Chanel Cruise 2013 @ Dempsey

A great experience indeed!! when I was invited to the recent Chanel Cruise collection 2014 at Dempsey was an eye-opener. Accordingly to staff at Chanel, the whole show was put together and co-ordinated by Chanel Paris.

invitation from the host. all our seats were allocated.
guests waited in anticipation for the show to start
a group pic while waiting for show to start
international media was also present

stella tenant was one of the international model at the show

the new face of chanel…

one of my fav models in this show.. find her so stylish !!

the grand finale
Karl Lagerfeld made a special appearance at the end of the show. many of his chanel fans were so thrilled that as the ladies swamped to take pics of him


It was indeed a superb feeling to be able to witness and be part of the launch of an cruise collection of an international brand.  Now i know why some celebrities and rich tai tais fly all the way across the world just to attend such shows.  The media, the atmosphere, the logistics, everything was planned with a lot of details.  An eye opener indeed!


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