Review – Yomoda Soba

I feel so lucky to be invited to YoMODa Soba By J Passport on a food tasting experience.  Located at Wisma Japan Food Town, i had a yummy lunch at my new found soba place.

Using original ingredients imported from Japan, all the soba and udon are freshly handmade daily at the store.  Even the broth are cooked with quality ingredients to ensure that quality food is being served.  whats best?  NO MSG !!!

I have ordered 2 sides to go with my main course, fried chicken skin and slice pork with sesame sauce.  Both yummy but portion is big!

Hubby went with me as he loves a good cold soba.  I didn’t take long to convince him to come along when i told him that Yomoda Soba makes their noodles fresh daily. Tempura in the bowl consists of prawn, chicken and Veggie. This generous serve of noodles and Tempura is only $23.

I prefer something hot to warm my tummy so i opted for the hot Soba with a mini Tendon set.  The soba Has a good chewy texture which i enjoyed very much and the little yuzu zest in the soup gives it a very nice citrusy taste that was so refreshing.  This yummy soba n tendon set is only $20.

There are quite many things that goes into the tendon!  Even though Yomoda Soba’s signature is on soba,  i do give them the thumbs up even for their tendon.

Look at the food portion in front of me !  I am not exaggerating ! haha

One of the advantages of speaking japanese,  I managed to get the japanese chef  (who doesn’t speak much english) to come out of the kitchen to have a photo with me 🙂

I will be back whenever i miss a good soba.  Thank you J-passport and Yomoda Soba for the invitation once again !

For more Details and promotions :


Yomoda Soba (65)62623467 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore238877 Orchard Daily 11:30~22:00 (last order 21:30)









Rang Mang Fried chicken @ Japan Food Town Wisma

Not your average fried chicken ! I agree !

I love fried chicken.  Especially those simple type marinated type without the thick batter.

In Rang Mang, they use Free Range Chicken that has been marinated with 6-hours in butter milk,  frying it twice in low heat for an umami that elevates fried chicken beyond fast food.

No wonder their fried chicken is Juicy tender on the outside and juicy on the inside, yet the batter is crispy.  It is good enough eaten on its own! Dipping sauce is optional .  Value for money with their generous serving of chicken.

Chicken are only cooked upon order so they are served pipping hot and yet they are still crispy even when eaten cold due to the double frying.


I have opted for the heathly grain rice to reduce my guilt for lunch.  lol

Hearty and yummy serving of green salad evens out the sinfulness for a balanced meal.

They have a choice of 15 different sauces.  My favourites are : wasabi mayo and plum sauce

Complete your fried chicken feast with their signature frozen lemonade soda.  Sure cuts the grease !

Lunch Price range : $12-15 per set lunch.  Take away is available for the yummy fried chicken.

Will i go back again?  Of course ! haha



Rang Mang Fried Chicken

435 Orchard Road #04-54

Wisma Atria Japan Food Town

S 238877

Time : 11.30-10pm/ Tel : 62623504


Cafe Pal – modern thai cafe

There will days when you crave for a simple thai meal.  If they happen to have good desserts to complete the meal, then this will definitely be the perfect place.  Sharing the same kitchen as YingThai Palace at Purvis Street,  Cafe Pal is owned by the son.

This cafe serves thai food in a casual and cosy environment.  My girlfriend and i decided to order something simple as we were both not too hungry on that day and wanted to keep some stomach space for desserts.

My choice for the day… soupy tom yam rice noodles soup as our mains.  Food was good !  The tom yum broth was tasty with a good balance, not overly sour.  They have changed some of them menu since i last went many months back.  Simple sets of main course with a drink is now available price of below $15.

We ordered some chicken wings for sharing.  The serving was small but marinate was tasty.  Good portion size for ladies or people who wants variety.

The famous coconut cake at Cafe Pal.  The desserts here are all baked fresh daily by the owner who has a great interest in baking.  I have to say this is one of the better coconut cake I have tried.  the sponge cake was mildly sweetened with layers of fresh grated coconuts in between the layers.

The highlight of the day .. green tea chiffon cake with warm kaya! it was to die for!  I am not a usual fan for kaya but i have to say the home made kaya was really yummy with the light and not-so-sweet chiffon cake!

This is a nice cafe even for afternoon tea.  i will sure come back for more.


Cafe Pal @ 43 Middle Road #01-00 Singapore 188952. Tel : 6335400 (Opens : 12-10pm)







Puma Night Run 2016

A friend once asked me .. how i stay motivated to do my run every week.  The answer is simple.  You sign up for races.  My last run was at sundown in may 2016, i have completed the 10km race.  Puma Night run was next for 12km.

We are thankful that the haze has cleared and the puma night race can be carried on as per expected.

A wifie upon arrival while we all still look pretty and fresh.  The puma run this year was held at Seletar Aerospace.

My running kakis n i got there early.  Our usual habit so that we can go take pictures and also located bathrooms.

I even had a chance to go for a little warm up massage.

A last selfie at the starting line which waiting for the run to start.

Mission accomplished !! Look at all our shack faces after 12km.

It was tiring but we had a lot of fun !

To those who doesn’t know me, i am a relatively new runner.  I only did my first race in Dec 2015 with a simple 5km fun walk.  Todate, this is my longest run i have clocked since.  Fitness is something you can build into a habit.  When i first started on my journey last year,  i didn’t expect myself to be able to complete a 5km.  I set little milestones for myself.  Small and realistic little steps so that i can improve.  If you have just started your fitness journey,  dun give up just yet.  You can do it … with a little perseverance 🙂





Dinner at Nabe Seizan – 2 star Michelin Restaurant

With the launch of the much awaited Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria ,  came many new restaurants.  For all, this is their first time outside of Japan.

Seizan Nabe, one of the restaurants in Japan Food Town and a branch of the 2-star Michelin Restaurant in Tokyo is definitely one of the “Must Trys”. Nabe Seizan was founded by Chef Haruhiko Yamamoto.  This is a Kaiseki restaurant in Tokyo which specialises in Japanese hotpot.

Hubby and I chanced upon this shortly after they were first opened.  We decided to give it a go the first time when the Store Manager proudly told us that one would require to make a reservation 6 months in advance in Tokyo just to get to dine there. Everything is cooked the same as in Tokyo . Our first experience was so pleasant that we told ourselves that we will be back when the master chef (who helmed the Tokyo main restaurant) makes a ‘special’ 2-day appearance.

The restaurant has very limited seats.  They can only accommodate 16 paxs for lunch and 10 paxs for dinner.

I was so excited that I was able make a reservation for the special dinner on 16 July 2016. There were only 8 seatings left !  The food quality will be even more premium than their usual dinner, (which is at $180 per pax).

Seizan prides themselves for bringing the best quality of everything directly from Japan;  the best fruits, vegetables and produce from different famous prefectures.  Even the water used for their tea and broth are all imported.

The starter was an interesting black abalone, topped with chopped yam, Soya sauce jelly and yuzu dressing.  According to the owner and store manager (Mr Yohei ), black abalone are a rare find in Japan.  It was so soft and tender yet has a delectable firm texture to it.  It made me changed my mind about abalone; not one of my favourite seafoods .

The second appetiser was another “killer” of Snow crab from Hokkaido, made into croquette crab-cream style.  it was love at first bite.  The simple looking pillow was filled with so much crab meat that you can hardly taste the cream !  Yet the light taste of the cream complimented the crab to perfection. The clever compliment of japanese white onions helped cut the grease from your palate.

Udon was served next. The soya sauce dashi (stock) was out of this world.  It enhanced the taste of the black abalone (yes, another one!) and the Sea urchin from Hokkaido. Awesome as a summer dish.

Wondering how else could be better, the  ‘star” of the meal was next, A5 grade Wagyu beef  (best grade due to the even marbling of fats in the beef).  Rump and sirloin were served as different cuts of the beef to experience a different texture to the meat.  A quick blanch in the broth and the meats were ready to be savoured slowly.

Fresh leeks, shiitake mushrooms and white sweet onions were subsequently added to the broth.  condiments like ginger flower, chives and even chillies were served to go with the blanched wagyu beef.

Just when I thought i was done with the beef,  the highlight of the meal was presented . They called it the ‘centre of the Sirloin’.  It was my first time trying .. it looked liked thinly cut layers ; piled on top of each, but do not underestimate this morsel of  meat.  It was the softest and tastiest part of the wagyu that i have ever tasted.  The beef was so fresh that it was even safe to eat it raw.

The store manager (Mr Yohei) did the honours in cooking it. He didn’t want us to over-cooked it.   It was simply to die for. It was incredibly tender and tasted milky and creamy .

Just when i’d thought i had finished my dinner,  the little donburi above was served. More Fresh Hokkaido Sea urchin and boiled sea bream (fish) were added toppings on the rice.

A sweet and delicate dessert was the last course to the special dinner for the night.  Hokkaido milk made into pudding, topped with white wine jelly, musk melon and japanese strawberries.  It was another sophiticated combination and balance of sweet and sour to tease our taste buds.

The food quantity served was pretty substantial.  I could feel that the chef has put  alot of details and passion in every dish and all the ingredients used were the very best.  No doubt,  it was an expensive dinner for $350 per pax but it was surely a memorable dining experience. Yes , it wasn’t just good food but a memorable dining experience.  Highly recommended for people who appreciates high quality food prep in the most simple way. A light touch but oh so elegant !

A group photo to remember the awesome dinner experience.


Nabe Seisan
Wisma Atria #4-44, 435 Orchard Rd
Opens at 11:00 AM
lunch : (max 16 paxs) for S$39 per pax
dinner : (max 10 paxs) for $180 per pax
p.s. call for reservations as they are usually full.


Dinner at Sushi Bar

Finally made it to the Sushi Bar at Ngee Ann City though I have eaten at the Far East branch a couple of times.  My friends had sushi cravings so we decided to have our dinner there.

These were the food and dishes we have shared.

We ordered some Salmon skin as starters.  this dish tasted good.  The mentaiko dipping sauce went well with the crispy skin.

Yummie oysters were pretty big and the yuzu sauce went well with the lemon.  One can easily slurp up the big oysters.

I guess we couldn’t miss ordering the ‘Die Die must have” Sashimi since most customers came for this at Sushi bar.  We had a good assortment of premium fish.  The slices were cut really thick. Yum Yum !

Since there were 4 of us, we decided to share 2 types of their donburi.  I couldn’t resist Chirashi Don as i always compare Teppei’s Barachirashi as a benchmark.  The Chirashi Don looked awesome and colourful with the assorted cubed toppings.  But seriously if i had to do a comparison , i still prefer Teppei’s version.

We decided to share the Aburi Kaisen Don.  They were very generous with the assortment of seafood on top of the rice.  Love that the seafood had been lightly touched.  The burnt taste added a smokey flavour and gave the seafood an interesting texture.

More food to be served!  Some of us felt that we had space for handrolls.  My friend had the soft shell crab temaki while i had the calfornia temaki.  Simply love the combination of avocado with the salmon.

We had even ordered a small bottle of sake to share.  Sushi bar is a good option if you like your japanese food with your friends in a causal setting.  Prices are pretty reasonable for their food quality.  Other than the pain of not sitting you at a table if your friends are not full in attendance,  the service standard was pretty high.  Service staff and kitchen were really efficient.  We had our food served pretty quick after we have ordered.  will i come back again ? Yes, for sure.


391 Orchard Road
#05-34/35 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

Monday to sunday:
11:30am – 09:00pm

Phone :

+65 88183535






Shape Run 2016 – We did it !

Sunday mornings can be fun when a group of friends get up early the the purpose of fitness.  On 24 July 2016, we participated in the first all-women’s run at Bay Front Event Space.  We did a 5km walk together.  Some are pros, while others having their first trial at a 5km walk.

A pre-run wefie, before we move on to the starting point.  A first time for me,  as this is my first ever morning run.  The weather was so cool and nice.

We even found time for photo session towards the end of the walk.

Mission accomplished in about an hour as we walked, talked and laughed throughout.

The happy faces of all the finishers.

To the ladies out there,  do not be afraid to take a first step to start your fitness routine.  There are proven cases that it is possible for ladies who have never done a 5km to be able to walk to complete the race.  All you need is a reason to get you started.

Happy exercising !

MBFC 8km

there are a few reasons why i really enjoy running…. de-stress, endorphins are probably a  few reasons that you can guess, in fact the main reason is also to make me less guilty when i indulge in food !  I am always envious of those who can eat without gaining an ounce.  Once you hit 40, hmmmm….. indulging without gaining weight is almost impossible for me.

A girlfriend of mine recommended this route at MBFC when we started training for our 10km run for sundown.  i have fallen in love with this route since than.  Thank you christine, for the great recommendation.

my kind of OOTD for the day! i love to dress up before my run, somehow i feel that i feel more motivated to exercise when i put in effort to look good for sports. Purple n blue theme for today… Mizuno tank top and lululemon speed shorts.  The hairband is my new find from mandukayoga! This is really awesome.  Super absorbent and keeps hair in place without the tightness.  No more stinging eyes from the sweat!

This is my reward when i do this route through marine barrage ….. our beautiful skyline .  I may have taken this route many times in recent months but the color in the evening never appears to be the same.

Mission accomplished….feeling shack but also shiok at the same time.  This is my first 8km since my last 10km race at sundown.  I have been slacking.  Time to start building up again as i have runs coming up in end july and end august.  Jiayou !


Sweet Monster Popcorn ice cream @ Velocity

I love popcorn and I am crazy about soft serve ice cream, So you dun need a lot of imagination when I found this ‘new’ (first time for me) place . Another new kid on the wagon for korean desserts, a great option if you are not a fan of bingsu.

Their popcorns taste similar to Garret, in my opinion a little less sweet as compared. The guy at the counter was so kind to allow us to try the different popcorn flavours before we decide on the topping. They have  flavours like strawberry, caramel, jeju tangerine and cheese n caramel mix.  My choice : caramel !! I like how the caramel bring out the milk n gives the soft serve a good balance of the flavour.

other than soft serve, sweet monster offers monster shakes ($6.50 – $8.50), cakes, coffee and other drinks .

outlets : plaza sing , bugis junction n velocity@novena

price : $6.80 for popcorn monster




Dessert @ small potatoes ice creamy



I have always have a weakness with desserts, ice cream in particular.  Saw this ice cream picture posted by @alainlicious on instagram and decided to give it a try.


An new ice creamy from Hong Kong but using japanese purple potato as a main ingredient for their ice cream.  According to lady owner, no added sugar to the soft serve and the sweetness is from the natural taste of the purple potatoes.  These purple potatoes are picked once a year when in season and they will prepare and freeze these purples potatoes for future use.

There are only 2 variety of soft serve available, sea salt and purple potatoes (sweet potato).  I have decided to order an mix so that I can try both the flavours.  They have interesting toppings like green tea warabi (chewy like mochi),  dorayaki (pancake), shirotama (mochi).  Lady boss highly recommended the granola as topping but i have decided to go with something more japanese , which is the green tea warabi.

Verdict:  I have ordered the soft serve in cup as i wanted to focus on the taste rather than get distracted by the sweetness of the cone biscuit.  Texture is pretty interesting as it is a little textured .  however, the soft serve feels really dense and i felt full only when i was half way through the cup.  personally, the soft serve is pretty sweet even though there were no added sugar.  A generous cup for $5.50, topping is charged at $0.50.   I will probably eat it again but maybe not in a while.

Small Potato Ice creamy at basement of Novena Square 2.