Sukiya @ Marina Square

Are you a meat lover?

Are you a japanese food lover?

Are you a steamboat lover?

A big appetite?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above, this is the place for you.   Sukiya at Marina Square offers a pretty good buffet in shabu shabu or sukiyaki style for less than $30.

japanese fish cake and you get to prepare your own concoction for dip

choice of veggie



choice of soup

1st round of meat

more food on the table

'stack-up' trays of beef

'stack-up' trays of pork

final 'stack-up'

fruits... brains not working after a heavy meal. forgot to take picture of the sundae 😉









Nakajima Suisan 中島水産

Simple dinner at a cheap and good Japanese grilled fish place, Nakajima Suisan is located within Takashimaya (after cold storage cashier’s checkout area).  This small little corner shop serves very fresh and reasonable grill fish.  They have a sashimi/sushi counter within Cold Storage supermarket.

A generous Saba (mackeral fish) with rice, miso soup set is only $7.50. They also serve pretty decent oden (japanese yong tau fu).  Last order is at 8.30pm.

menu at nakajima

generous serve of saba

teriyaki gindara

my usual

chelsea with dinner

dinner time












Chanel (Paris-Byzance AW2011)

Attended the Chanel pre-fall exclusive preview on sat at Ritz Carlton.  Karl’s inspiration is still as amazing season after season.  This season uncle karl found his inspiration from Turkish influence.  Imagine …threaded gold, rich spice-inspired colors, lotsa jewels.  Coco’s love of byzantine’s-style jewelry was the caused for this season’s look.  Clothes dripping with gemstones.  I was being ushered into the function room by Chanel ambassoders.  The whole collection were presented using mannequins.  Collection is already in the stores.

leather jacket with chain embedded… amazing workmanship

jacket with loads of blings..**wonder what occassion one can wear this too**

Little Black Dress

elaborate necklace & belt fit for a Rajah...

black top with beautiful emboidery

beautiful gems filling up one side of the sleeve.

grey one piece

prettiest dress at the show. staff mentioned that it cost about $20k.

my personal favorite at the show


'coolest' pair of jeans... leather done in mosaic tile style on jeans


our souvenir from the event... only 1500pc specially made.


a pic to remember the event

new ‘bao bao’

Saw my new bao bao being featured in July’s issue of BAILA (japan) under the ‘Baila What’s In”?

This is the new LV’s Zipped Tote.  Its features the iconic monogram pattern across 3 different material.  Design comes in 2 shades:  Marine & Bordeaux.  According to staff at LV store, this is a Marc Jacob for LV design.  Tote is big and roomy…. i like 🙂

The featured bag in Baila is in Bordeaux but i got mine in Marine. Love the idea of the using different leather to bring out the monogram design.  Even the logos in the monograms are also matched even with the different leather.   I will definitely put it to Good use. Lol.


baila jul issue

Baila's What's In

new bao bao

bao bao close-up

camera fare

An interesting camera exhibition by Olympus at Plaza Singapura that i came across a few weeks ago.  Love the way some of the camera are being decorated or accessorised.  Some of these are so pretty… simply to die for. I want one too ..


camera fare 1

camera fare 2

my favourite.. is it pretty ?


Ramen @なんつッ亭

My love for things japanese started way back… i was inspired to learn japanese when i was working part-time as a customer service at a Japanese Video rental shop.  Used to stay back for “overtime” just to catch up with watching the lastest drama and variety shows.   It was then that I started picking up words or japanese vocabs from my colleague.  We were told by the japanese general manager then, we had to greet to our customers in japanese, regardless of whether we speak the language or not.

Exposing myself to the language, culture and food became part of me.  Over the years,  hunting  for good Japanese food has become part of my eating habits.  Ramen is one of my favourite.  Check out the ramen place I have been to recently:

At Nantsuttei (Parco level 3).  This is a small shop but big on taste. I like food that has a heavier taste so tonkotsu soup-based ramen (pork bone) is my favourite.  

some write-up of their stores in Japan.

Their nin-ki mono (人気物 = most popular item), their tonkotsu soup **salivating**.

Choice of spicyness level for your soup (similar to beppu ramen).  Guess whats mine?

more food… side dishes 🙂

My comments after eating: Noodle texture is good. Stock is superb.  Wanton is nothing to rave about but the cha  shyu  taste good.  Overall, worth making another trip back.


Mikko & Mie – our very first

Hajimemashite… mikko desu… dozo yoroshiku.   (translates to: Nice to meet you for the very first time.  I am mikko.  Please give me your guidance)

Always feel that the Japanese has their way of making you feel very respected and  nice.

Erm…. Cant help being nervous cos this is my first blog for mikko.

Now, why this blog?  What’s so different or what makes it interesting?

Friends has always asked me to help translate Japanese things in English for beauty products.  Finally, I find the time to do it.

To pursue my interest, my love and passion for the Japanese language and also of things on beauty and fashion popular in Japan.  Since, I didn’t have a choice but to stay in Singapore… I am trying to give myself as many excuses to visit japan as possible (hee hee!)   Anyways, friends always say that I am crazy for making a few trips to japan every year.

So… what do I want to do here?  I have always been asked to bring things for my friends when I make my trips… so might as well do it as a business.  No one can complain that I am a shopperholic right?  Since I buy for my business now.

Mikko is a name given by my Japanese Sensei (teacher).. and this blog will be within or linked to Mikko’s shop.  I hope to share all my trips to japan with my current and future friends.. (**big grin**…. Looking forward already).  The shopping places, the food  (yum yum), how to stay in japan economically and also the very unqiue culture in Mikko’s view.  Mikko will be your ‘eyes’ in japan.. sharing what’s new and popular in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.   I will bring back special items not found here.  No need to read all the difficult to understand japanlish or Japanese on the labels. I will introduce them to you in English.

Yes!!! An e-shop for things popular in japan, now in English…. Available in Singapore!!!

Mikko will also share good Japanese stuff here in Singapore.. Mikko’s friends are also welcome to share their favourite Japanese shopping experience, food etc here.

Mikko’s friends, please visit often  to share your experience and views with me …

By the way, here’s Mie chan (endearing way of addressing someone dear or younger), my pretty tibentan spaniel, my princess… she appears often, with me and can be seem with Mikko’s caricature.  Will share more of her photos soon.

Mata Kondo…(see you again). Jya ne (bye)