Dessert @ small potatoes ice creamy



I have always have a weakness with desserts, ice cream in particular.  Saw this ice cream picture posted by @alainlicious on instagram and decided to give it a try.


An new ice creamy from Hong Kong but using japanese purple potato as a main ingredient for their ice cream.  According to lady owner, no added sugar to the soft serve and the sweetness is from the natural taste of the purple potatoes.  These purple potatoes are picked once a year when in season and they will prepare and freeze these purples potatoes for future use.

There are only 2 variety of soft serve available, sea salt and purple potatoes (sweet potato).  I have decided to order an mix so that I can try both the flavours.  They have interesting toppings like green tea warabi (chewy like mochi),  dorayaki (pancake), shirotama (mochi).  Lady boss highly recommended the granola as topping but i have decided to go with something more japanese , which is the green tea warabi.

Verdict:  I have ordered the soft serve in cup as i wanted to focus on the taste rather than get distracted by the sweetness of the cone biscuit.  Texture is pretty interesting as it is a little textured .  however, the soft serve feels really dense and i felt full only when i was half way through the cup.  personally, the soft serve is pretty sweet even though there were no added sugar.  A generous cup for $5.50, topping is charged at $0.50.   I will probably eat it again but maybe not in a while.

Small Potato Ice creamy at basement of Novena Square 2.