A lunch gathering with chelsea and jeanette at Suju.   A Japanese Restaurant located at Mandarin Gallery on level 4. This is a place recommended by friends who enjoys good, authentic japanese food.

frontal view of restaurant

shop name

ambience of the interior is nice and cozy


The food portion at Suju is pretty generous so we have decided to order a few things to share since this is first visit for both Chelsea and Jeanette.

Kurobuta Shogayaki Set (Sliced Black Pork)

grilled miso gindara (black cod with miso)

Tempura Moriawase (Tempura Assortment)

our sumptuous feast

photo time with chelsea ... while having our tea n waiting for the bill

jeanette and chelsea


Verdict after the meal….  The sliced pork was really good, the tempura was not oily and batter taste very light,  the grilled miso gindara was our favourite for this meal.  The fish tasted firm and fresh.  The special sauce on the fish was out of this world.  Definitely worth another visit.  We spend about $40 per pax.  Price is a little steep as compared to the usual Japanese family Restaurant but it was well worth the value.


A little something that i came across when i walked passed a book store at change alley (raffles place).

The ‘lady-figure’ is made of colorful balloons.

sometimes simple things in life can bring a smile to your face…

balloon lady


White Rabbit

A girl’s night out on a friday night.

We have decided to have our gathering at White Rabbit at dempey after reading all the good reviews online.

The restaurant is housed in an beautifully-restored chapel off Dempsey area.  Classic western food is being served.  The interior feels very cosy yet with a  romantic ambience.  The high ceilings and the stained glass windows give the place a very special feel.

Fine-dining but without the stuffiness of a typical high end restaurant.  Service standard is high, so is the food standard.

Overall, think its a good place to visit for a casual get together, or even for a romantic dinner for your special occasion.

lobster bisque for our starters

main : black olive sea bass

my main course : Tournedos Rossini with seared foie die for!!

main course : braised pork rib

our share of dessert - signature cream brulee

baked alaska - vanilla ice cream with toasted meringue

chocolate fondant cake

our drink for the night... mojito

pic with dawn..

elaine and jeanne

with elaine and joleen

It was a really enjoyable night with the girls.  Good food and good company.  We will definitely go back again.  Great place if you have about $100 budget per head for a 3-course meal.






Too pretty to be eaten

Simply cannot resist these cute roll cakes found in a japanese website.  OMG…. Look at the hello kitty….!!  Can’t bare to eat them, dun you think?

how i wish they do delivery to spore.... This is their most popular set!

see how pretty the cakes look

kitty cake in strawberry flavour

and chocolate flavour

my little angel – mie

little mie... sleeping like a baby

Mie (pronounced as mee-eh), is my little baby.  She is a 6-yrs old tibetian spaniel.  One of the oldest breed of dogs around.  Very few around in the world.  Once only given to the royalties thousands of years ago.  She is also known as a ”temple dog”or ”a monk’s bed warmer” as history has shown this dog helps to churn the scriptures cyclinder in the temple.  She uses her warm body to keep monks warm during cold winter month.   A little dog in a big body, is very protective of her family and her belongings.  According to books, breeds like pekinese, king charles etc are probably her descendents as tibentian spaniels has been around more than 2000 yrs old.  She is a very intelligent girl. Dun be fooled by her innocent appearance cos she is definitely a PHD graduated from the school of “manjah-ness”.  No one at home can resist her charm.  

Thank you for coming into my live.  I am so proud to be your mummy.

A little surprise

A little surprised would have been an understatement….  This is what hubby brought back from Hong Kong in his recent trip.

prezzie from hong kong

2 pairs of pumps

2 pairs of sandals


I have always been a great fan of ballerina pumps and Elaine’s pair of Tory Burch ballerina pumps was the one that made me fell in love with the brand..  Love the design of the TR medallion.  I have seen some copies out there but somehow, the look is not quite the same.

My favorite :  The blink blink pair 😉  Fits well and the cut is so comfortable.

Tory Burch being featured in one of the japanese magazines.. The Japanese are crazy about this brand as well.

Recent feature .... love the gel shoes..