hot eye mask

A close girlfriend bought me this interesting eye mask during her trip to Hong Kong.  This item is from Kao Japan.  So why do i find it interesting?  It states on the box that the eye mask will turn ‘hot’ after you put it on.  Decided to try out of curiosity…

it is stated that the eye mask will heat up to about 40degree

product comes in a box of 5. lavender-scented


according to the explaination, eye mask will heat up to 40 degree in 10 mins, resulting in steam which will improve the circulation for eye area

front view of mask

comes with ear hooks

with eye mask on... the new ultra-woman !!! hubby asked what was i doing with 2 pieces of sanitary pad on my face ***faint**. To my surprise, the eye patches actually heats up after a short few mins

ear hooks on... holds mask in place

Mikko’s verdict:  shape of eye mask looks aweful but the ear hooks makes mask rest in a comfortable position on the eyes.  The heating effect (similar to the heating pack for travelling use to keep hands warm) and the subtle lavender scent makes this mask very comfortable.  Doubt the heat hits 40 degree though.  However, this is still a great product for tired eyes,   for use in aircraft ***provided no one is looking**, for use when catching a short nap.

wonder if they sell something like that here?  Yes…. i recently found this product at Nishino Pharmacy.  Retail Price is $22.45.  Go try it!


A painful feet ‘experience’ caused by my shoes during a saturday’s family gathering event (near tanglin) has resulted in a trip to orchard.  My intention was to get a pair of cheap shoe so that i can make my way home in comfort taking the MRT.

Unfortunately, i got distracted when i got there…  this is the price to “pay” for wearing shoes that are not so comfy 🙁

pretty japanese doll-printed slippers

Look !! these are the new arrivals at Havaianas…. the brazilian brand of slippers.  simply couldnt resist the temptation the moment i lay eyes on this pair **ear-to-ear grin**.

new collection with little charms attached

isnt it cute?

I am such a sucker for such things… in the end, the slippers cost me $62.80.  There goes my pair of ‘cheap’ shoes.  Brought back a pair of expensive slippers in the end. Lol.

Kazu Sumi Yaki

If you enjoy “Kushiyaki 串焼き” (japanese satay), you will like this place.  Reservation is a must as this little restaurant is running full house all the time.  There are 2 seatings in the evening: 6-8pm or 8-10pm.  Prices are reasonable and there is quite a good variety of food.

Some friends will probably wonder… so whats the difference between yakitori 焼き鳥 and Kushiyaki?  Well…. tori in japanese is chicken, yakitori literally means grilled chicken.  The main difference :  one serves chicken while kushiyaki includes seafood and other meats as well.

menu hanging on the wall in japanese....

our starter.. potato salad

shop offers sashimi as well... very fresh

Ika So-Men... Raw squid cut like thin noodles

grilled Nasu (egg plant)

grilled quail eggs

hotate & ebi (scallops & prawn).... yummy !

2 types of tsukune (mince meatball)... chicken and pork. i like both ;p

this is to die for.... the goose liver @ only $6 per stick!!

enoki mushroom with bacon.. interesting taste

this is another must-have.... tebasaki (chicken wings). the skin is grilled till crispy. Believe me, one piece is definitely not enough

cold soba to finish off our mains

photo time while waiting for desserts... thats elaine on my left

our camera shy jeane

and our very demure joleen

here comes our dessert... macha ice-cream

got the waitress to take a group pic before leaving the shop.

one last pic before we end our gathering...

I enjoyed the food very much… cost about 60-70 per head.  Leave me a line if you need the contact number.  We left the restaurant without smelling as if we have been grilled… ha ha ha.  This place is sure worth another trip back.


This yummy creation looks like our kueh lapis but minus the cinnamon.  A tradtional cake from Germany,  called Baumkuchen.  As usual, the creative and innovative Japanese has improvised the taste.

The aroma is enough to kill when you walk past their baking station at Takashimaya’s basement 2.  Cakes are freshly baked everyday.  The texture of the cake is soft, and not too sweet (even though they have a thin layer of sugar sprinkled on the surface).  Prices starts from : $9.80.   A slice of baumkuchen with my favourite Latte and i am almost half way to

history of baumkuchen

cake texture is soft and nice. looks like our kueh lapis right?

even mie (pronunced as "mee-eh") cannot resist it

other confectionaries and sweets from the brand