pax).

Seizan prides themselves for bringing the best quality of everything directly from Japan;  the best fruits, vegetables and produce from different famous prefectures.  Even the water used for their tea and broth are all imported.

The starter was an interesting black abalone, topped with chopped yam, Soya sauce jelly and yuzu dressing.  According to the owner and store manager (Mr Yohei ), black abalone are a rare find in Japan.  It was so soft and tender yet has a delectable firm texture to it.  It made me changed my mind about abalone; not one of my favourite seafoods .

The second appetiser was another “killer” of Snow crab from Hokkaido, made into croquette crab-cream style.  it was love at first bite.  The simple looking pillow was filled with so much crab meat that you can hardly taste the cream !  Yet the light taste of the cream complimented the crab to perfection. The clever compliment of japanese white onions helped cut the grease from your palate.

Udon was served next. The soya sauce dashi (stock) was out of this world.  It enhanced the taste of the black abalone (yes, another one!) and the Sea urchin from Hokkaido. Awesome as a summer dish.

Wondering how else could be better, the  ‘star” of the meal was next, A5 grade Wagyu beef  (best grade due to the even marbling of fats in the beef).  Rump and sirloin were served as different cuts of the beef to experience a different texture to the meat.  A quick blanch in the broth and the meats were ready to be savoured slowly.

Fresh leeks, shiitake mushrooms and white sweet onions were subsequently added to the broth.  condiments like ginger flower, chives and even chillies were served to go with the blanched wagyu beef.

Just when I thought i was done with the beef,  the highlight of the meal was presented . They called it the ‘centre of the Sirloin’.  It was my first time trying .. it looked liked thinly cut layers ; piled on top of each, but do not underestimate this morsel of  meat.  It was the softest and tastiest part of the wagyu that i have ever tasted.  The beef was so fresh that it was even safe to eat it raw.

The store manager (Mr Yohei) did the honours in cooking it. He didn’t want us to over-cooked it.   It was simply to die for. It was incredibly tender and tasted milky and creamy .

Just when i’d thought i had finished my dinner,  the little donburi above was served. More Fresh Hokkaido Sea urchin and boiled sea bream (fish) were added toppings on the rice.

A sweet and delicate dessert was the last course to the special dinner for the night.  Hokkaido milk made into pudding, topped with white wine jelly, musk melon and japanese strawberries.  It was another sophiticated combination and balance of sweet and sour to tease our taste buds.

The food quantity served was pretty substantial.  I could feel that the chef has put  alot of details and passion in every dish and all the ingredients used were the very best.  No doubt,  it was an expensive dinner for $350 per pax but it was surely a memorable dining experience. Yes , it wasn’t just good food but a memorable dining experience.  Highly recommended for people who appreciates high quality food prep in the most simple way. A light touch but oh so elegant !

A group photo to remember the awesome dinner experience.


Nabe Seisan
Wisma Atria #4-44, 435 Orchard Rd
Opens at 11:00 AM
lunch : (max 16 paxs) for S$39 per pax
dinner : (max 10 paxs) for $180 per pax
p.s. call for reservations as they are usually full.


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