Chanel SS 2012

Last week was a busy week.  With quite a few fashion brands launching their spring/summer 2012 collection in Singapore.  I was lucky again to have a chance to attend the Chanel SS 2012 which was held at MOCA @ dempsey.  Here,  i would like to share some pictures for the beautiful collection from Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld.  **** warning***** lots of pictures!


this year the style is theme like a underwater world


camwhore 1st while waiting for show to start


n here we go...


lots of white and pastel color for this year's SS collection










personally love this top... may not suit everyone but i think it looks so pretty









my favourite outfit in the whole entire collection. This is a dress about was told it cost $18k cos of the sequins n details on dress.



a very pretty plastic rain coat... but its a chanel.. wonder how much it will cost?


a spectacular show again....


a group pic to end the event


Mikko’s comments:  Another wonderful and spectacular collection by karl again this year.  Personally,  i feel that this is one of his best collection is recent years.  Most of the pieces seen on the catwalk is so wearable.  I can imagine any ladies wearing those on a day-today basis.  Colors are very basic and soft (loads of white and pastels).  Love so many of these dresses.  There are a lot of details that cannot be seen due to my camera.  Glad that they have emulated the show in Paris to Singapore as close as possible.  But i have to say MOCA was a little small as compared to the show in Paris.  Will hit the shop to check out the collection soon.


Gals,  check out the videos for the full collection!


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