Delsol nail polish & Beauty Recipe

In may this year,   fellow blogger Jessie’s shop is officially opened.  Jessie has invited me to her shop and I have to say I really like her shop as its nice and cosy.  Definitely a comfortable place to spend some time pampering yourself with their beauty services.



shop interior in a sweet pinkish tone.. you can even relax and watch tv while waiting getting your nails done


a good selection of beauty products from korea brought in by Jessie


lots of choices for nail colors...




a gd range of face mask


fellow blogger, joyce forensia was present too..


a pretty pic with jessie and joyce... dont you think jessie looked so cute with her pink apron?



jessie sharing with me the new products she has brought in


My new little discovery nail polish, introduced by Jessie.  You are have probably tried the nail crackling/nail shatter, the metalic nails…. come check out this !     Its the fun color changing nail polish brought in to Singapore exclusively by Jessie for her shop.


the color changing delsol nail polish... available in 24 shades!


decided to try out the new product without much persuasion


nails nicely done!!



the staff in Jessie's shop was really fast... look! i got my colors nail in a very short time.


what to see magic? just put your hands into the UV machine


Tadah..... look at the color! isnt it cool?


delsol nail polish  (check out this link for more details on the Delsol Nail polish)


MFP crew at the event


another nice pic with jessie


a group pic at the end of the event


Gals,  remember to drop by Jessie’s shop, Beauty Recipe,  if you are in Jurong area.  She has lots of promotions and good deals for her customers.  The Delsol nail polish are retailing at $15 per bottle.  You can also visit her website : for more details.


I have enjoyed the little party organised by her.  Hope to see the rest of the girls again soon.


















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