Botox and fillers @ Astique

Most of my friends know that i am always ‘game’ for any non-invasive asthetic treatments.  Obviously, when MFP team told me that I have been picked for botox and fillers procedure by Dr Mathew Yap @ Astique,  you can imagine how thrilled I was.

I was ‘lucky’ once last year when I volunteered for jaw botox.  Have since fell in love with the effect jaw botox.  Most friends think the jaw looks more defined and I think the face looks better … more ‘defined’ and more “V-shaped”.

Here we go…. will share some of the pictures taken on the “actual” day.



before procedure... today i will be having jaw botox and nose fillers


the friendly nurse at the clinic brought me to the treatment room when she prep me for the procedure


numbing cream was applied to the areas to be treatment to minimize any discomfort



this is for my botox jab... the syringe is tiny


Dr yap gave a short explanation of what he will be doing before he proceeded.


Dr Yap started my treatment with my jaw botox


3 quick jabs on each side of the jaw to have an instant "V-shaped" face


its over within 5mins... best part... you hardly feel anything


the next procedure is the one i have been really excited about.... nose fillers





Dr Yap 'moulding' the nose to shape


more injection to balance the shape


ta-dah..... the nose is done! Dr Yap passed me the mirror to show me my new nose


Dr Yap explaining the shape of the nose he has given me.... he wanted it to be more "european-looking"


i have decided to slot in a “before nose fillers” pic here… so you see the contrast


oh my god..take a look at this pic! the nose bridge is so "obvious" now


a pic with Dr Yap


astique clinic provides many other asthetic services as well


operating hours


all the credentials of Dr Yap


Mikko’s comments:  The 2 treatments that i have done today are procedures where you can see instant results.  Frankly,  I can barely feel the needles when Dr Yap was doing the injections.  I feel he is a very gentle Doctor who is very assuring to his clients/patients.  I share his views about enhancing your looks with something nice, yet natural.  I will definitely introduce Dr Yap to my friends.


MFP crew has taken a video of the whole procedure.  They will be sharing the video soon.*** can’t wait to see**


I will be posting more ‘after-procedure’ photos after my nose has settled.  Dr Yap has warned that it may take 1-2 weeks for the nose to be “perfect”.  Meanwhile, the nose feels a bit swollen and there are slight bruising (looks like freckles).


Gals, if you are interested to find out more about Astique, check out their website for more information on their services and pricing.


Astique Clinic is conveniently located at  :

391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium Tower #05-35

Tel : 67323801