Imiy handy mist review

Something that i have found recently when i was packing my place for the CNY.   Following my recent craze on beauty gadgets,  this is another !

bought this during my tokyo trip in nov 2010 as i was attracted by the packaging



3 items are included in the box... the mist machine, a bottle of essence and even a case cover


the handy mist gadget is shaped like a handphone. small n handy


just slide to open


the mist nozzle


a small little compartment to fill the essence


gadget is battery operated for convenience


it only takes 30sec to hydrate your whole face


So how does it work?  This little gadget is actually a mist humidifier.   IMIY utilises ultrasonic waves at a rate of 166,000 vibrations/sec to split water into nano sized particles. These particles (mist)  are so tiny that is easily absorbed by the skin.  Can be used on clean face or even over makeup.  Keeps skin hydrated.  Great for skin in air-con places.


I have since found some videos on youtube.   Imiy was also being featured by Kelvin of  Taiwan’s TV programme Queen’s .

Sasatinnie 360 Electrifying Extreme mascara (sponsored)

Hey Gals…. there is hope for girls with super short lashes !!

Whether you are rushing for work in the morning or prepping for a night out, the latest creation from Sasatinnie – 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara – gives you luscious looking eye-lashes in double quick time.


my first ever battery operated mascara





not only is the packaging cute n pretty, this cool gadget is packed with "power"





this cool mascara gadget is made in italy!




battery compartment at top of cap


The single start/stop button makes it easy to use, plus the rotating brush head allows you to do away with manually curling the lashes, leaving naturally curled lashes.


The all-new 360˚ double rotating brush head design, cleverly works on the lashes with the different rotating system. Whether working clockwise or anti-clockwise – it manages to coat every eye lashes to lengthen and volumize


The rotating movement allows the mascara to evenly coat the lashes, separating them evenly – creating longer looking eye lashes


check out my lashes nearer to the camera... even my short short lashes can be seen. The rotating speed is able to coat each lashes, including those hard to reach lashes and short lashes – perfectly created to suit Asian lashes.


check out the left side... my lashes look actually be seen! Each application coats each lashes evenly – curling the lashes and making it look voluminous


can you see the lengthening effect on my left side? its a miracle for my very very short lashes.


Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula allows mascara to stay on the whole day


Sasatinnie is available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetic.  Retailing at $35.90.

cute displays

some cute displays i came across in the malls recently.


a cute couple.. dun you think?



my favourite denim!!! arent these boots cute?


ooh.... i love this window... from the rocker to the dog dog


this sure is one sleepy doggie.. LOL

Dinner at suju & wild honey

A dinner gathering with the gals at Suju Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery.  We miss the food here.


grilled chicken with Japanese Spices


an all-time favourite... miso grilled black cod


one of the our must-haves... mixed tempura


look at the BIG prawns....


the plain rice is so tasty that its hard to stop at one


After our heavy dinner,  we decided to sit down for a cuppa to end our wonderful meal.


cuppa at wild honey


the casual & cosy interior of wild honey


nice ambience for a get together



like the deco on this brick wall





my caffine boost... cuppacino


my surprise birthday cake






My first visit to Wild Honey as i have heard a lot of good reviews.  Its was pity that the restaurant was too crowded for that day so we could only drop by for coffee and desserts.     We got to the Wild Honey at about 9.20pm and the staff informed us politely that last order  was 9.30pm cos the restaurant will be closed at 10.30pm (which wasnt a big deal since we were only gonna have drinks).  At 10pm,  the originally dimmly lit restaurant was suddenly as bright as daylight (** Guess it was their subtle way of  telling customers to finish up their food)  so we thought we still had 30mins to finish up our coffee and cakes.  At 10.15pm,   a friendly staff went round each table to inform of the closing time,  another had a taken out his pail and mop, and started mopping the floor while some customers were finishing up their food even when they were still 15 mins prior to closing time.  My last 30 mins in Wild Honey was quite a disappointment.  A restaurant who had created such a nice ambience and food experience was spoilt in just a few mins.  Think incidents like this will only happen in Singapore.  Hope the management will look into this.  No doubt is not a big deal but a meer 15 mins sure bring the restaurant service to a different standard.



Clarisonic Review – One Min Cleansing Routine

I have been a little crazy about beauty gadgets lately.  I really like the idea of having your own beauty pampering session in the comfort of your home.   For the sake for good skin, who wouldn’t?


In our modern day,  makeup has become a part of our daily routine.  Or even, a form of politeness in some culture.  But how many of us are really particular that our face are being cleansed properly and thoroughly everyday?  I have heard some horror stories of girlfriends going to bed with their full make-up when they are too tired or when they get home late.  The porcelain and flawless skin of the Japanese models and Korean celebrities has made me motivated to keep my skin as clear as possible.  Yet, some days, you just feel so lazy and tired if you have to go thru the steps and steps of thorough cleansing.  This new toy “Clarisonic Cleansing System” … is the answer !  The one min cleansing routine suddenly sounds interesting.


sonic cleansing cm

the model i have bought can be used for face n body






These are the contents in the above..


set includes 3 cleanser and 1 gommage



this system is using sonic technology to perform cleansing routine..


more than 300 movements per second to gently, yet thoroughly remove 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone






Like the clean feeling after using the clarisonic to cleanse my face.   The best part is that the whole cleansing process only takes 1 min.  Face feels very clean after use and I agree that skincare seem to be absorbed better.


Clarisonic is available at Sephora.



smiley face

Mie has been in a extremely good mood lately.  Guess she must be enjoying her christmas and new year… **of course, she get lots of table scraps cos we are home.  Most of my friends are aware that i spoil her a lot **  The joy is written all over her face.


turning on her full charm so she can sit at the dining table..



pic turned out blur but love the expression on Mie's face


my silly girl posing for the camera



waiting for dinner.. LOL


Like all mummies,  I love capturing all her happy moments..

Talika light Duo review

Have you seen this before? What do you think this is? Thought this is an interesting little gadget with you gals since i have since it being featured on TV and magazines.




A small product similiar in size to a compact powder packed with power. This little portable device is used as a light therapy. The TALIKA laboratories have designed this DUO, a portable device with each side emitting a distinct light wave:


- on one side, the light 590® gives out yellow light reactivates collagen synthesis and elastin production.


reactivates collagen synthesis and elastin production.


on the other side, the light 525® - gives out a green light


regulates the production of melanin, responsible for skin colouring



The combined use of both these treatments, wrinkles are smoothed, brown spots are reduced and the skin looks fuller, lighter, more radiant and glowing: younger-looking.


How light works in anti-age treatments

Light is composed of particles that travel at 300,000 km/second, whilst vibrating at a variable frequency.

The low frequencies of these vibrations correspond to invisible waves (radio, satellite, etc.).

If the frequency increases it becomes detectable to our eyes and enters the realm of visible light (which is composed of a series of colours, from orange to violet).
Beyond a certain frequency, we talk of ultra-violet light, and if we increase it even further, we reach the field of very high energy: X rays and then gamma rays.


Light 590® and light 525®, caring light sources.
In the 1970s, NASA, thanks to its experience with space flight, revealed that the cell metabolism is reanimated by visible light. This property of animal cells to responded positively to light makes them similar to plant cells, which cannot without sunlight:
in the same way as during the plant photosynthesis process, light comes into contact with the cells and activates their metabolism. With the appearance of new light sources such as light 590® and light 525®: use the light rays corresponding to a spread of pure colours ranging from blue to red. These rays, with no heat source, emitted by diodes, activates the cells deep down and obtains spectacular results.

1.Light590® collagen booster:
The diodes emit a precise frequency (590 nm) in a controlled, pulsed manner to stimulate the fibroblasts which produce collagen.


Collagen and elastin are synthesized by fibroblasts. Pollution, age and UV rays damage the skin. The fibroblast shrink and lose their ability to produce collagen and elastin, which reduces the skin’s quality: the skin is finer, thinner and wrinkles and fine lines appear.



-32% in depth and volume of wrinkles
+33% skin tonicity


2.Light525® skin lightener:
The diodes continuously emit a precise frequency (525 nm) in a controlled manner so as to prevent and reduce brown spots and lighten the skin.


Melanocytes synthesise melanin pigments, which are responsible for skin colouring. When melanin is produced regularly and constantly, skin pigmentation is uniform.


With the combined effects of skin ageing and UV rays, melanin production can be affected. The skin loses its glow and, over time, brown spots appear up to 2cm in diameter. They are generally found on the face, hands and forearms.


Moreover, over the age of 50, the skin undergoes transformations that change the appearance of the pigment spots. The skin becomes thinner. The melanocytes, highly concentrated in dark pigments, get closer to the skin surface and are therefore more visible.



After 30 days: -30.3% pigmentation
After 60 days: -46% pigmentation





featured in the recent copy of Queen Magazine


on topic for beauty gadgets


write-up on the Talika Duo Light


Hope you gals find this gadget interesting too!

Do i really think it work?  Frankly, i am not sure yet.  But there seem to be quite a bit of reviews on some beauty sites.  I have gotten this gadget for a few months now but have yet to use it on a consistently for 28 days, so i think its not fair to give my verdict.  With all the programme featuring this… i shall start tonight!  I will review it in 28 days.  Talika light duo is currently available in Sephora. Priced at $488.


More Banane Bags

Some months ago, I did a Banane Bag feature in my blog (  and friends who followed my blog or have seen me using the bag,  have been ‘bugging’ me to help them get one as well.  With the help of my Taiwanese pals,  I managed to place some orders for Banane bags.  It has been a good 2-3 months wait before the shipment finally arrived in Singapore.  Look at the assortment of colors…



champagne grey


tiffany blue


lavender grey


midnight magenta


lake blue


sunset orange


last but not least, the taipei limited edition of banana yellow (only available in shop)


I am so happy that my friends can finally get their bags before CNY.  It sure was a long wait.