Dee Hsu unveils Iroo Singapore

Had the honour of being invited for the fashion event from Iroo where they launch Dee Hsu (better known as Xiao S) as their fashion ambassador for the brand.



fans of Xiao S gathering... just to catch a glimpse of her.


camwhoring while wating for the event to start


The event started with an Iroo fashion show where they featured 3 series from their current collection.  The city collection …. think office wear,  the party collection …. cocktail and evening dresses, lastly the casual collection …


these are some of the looks for the whole collection



















at the fashion finale………


xiao s...getting ready


making an entrance....


waving to her screaming fans





she was being swamped by the media


The event ended after the media’s interview with Xiao S.  I managed to squeeze myself amongst the media to get a close up look at her.  Xiao S has quite a petite frame as compared to all the models present at the fashion show but she possessed an aura about her that will command a passerby to stop and take a look at her. You can actually feel her presence.  Bryan was the host at the event but personally, i feel that his presence has somewhat been shadowed by her.  Xiao S is definitely a lady of confidence… upon meeting her in person,  i realise why Iroo has picked her as a spokesperson.  She is the kind of modern lady whom we all long to be…. a person with mulitple roles and someone who can be at ease with herself at any occassion.


For my readers who are not familiar with Iroo,  they are a brand from Taiwan.  Known as the zara of asia by some.  Iroo is a big name in Taiwan, having about 80 retails stores.  A brand that prides service and quality.  A personal favourite brand of mine as they carry affordable and fashionable clothes for every occassion.  New collections are being added to their stores on every week so you will always be spoilt for choices.  Better hurry if you like their collections cos sizes pieces are really limited.  Dun you just love it when you are one of the few to own a special piece of outfit!


With christmas around the corner, i should pop by again soon.  Am sure i can find something nice for the coming parties and Chinese New Year.





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