A feast at Kazu Sumiyaki

I often have this craving for Japanese food… ermm… it think its more like i always have a craving for good food. LOL


Anyway,  this is my craving for this week.  Yakitori!! Made another trip back to one of my favourite Yakitori Restaurant at Cuppage Plaza.


at Kazu Sumiyaki shop front





our appetizer ...



its a pretty small shop so remember to make reservations cos its always full



their potato salad is yummy



garlic fried rice



quail eggs



potato with belly pork.. so yummy that we ordered 2 servings



prawn n scallops... think it looks better than its taste.



sinful but definitely one of my favourite... the chicken skin here has no fats and grilled to perfection



Tsukune... minced chicken ball. nice touch with the black sesame



grilled pork collar..... a bit too fat for my liking..



one of my must-have.... grilled chicken wing. crispy and nice!



goose liver.... this is out-of-this-world. Super value for $ only $6 per stick. of course i had 2 servings 😉



chicken liver.... nice but not must have



chicken gizzard. can give this a pass...



grill Hamachi head... think they cut it too small. full of bones ;(



posey posey.... haven seen elaine for so long. i miss her lor 🙂



Mikko’s comments:  Love this yakitori place cos food is considered quite reasonable for Japanese restaurant.  We paid $152 for 3 paxs.  Kazu Sumiyaki has been around for quite a long time already.  Do make reservations if you are interested to try this place as it is popular with locals and Japanese customers.  The size of the restaurant is another reason why the tables are so limited.  Sashimi and noodles (soba n udon) are also available.


Kazu Sumiyaki – cuppage plaza #04-05 (Tel : 67342492) 




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  1. yakitori lover says: Reply

    you should try torisho taka if you love yakitori

    1. mikko says: Reply

      Hi hi, thanks for the comments. May i know where is torisho taka located? would love to go n try the food.

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