dessee hair treatment

Hope i have been missed in this little space.  Thank you dear MFP readers and customers for giving their support to Mikko’s e-shop.  Some of you may have visited my e-shop and found some unfamiliar brands.  I will use my little space here to share why I have decided to bring some of these products.


This is my first introduction.  A hair treatment that I have tried during one of my trips to Japan and had my hair done in a hair salon at Tokyo.  Was very pleased that my hair turned out so smooth n nice just after one use.


I brought a few packs back to singapore to ‘test’ market.  So i brought a pack to the hair salon near my place during one of my hair wash session.   The hair stylist gave very good reviews.  That was how i got convinced that I should bring some back for my eshop.


Dessee products focus on hair treatment items only.  There are 3 variants available.  The green packaging for colored hair, blue packaging for colored hair, light green packaging is for fine hair.  Comes in a pack for 4 ,  only a tube needed once a week.

green packing for damaged hair


light green packing for fine hair


blue packing for colored hair


the product was being featured in Maquila May 2011 issue


Stated as on of the best hair treatment product


Please visit mikko’s eshop ( if you would like to make a purchase.  Only limited stocks available. Hurry before they are gone 🙂



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