Appreciate everything that you have

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As a saying goes, know your well when you drink your water. Be grateful of what you have today, and the little things that you may have taken for granted. Some parties may have came out with favourable and even promising ideas that might have attracted you to change your mind, but use this cooling day to thoroughly think about the past promises and proposals made for the past 4 years. Think about the one that can really represent and brings Singapore to a even better country, not just by their rallies, but by the results.

It is never easy to have come thus far, we needed someone who can really deliver his/her promises, and not just making empty noises. I am just hoping no one is making the decision just because they wanted a change, or worse, even blindly following the crowd.

If you are still unsure, take this time to read back those speeches and choose someone that is the best person to represent us. I can’t stress enough that the decision that you will be making in a day’s time will reflect on your future generation.

How will you decide?  Hard work against empty rhetoric, a vision against a cheap bargain, a strong, united Singapore or a weak fragmented one? The choice is clear. All for us, For Singapore.

I shall end my thought here.

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Make love, not hate

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It really saddens me and lose faith in human beings when I read about those negative remarks and comments on our founding father current condition. I can never understand and I could not tolerate such remarks and reactions from those evil ones.

It further disgusts me when (almost all) made those remarks are from the younger generations. I did try to understand the reason behind their negative actions, but to be honest, I still really unable to figure out.

I mean, what are those people angry about? I really got no clue. Do they really know what they are doing, or just simply follows the flow of some?

Perhaps that they had forgotten the fact that Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team are the one that build our nation. Without him, do you think that Singapore will be what it is today? He dedicated his whole life building up this country, to make Singapore a successful country and even, to one of the first world countries.

If not of his efforts and hardwork, do you think we can be living in such a safe country? The land we are stepping on now, the education system and so on. Don’t you think that we can travel around countries with minimum disturbances and troubles with our little red passport? How many would understand how much he and his team had gone through in order to make our lives easier and those little things that we took for granted?

Cars might be expensive, and people might be comparing with other countries, but ask yourself this question, even without owing a car in Singapore, don’t you think that you can still easily travel around with the public transport systems available? You can already find yourself varies means of public transport the moment you step out of your house. If you had ever travel to other countries, how many times would you find yourself getting varies means of public transports the moment you are out? From a small island to what we have today, how many times do you appreciate those little things that is built for us?

How many times had you encounter electricity blackout and shortage of water? To be honest, I had never. Yet, people are complaining of trivial things and so on. Let me ask you, do you even dare to drink the water right from the tap without even boiling it while you are in other countries? In Singapore, I can just drink it without even boiling it, that’s one of the little things people take for granted? I am just stating a few of the examples, the rest, you can think ponder over it yourself.

To the younger generations that are whining and blaming the government for all the little things that is happening in your life, do you understand the hard life our pioneer generation had to go through? My parents are one of the pioneer generation and since young, I was told on how tough their life was and how Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team built the nation up and to make life better.

My parents was there to witness when Singapore decided to be independent and to separate from our neighbor, Malaysia. My parents was there to witness the changes since the independence of Singapore and how Singapore changes from a Kampong village to high rise buildings, the Singapore currency becoming stronger and bigger, the living standards becoming better and so on.

All these changes are being ignored and disregarded by some of the younger generation, sadly. Instead of being grateful, they are making rude remarks instead. That’s really saddening.

People, have a heart, he is a human too, I don’t care your reasons for being unhappy with him, but please bare in mind, he is our founding father, a living human with thoughts and feelings too, someone’s father, grandfather, someone’s family member too. How would you feel if someone you love, especially your father, is being criticized and cursed at? Don’t you feel angry and heartbreaking at the same time? Trying to make a joke out of this is not funny, really. Just step in their shoes and think. We all have parents and loved ones, we all pray for the best of them, we all wish for the best of them, isn’t it? Imagine if you were the victim today, would you be devastated?

Please people, we all are born with a pure and gold heart, one that god made us up not to be heartless and ruthless. Yes, no one is perfect, we all are not perfect. If you think you are better than him, then prove it, not just commenting groundless comments and even defame him. If you are unhappy with what you are living on now, you are free to leave, what for making yourself so angry every single day the moment you open your eyes? I am sure there will be lots more other people who will be happy to take over your place.

For now, my only wish this year is to see Mr Lee Kuan Yew to recover from all his illness and sickness, and to get back his health back, and to be able to celebrate this special Jubilee year of Singapore. He should be there, and he must be there to witness this!

And to Mr Lee Kuan Yew:

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew,

You are a man that I truly hold high respect for. Thank you for all your contributions and effort throughout all these years, I am genuinely appreciating to where I am today, the land that I am stepping on, the roof that is sheltering over me from all the rain and shine. It was really tough for you to fight and make Singapore to who she is today and we all appreciate that. All of us are grateful of all of your hard work.

Please keep fighting on and please do not ever give up! We are all praying for you to you to get well soon and recover from your sickness and illness so please do not give yourself up. You are really a strong man, you built our nation up, you made Singapore a really safe place to live on. Without you, Singapore will not be what she is today. Singapore has finally come thus far, and this Jubilee golden 50 years, all of us are waiting for you to witness and celebrate the country that you dedicated your whole life on. Please do not ever give up and we are all waiting for your good news so press on and get well soon!

Dear Lord, please heal our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, take all his sickness and sufferings away and please allow him to restore his health back and his longevity too.

Thank you Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Diet pills for you? – Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill! 速效瘦!

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Once upon a time, there lives a little girl who had been skinny for (literally) 2 decades of her life. She ain’t anorexic, she ain’t malnutrition, she ain’t underfed, neither did she looks like skin-and-bones. In fact, she gets hungry easily and she does eat a decent amount each time.

No matter how much carbohydrates and sinful food she ate, she just remained that size, and every time she went for her body check ups, the nurse would always deem her as slightly underweight.

Nothing lasts forever. The little girl hit the big 20s stage and things started to change. Work, stress and unhealthy living lifestyles caused her to balloon up her once that petite frame. Yes, she was balloon up to almost 10 kilograms within a short span of just one year!

She did not realize her (almost drastic) changes until she met her old school mates and they told her that she had became “builder” (Fatter in other words). She was devastated that her once petite frame had gone out of shape. It took her a long long time to shed that few kilograms off.

Yes, I am the little girl mentioned in this post. The little girl that literally take her body for granted. 

The journey of slimming down is really tough. One can’t expect instant results without working hard for it! I tried hard enough (not really actually) to get my weight back. My hard works are being paid off, and there are really obvious results after all those sweats and tears.

Good things doesn’t stays forever. Just almost half a year ago, I had to put on weight again due to work requirements. To be honest, I hesitated for some time before I agreed with it.

For those who had gone through these journey of slimming down would really understand how hard it really is, and WILL maintain their best shape after that.

Just some weeks back, I finally wrapped up the film/work and I NO LONGER need those extra fats with me no more! Then that comes the hard truth once again, how can I slim down and maintain my shape?

The first thing that came into my mind was — Diet pills. A diet pill that is safe, yet effective, with minimal side effect.

And I chose this, that is safe to use and no side effect (无副作用, 安全可靠)!:

Its Trimton 2 (速效瘦) – Hong Kong No.1 Best Selling Slimming Pills!

In case you are wondering, it is actually the advanced version of Trimton, that is especially made for Oil Reducing and Fat Burning (去油消脂)! I am going to brief you more about this shortly.

A little Background information on Trimton 2:

All ingredients of Trimton 2 are extracted from plants. For most products, major ingredients are destroyed by gastric acid in our body.

Trimton 2 latest breakthrough ingredient. Microencapsulation Technology (肠溶性微粒), helps to protect these effective ingredients from being ruined by gastric acid so that it can fully work to target at heavy fat area for ultimate burning result.

What is Microencapsulation (肠溶性微粒)?

The microencapsulation of Trimton 2 is a technology that functions mainly to avoid the side effect of ordinary pills.

Each pill has rich missile balls, and they have multi-layers of Ballistic Missiles or onions.

This allows it to dissolve layers by layers, and also avoids gastric acid to ruin the core effective essence.

Once the balls are absorbed into the intestine, the changed alkaline environment makes the final layers truly dissolved, and allows the fully absorbed functional ingredients to work!

So how does this little pistol works?

Target Oriented Fat Burn Effect.

Each Trimton 2 capsule is like 400 oriented missiles, automatically “smashing” heavy fat area and burning the fattest part of body.

Trimton 2 targets to slim wherever you want. As a result, only fat, but not breast fat, is burnt. With its various fat burn ingredients, it acts as a double effect to help attack the fat area, thus 100% eliminating fat.

Main Ingredients List and Functions:

Garcina Cambogia HCA:

A very popular slimming element in Japan! Garcina Cambogia extract has ingredients of HCA to speed up fat burning process. This is also used in US slimming pills which prevent new fats from growing and storing in our body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

The rich Chlorogenic Acid in unroasted green coffee bean is a fat decompose element that targets at heavy fat area, and helps speed up the burning of stored and stubborn fat.

Grapefruit Extract High Purity Extract:

The organic acids in this extract automatically speed up fat burning and effectively smash fat in a precise manner.

Green Tea Extract:

It can ease and restrain starch absorption to achieve a fat blocking result. It restrains the aliveness of amylolytic enzyme and the saccharase movement in enteric canal. This prevents extra glucose absorption.

Purple Rice Extract:

This is a unique ingredient of Trimton 2. It contains saccharase dissolution which helps to restrain absorption and prevent carbohydrate from overly turning to fat.

Tests also show that purple rice has a 10% to 20% higher capacity of decomposition. It also helps to prevent skin collagen from losing, and maintain its elasticity and moisture, making you look younger after slimming.

In A Nutshell: 

The main ingredients HCA & Chlorogenic Acid can help to reduce the fat up to 52%; Green tea polyphenols and organic acids can help to block oil intake up to 30% and help to slim up your whole body and lose weight. 


To be honest, I have been consuming Trimton 2 for almost a month now.

I am actually a non-pill person. What I mean is that I always got this phobia in taking pill tablets since young. It is always a task for me to swallow the tablets, especially if it is bigger in size. Fortunately, this pill is so easy to swallow down, without much struggle, probably because of its pistol shape.

2 weeks after taking the pills, I noticed that my weight is down by approximately 1.5kg, with normal meals and minimal exercise.

Just today, I weighed myself again and I am down to a total of 3kg  ever since the first day I started on the pill.

To be honest, I ever took other brands of diet pills too and usually there are some side effects, but for this Trimton 2, I am actually feeling so normal and no side effect at all. I do not have to worry about having palpitation, short-tempered (Frustration/emotional) and insomnia.

I did not feel any restless nor lethargic, instead, I feel so refreshed and recharge after I woke up, probably due to the natural ingredients found in Trimton 2? Oh! I almost forgotten to mention that it does not cause me any gastric issue too.

What I like most towards Trimton 2 is its flexibility. I do not have to adhere strictly to the timing, which means I am not restricted to take the pill before or after the meal. That means if I forgotten to take the pill out when I am out for my meals, I can always replace it when I am back from my meal!

I am not sure about you, but when it comes to slimming down, the fat that burns the fastest are usually on my boobs area. I ain’t sure why too, but it is always so disheartening to see that.

But with this Trimton 2, I realize something, I realize that my boobs are still intact (hahaha) and I noticed that the fats around my abdomen area seems to be smaller than before.

My thighs are (very) slightly smaller than it used to be, though I almost did not exercise at all during this period. My bad for that, I know I should be doing some workout in the meanwhile, but I am just so tied up with my work that I barely have any energy left to burn by the end of the day. Haha! (Excuses).

But I am pretty sure that if you can do some workout along with Trimton 2, the results will be much more amazing and impressive!


It is recommended to take 2 capsules of Trimton 2 daily for 3 months as a treatment. 

Usage Direction: 

Take 2 capsules a day, one for Breakfast/lunch, and the other one for dinner. You can either take it before/after your meal with a glass of lukewarm water. 

Retail Selling Price: 

Trimton 2 is retailing at S$118 and is available exclusively at all Guardian Outlets Singapore

Trimton 2 Facebook Page:

Thank you Trimton Singapore for the sponsorship that really saved my life! 🙂 I will definitely go for this brand again should I ever need a diet again! ㅋㅋㅋ

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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[GIVEAWAY CONTEST] Say Hi to the New LED Light Therapy!

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**More information on the Giveaway will be announced at the end of the post**

Hi Darlings!

 I am pretty sure that most of you would have heard of LED Light Therapy before, especially so for the beauty junkies, and those whom had ever been to those high end beauty salons! In the recent years, Red Light Therapy has been the rather popular and well accepted by most, mainly because of its many benefits and the almost zero risks/side effects involved.

What are some of the benefits of Red Light Therapy?


  • Red Light Therapy helps to penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and bringing more blood and nutrients to the area easily.
  • Stimulates vital collagen and elastin production. 
  • Red Light Therapy helps to energize and  also helps in repairing damaged cell. 

Types of skin concerns:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Blemishes and Redness
  • Acne Scars 
  • Tightening and Firming/Lifting without aesthetics methods
  • Anti-Aging
  • Age spots and hyper-pigmentation


Some of the concerns are:
  • Acne Scars
  • Burns 
  • Eczema
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Psoriasis


  • The infrared light penetrates deeper into the body and repairs and/or regenerates cell components. 
  • The infrared light also helps to activate the production of endorphin.

Types of Pain Concerns:

  • Inflammation
  • Neck/Shoulders pain and stiffness 
  • Sports injuries such as sprain
  • Muscle related back pain 
  • Pulled and strained muscles
To be honest, there are so many different types and brands of LED Therapy lights available in the market, from personal usage and even salons’ usage. And of cause, the pricing are usually quite hefty for a reputable brand.
Usually, we are unable to test those LED Light devices over the counters, and even if they do, most probably consumers are unable to really experience how it works and stuffs.
Today, I am going to show you this LED Light Therapy Wand that I have been using for almost 3 months now.

It is the Vanit’e Wand that is solely distributed in Singapore by Absolute Allure.

How does it works?

Apart from the points that I have mentioned earlier in the post, Vanit’e Wand is proven to have visible results after 3-4 weeks!
In case you are wondering about the side effects after using the Vanit’e Wand, let me answer your queries with my assurance that there AIN’T any side effect and the Vanit’e Wand have been clinically tested and certified in 5 countries.

Therefore it is SAFE for both commercial and home use.

What is included in the Package?


A glance of the contents inside:

Here is what you can expect in the Vanit’e Wand Set:

The Legendary Wand:

The Protector:

Don’t be mistaken and let your imagination run wild with that picture! It is actually a protector cover that is to be slotted in to the wand before use.

This will help to minimize the LED light from touching your skin directly, and also, as a hygiene purpose too. (You can’t expect to wash the wand with running water yeah?)

A Velvet Pouch:

You can easily store all the things in here, without worrying that it will go missing.

The Powerbank:

This is one of the key players here. Without this powerbank (with the cable), you are never going to make the wand works. Hahaha!

Fixing/Installing the Protector:

The installation and/or usage is really dummy proof. All you need to do is just simply insert the protector into the outer rim of the LED Light and you are done.


Prior to this Vanit’e Wand, I have long heard of the Red Light Therapy treatment and its long list of benefits.

Okay, I lied. I actually did not realize that it can be used to heal sore muscles and aches before I decided to get the Vanit’e Wand.

Hahaha! It is so embarrassing because I always thought that the Red Light Therapy mainly works on skin concerns and it never did once came across my mind that I can use the LED Light to help ease/soothe/heal aches!

And to be honest, I was taken aback when the Absolute Allure Team informed me about some of the highlights, especially so on the muscle pains and aches.
You know why? Because I am always full of muscle aches especially so on days when I have to tolerate long hours with those killer heels that are minimum 4 inches tall! It is all worth it for vanity and beauty, posture sake. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So now instead of using those tubes and bottles of the healing cream/muscle pain cream, I can relieve my sores with just a small handy wand. No more messy, smelly, burning creams and lotions for me!

Of course you cannot expect to see results in just an application or two! I mean, the wand ain’t a miracle pill that totally heals all pains in just a 10 minutes treatment!

You would need to use it more frequently and you will begin to see the results. For me, I took me probably approximately 4-5 applications before I notice any improvement.

Now to the face. I think that is is especially good for people whom had skin concern such as blemishes, acne marks and for the hypersensitive skin too.
The blemishes on my face were less reddish and shrink its size on Day 1, and it is usually more or less healed by Day 2 or 3.

I actually included Vanit’e Wand into my staple night time skincare regime since a month ago.

All I need to do is just to spend around another 20 more minutes of my time for the Vanit’e Wand and along with my skincare products, I can really see a significant improvement on my face! My face seems to be in a better condition now!

Recommended Usage Direction:

DSC_0115It is advised/recommended for first timers to use 3 times for the first week, and gradually increase to 5 times for the following week and by the third week you may use it daily.

To obtain the best results, it is encouraged to use Vanit’e Wand not less than 15-20 minutes per session.

Sole Distributor and Promotions:

Vanit’e Wand is retailing at the price of SGD$268 and is solely available at Absolute Allure.

There are a total of 3 colors available for selection; (ie: Pink/Purple/Silver).

Special Promotion:


In-lieu with Easter and Good Friday, Vanit’e Wand is selling at S$225 instead of S$268. Offer valid till 20th April 2014 or while stock last!
You may purchase Vanit’e Wand either via email ( ABSOLUTE ALLURE) or reaching their sales and help hotline at 83682480.

Giveaway Time!

Yes its giveaway time! Remember that I have mentioned in one of my previous entries that I will be holding a giveaway? Here you go!
All you need to do is simple, follow the steps below and you might be the lucky winner to win yourself a set of Vanit’e Wand set worth SGD$268.

Giveaway Details:

All you need to do is to simply follow the steps in the form below. You can only allowed to submit the form once daily.

Remember, the more you submit, the higher chances of winning! This giveaway is open to all local and internationally!

**PS: You will need to enable your Javascript setting in order to view the form**

**PSPS: In case you are not able to load the form below, please visit to submit your particulars.

Best of luck dearies! 🙂

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Achieving Tighter, Firmer looking skin without undergoing the knives!

Goodskin Labs FIRM-365
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Admit it! Almost all of us have always wanted to have that tight, firm and sharp looking face/jaw/skin, just like those celebrities that you see on the red carpets, the Hollywood Movies, the K-POP trends etc etc!

Here comes the cruel fact. NOT all of us are born with such a X-Factors, and even IF we do, our skin will eventually ‘deteriorate’ as we age.

In other words, it is just a matter of time we all lose that glow and firming skin that we used to take it for granted and even neglected it! *Pouts*

And of cause, there are so many ways to help us into achieving that (once) glowing and firm, sharp face back, be it through consuming and even through Aesthetic methods.

True enough, we can almost instantly achieve that results through Aesthetic means, but the (almost) sky-rocket prices ain’t that affordable for some of us.

So does that means that there is no other options available for those (poorer) us then? Does that means that we have to stick on this #once-our-glory-now-our-worst-traits-ever face?

To be honest, I am regretting taking my once upon a time so sharp so define so sharp face for granted. Now that as I am getting older, I realize that my face are beginning to lose its glow, and it gets saggy slowly. #killmeplease

Answer me, are you facing what I am currently facing? If you are, please read on!

Today, I will be introducing to all that is facing the same dilemma as me this marvelous product. I am currently still using it, and I can already see visible results.

What’s more, it is affordable that only costs even less than a hundred bucks!

Yes! No doubt I am a big fan of Goodskin Labs, and if you had followed me since years back, you would have realize that I had previously blog about their other products HERE. It had WOW-ed me since.

Hence this time round, when I was asked if I would like to try their FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum, I acknowledged it almost immediately!

Now you must thinking, what is so special about this Firming serum yeah? Let me share with you more now.

About FIRM-365:

  • As skin ages, it loses elasticity and firmness causing facial features to sag and lose definition. FIRM-365 tackles these signs of aging and delivers instant and long-term results that you can see and feel.
  • The heavyweight product helps promote skin’s natural elastin and collagen production to visibly repair skin’s appearance for firmer, more sculpted and radiant-looking skin over time.
  • FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum provides immediate hydration and radiance to the skin while boosting skin’s natural collagen and elastin to help skin appear firmer over time.
  • A potent blend of vitamins and nutrients helps boost skin’s natural production of collagen, while peptides and moisturizers help plump skin for a firmer, sculpted look.

Main Ingredients and their Benefits:

The Results:

Review Time:

Do not depreciate this little pink tube of serum. The contents inside this tiny little tube contains so much marvelous and expensive ingredients that helps out in achieving the firming and glowing of skin!

First of all, the color. The color of the serum somehow reminded me of the color of the champagne. A pale tint of yellowish orange that are close to the color beige.

Next, the texture of the FIRM-365. It is smooth to the touch and is really easy to glide the serum over the skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin within a minute after application and it does not really leaves a sticky feeling aftermath.

You will see a significant glow on your skin after it has fully absorbed by the skin. You will realize that your skin seems to be much more radiance and it leaves no tight or uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

My face seems to be slightly more hydrated after application though, which I believe that it is effect of the hydrating and moisturizing ingredients inside the serum.

As the photo shows above, the hand on the right is after, whereas the one on the left is before. The skin on the right is slightly more glowing and small fine lines are not that obvious than the one on the left.

3 weeks after using it diligently twice a day, I can see a significant improvement on my face. The skin on my face seems to be slightly tighter and firmer, and it is like my face are no longer as saggy/tired as it used to be. It ain’t that obvious yet, but you can notice the slight change somehow.

However, my skin are getting glower than it used to be anyway! It seems like my skin are no longer as deprive of moisture and hydration that it used to be though!

Actually they recommended users to use 3-5 drops for their face and neck, but for my case, I think 2 drops are ample enough for both my face and neck.

Now I am thinking, perhaps the results would be even more visible should I really followed the instructions. Hmmm.. But anyways, one tube should be able to last you up for months, so it is a great investment to achieve the firmer and more define and glowing face.


On clean skin, gently massage 3-5 drops over face and neck. Follow with moisturizer. Use morning and night.

Retail Pricing and Outlet:

FIRM-365 is exclusively available at ALL SASA Outlets in Singapore for S$68.00.

Also, an EXCLUSIVE promotion for all!

Eyliplex-2 at only $49 (UP: $68) with purchase of Firm-365. (Please check with the in store promotions for the latest updates)

Stay Pretty and look your best with Goodskin Labs FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum!

Till then!

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Detox, the easy way – Mygenlife Detox Nectar Drink!

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Do you know that detoxification is recommend to maintain a healthy body, be it just for the sake of eliminating toxin/waste on the colon walls, or for weight management.

There are so many ways of detoxification, from liquid diet to fruit diet, and that usually requires you to adhere strictly to the diet, and usually it lasts 3 to 5 days, and some, to the extend of 7 days. To me, this method really requires a high level of will and determination!

Just some time back, I was feeling so sluggish and bloated, and to be honest, it made me feel so unproductive and affecting my work performance, and even dragging the team!

I then realized that it is time for me to do something about it, and to find an easy yet effective method to detox, without affecting both my work and lifestyle.

Just when I was about to run a search in the net to check it out, I received a email, on the sponsorship of a detox drink! How cool was that! 😉

Today, I decided to share with all of you this fuss free, yet effective, and also, wallet friendly too! Are you ready?

Its Detox Nectar Drink from Mygenlife!

Product Details:

– Slow infrequent bowel movements may cause fatigue, bloat and overall sluggish feeling. 

– Detox Nectar drink stimulates cleanings by eliminating waste matter that sticks to the walls of the colon over the years. It also helps to maximize assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals in your body system. **

Main Ingredients list:

– Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x ( Patent ) helps to maintain an optimal state health. It levels the Ph, reduces stomach acidity and promotes gastro-intestinal bacteria balance.

– Multi-Vegetable Enzyme essential in breaking down the food we consume and aids digestion

– Multi-Berry Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to support your immune system and protect against free radicals damages.

– Vitamin C & E. Vitamin C helps your body produce enough collagen to maintain the tissues of your digestive tract while Vitamin E helps to prevent oxidative stress and aids in the digestive system.

Other Ingredients:

Water, Multi-Vegetable Enzyme, Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x, Vitamin C and E, Grain Baking Powder, Multi-Berry Extract, Lactitol, Fructose, Black Jujube Juice, Citric Acid, Plum Flavor, Arabic Gum, Sodium Citrate, Xantham Gum.


To be honest, I have never/yet to try any other brands available in the market prior to this. Also, I can’t help but to think that those detox drinks in the market MIGHT NOT taste great and the results MIGHT NOT be what it advertise.

However, this detox drink from Mygenlife impressed me! Why do I claim that? Read on!

Do not underestimate this tiny little bottle of detox drink! Just one small bottle of this makes me feel so much fresher, in terms of both physically and mentally.

I actually felt that my digestive systems was messed up kind of mess up through all the irregular meals and timings that happened to me recently. And also, it has been months, probably more than half year since I last did my detoxification, via the liquid diet method.

**WARNING** Readers’ Discretion Ahead ** 

(There might be some disturbance text/phrase ahead)

I noticed a significantly increase of visits to the toilet upon drinking the first bottle. Note that I took it (Mygenlife Detox Drink) the first thing when I woke up, before my first meal of the day, that is.

The first few visits (throughout the whole 6 bottles) to the toilet was really (unforgettable and bearable)! I am not going to elaborate much on the details, hence I am going to sum it up briefly.

For me, I am PRETTY SURE that those (stool) are those waste that is stuck on my colon walls, that is accumulated throughout the days and months.

By Day 3, I felt so refreshed and energetic when I woke up, which I believe that it is the result of having a cleaner (or maybe a cleansed) digestive system!

Now to the taste of the drink. I am personally liking and is able to accept the taste of the drink, as it does taste like plum juice, think of the taste of the concentrated plum juice syrup found in the market with the ration of 1:1 probably?

In my personal opinion, the amount in the bottle is just right for me, nothing more, nothing less. Oh! It also helps me to stimulate the appetite, with the help of plum flavor.

The bottles are small and handy enough for you to easily fit into any bag/clutch to carry out. Now that I found out a way that I can detox in a really easy way! *Winks*


1 Bottle/Day

Caution: If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult a doctor before consuming
this product

Pricing and Availability:

Mygenlife Detox Nectar Drink (Box of 6) is retailing at S$49.90 and is available at Guardian and Hannah Holding Website!

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Fuss Free makeup remover with Biore!

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Have you ever experience the feeling of coming back home from work/party/dating/meetups dreading to even the makeup on your face just because you are already feeling dead beat by then?

I do, in fact most of the time I just hope that I can just knock out without wasting any minutes and seconds to cleanse the makeup on my face!

Especially so when you are having waterproof makeup on and you need extra efforts to clear them all away! There are so many makeup removers in the market, and usually those makeup remover sheets can’t really thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, at least in my own opinion/experience!

I still remember that I was first introduced to Biore Cleansing sheets approximately around 3 years back and ever since then, I am hooked to only Biore for their makeup cleansing sheets!

3 years later, they are back with the new and improved version of Biore Cleansing sheets! And this time round it is even better than previous version! Wanna know why?



relaunch 3

Overall Improvement(s):

– Speedier Removal
– Gentle to the skin
* 50% less wiping on lashes, eye area and face
– Moist after skin feel
* NEW Hydrating Beauty Essence to leave skin moist and soft with no stickiness

Let’s try the NEW and IMPROVED Biore Cotton Sheets, shall we?

To be honest, I am SO in love with the casing! It is in such a sweet pastel pink and it never fail to bring me a smile on my face after a long day out!

Pretty isn’t it? 🙂 Apart from the pretty casing, it is really tight-proof! I have been using it for almost 2-3 months with refills and it never dries up a wee bit!

Now to the cleansing sheet part.

Have you ever faces the issue of the makeup remover sheets drying up after opening, and some even dries up before you even manage to use a quarter of it! Also, there are some types of cleansing sheets in the market that requires you to rub slightly harder in order to remove traces of makeup?

I do actually, that is why I am really selective when it comes to makeup remover sheets, its like, my skin is already sensitive and I am trying my best not to further aggregate it to make it worse!

If you had ever used the previous version of the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet, you will definitely be impressed with the new and improved version, why? Reason is simple. In this improved version of the cleansing sheet, you can expect 20% more cleansing oil!

That also means that less effort is required and that also means a even more cleansed face! Just look at the generous amount of the cleansing oil loaded in every single piece of the cleansing sheet!

That also means that your face is even more hydrating as it contains Hydrating Beauty Essence that leaves skin moist and smooth! With that, I can get on the bed feeling less guilty. ㅋㅋㅋ!

Apologies to shock you with that photo! Apparently I was back home from filming with really heavy makeup on my face, and only 1 sheet is enough for my whole heavy makeup face! Impressive eh? 😉

Retail Outlets and Pricing

Regular Tub: S$17.90

Refill Pack: S$15.60

Handy Pack 10s: S$3.90

Biore Cotton Sheets are available in major pharmacies and supermarkets/hypermarkets.

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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The dream of IDEAL skin comes true!

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Ever heard of Vichy? Vichy is a premium brand of skincare, body care, make up and anti-aging products. Vichy is best known for its thermal spa water, and many called them the miracle water!

About the Miracle water:

It contains 15 minerals and constitutes a natural active ingredient in itself. Some of its minerals play a key role in skin metabolism:

+ Protecting skin’s tissue: Calcium
+ Cell oxygenation: Iron
+ Antioxidant action: Manganese
+ Skin hydration: Potassium
+ R egenerating skin tissue: Silicon
+ Cell regeneration: Magnesium
+ Healing: Copper and Manganese
+ Anti-inflammatory action: Copper

In other words, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is suitable, and work wonders for all skin types, whether sensitive or reactive. Its irreproachable quality is rigorously checked daily to guarantee optimal tolerance and efficacy! 

3 Main Properties of the Thermal Spa Water:


It reduces irritation (dryness, erythema, scaling), inflammation (vasodilation and redness) and sensation of discomfort from various dermatological pathologies such as acne or contact eczema. It soothes intolerant and sensitive skin. Its
buffer properties help correct the acid-base imbalance than can be created on
the skin by pollution, for instance. It also rebalances skin when aggressed by
harsh cleansing.


It increases by more than 20% the catalase activity, an enzyme which plays an essential role in the skin’s natural defences. It thus helps reinforce skin’s antioxidant defenses, protecting it against ageing and the harmful sun effects linked to free radicals. It fortifies the stratum corneum, enriching it with calcium, magnesium and sodium.


It stimulates cell metabolism by increasing cellular oxygen consumption by 77%. It acts on epidermal repair and remodelling mechanisms.

Enough of saying the endless benefits of Vichy Thermal Spa Water! Remember that in my earlier post, I posted an article about some of the myths about skin and skincare? (HERE!)

Today, I am going to share with you a series of products that is really great for acne-prone skin, even to the most sensitive skin!

I am raving it so much because I am of the above condition, and many times, if I used the wrong products, my skin will have adverse effects instantly! ㅠㅠ

The miracle products is all packed in this nice, classy box!

Yes, you are right! They are from Vichy Laboratories! Vichy Vichy!!!

Its the Vichy Normaderm series!

About Normaderm Series:


Before I go on further, just a question to ask! Do you know what causes pimple?

We subconsciously touch our faces dozens of times everyday, and even more when a small pimple hurts, without realizing it! In making these insignificant gestures, we are adding to a bacteria over-contamination leading to the formation of pimples.

The bacteria carried on the fingers are transferred onto an already weakened skin; they enjoyed it, multiply and prevent the pimple from disappearing rapidly! And in just a few hours, the pimple will become redder, bigger and more painful, turning it into a real nightmare!

Now back to Normaderm range. Vichy’s Normaderm range is formulated to treat imperfections, even on sensitive skin. All Vichy products contain Vichy Thermal Spa Water which soothes intolerant and sensitive skin, protects the skin against aging and free radicals from the sun, and regenerates skin cells by stimulating cell metabolism and epidermal repair.



– Cleanses sebum and impurities, without over drying.
– Ultra-fresh gel and creamy foam texture.


Though it is gel-like, but the foam actually lathers really easily. The smell of the cleansing gel is really nice, maybe more like a mild tangerine smell if i did smell correctly! ㅋㅋㅋ!

After using the cleansing gel, I realize that it really cleans my skin thoroughly, without feeling over-drying and tightness, it is really pleasant to touch too, and it (the skin) is smooth to the touch too!


S$29 for a bottle of 200ml



– Tightens pores and refines skin texture.
– Refreshing texture. Dry finish.


The lotion makes my face really refreshing! It did removes every traces of my makeup residues too. It is non-sticky, and it dries quite fast. After using for a week to two now, I think my pores did shrinks a little.(Or maybe is it me only?)

I guess results will be more obvious probably after using it more frequently. But the instant results is that the pores are slightly tighten and skin feels more refine.


S$32 for a bottle of 200ml

Treat and Target!


Let me tell you! This is the STAR Product of the range!!

The #1 selling oil control moisturizer within the derma skin care category!


Patented technology: dermatological peeling active ingredients in an anti-imperfection treatment for all-round transformation of imperfection-prone skin.

Reduces all imperfections, redness, shiny skin, uneven complexion and acne scarring, and provides continuous hydration for 24 hours.

Unique combination of 3 peeling active ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Glycolic acid and LHA.

These acids penetrate the skin at different levels* to impregnate the entire epidermis and regenerate the skin, layer after layer**.

In just 7 days, imperfections are reduced and your skin is visibly healthier.

*In vitro test.
**Upper layers of the epidermis.

Hydration: When dehydrated, skin cannot regenerate properly and the dead skin cells accumulation on its surface creates imperfections.

Mattification: Any sebum excess can be oxidized by UV rays, creating imitations at the source of even more imperfections. Cosmetic progress in the fight against imperfections.


How can I not love this star product! In fact, I’m addicted to it. It is so lightweight that I can barely feel anything on my face, yet, it does helps to matt my face keeping it shine free while it stays hydrated inside! It is easily absorbs into the skin, without leaving any sticky residue/feel.


S$39 for 50ml.




Hyaluronic acid forms an invisibles film in surface to isolate the pimple from bacterial over-contamination.

Deeply, LHA and salicylic acid, dermatological active ingredients treat the pimple.

In 2 hours, 99% of bacteria responsible for pimples are eliminated. In 48 hours the pimple disappear without leaving scars.


I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH THIS HYALUSPOT! It really makes my pimples/acne/blemish disappear within 48 hours! I simply could not believe my eyes! The cold applicator makes the swelling pimples/acne/blemish less aggravate, calms down the infected skin while the gel/essence works on the pimple/acne/blemish.

To be honest, within 5 minutes upon applying the hyaluspot, the pimple is instantly losing the battle as the gel is really really really powerful. It makes the area leaving with tingling sensation, but it is bearable though!

I personally think that everyone should invest a stick of the Hyaluspot in case of emergencies! You know you do not want the annoying pimple/acne/blemish to spoil your big day/date/gathering/outing!

*PS: the cold applicator is so cold and soothing to the skin! I can still keep the applicator for future usage once it is finished! LOL


S$29.90 for 15ml.

Retail Outlets:

You can get all the Vichy products at all Watsons, guardians, and selected pharmacies!

Remember, you can have your ideal skin with the right products! 🙂 Vichy is a brand that I personally would wish everyone to have a try on! Even to the most sensitive skin!

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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[Contest/Giveaway] Win a pair of S.H.E VIP Concert Tickets worth $456

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** Do read on till the end of this blog post to find out how you can win yourself a pair of S.H.E. VIP Concert Tickets worth $456! ** 

Let me share with you something today! It is about Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks. Have you heard of them yet? 🙂


It is endorsed by S.H.E member, Selina Jen. Selena’s first skincare endorsement since her burn accident in 2010 and revealed the secret to her crystal clear skin!

Recounting her LUDEYA secret to her crystal clear skin, Selina revealed how she first discovered Bio Cellulose Mask and how it has shifted the destiny of her skin.


What is LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Mask?

LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Mask is created through a 21-day bio-fermentation process
under very low temperatures to form SkinGel, whose 3-dimensional structure make-up closely resembles the human skin.

This allows the Bio Cellulose mask to bond with and deliver moisture and other beneficial ingredients into the dermis.

What is Bio Cellulose?

Also known as “artificial skin”, the bio cellulose technology was initially used as a medical treatment for various types of wounds and burns. Now it is being utilized as an intensive moisturizing topical treatment vehicle that delivers beneficial ingredients into the dermis.

Combining the bio cellulose technology with its own exclusive SEANOL essence,
LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Mask provides intense hydration to the skin, leaving it moisturized, radiant and more youthful looking!



• Recommended by dermatologists
• Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
• Created through the exclusive bio fermentation process, Bio Cellulose Mask’s structure closely resembles the human skin, allowing it to completely bond with, and effectively penetrate the essence deep into the skin.
• Exclusive premium essence – SEANOL® Algae Polyphenol Extract Algae – was well-known for its skin repairing, brightening and hydrating benefits.

Types and Functions:

LUDEYA Rejuvenating Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask

Intensive Hydrating and Moisturizing

LUDEYA Hydro White Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask

Deep Whitening + Hydrating

LUDEYA Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask


Intensive Repairing

Review Time:

It took me quite a while to decide which to use for this review, and after hesitating for a while, I decided to go ahead to try LUDEYA Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask!

I am so impressed with the mask! It is different from the usual cotton mask, where this mask fits and contours to my face shape perfectly! The mask is made from gel-like material, and if you have ever used those rice paper to DIY your mask, you will get my drift. Heh heh

After applying the mask for the first time, I can feel that my face is really hydrated and moisturized. I can feel that my face is more supple and more even tones.

It is especially good for those who are always in the air-conditioned room and/or constantly exposing to harmful rays.

Just one word to describe this mask: Perfect!

Retail Pricing and Outlets:

LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Masks are available at all SASA Outlets and selected Watson’s at the price of S$9.90 for a box of 1 piece.

Giveaway/Contest Details:


Fans of S.H.E! Here is a piece of good news for you! Stand a chance to win a pair of VIP Concert Tickets worth $456! Here are the steps to follow! Its really simple!


1. Like [Ludeya Singapore] fanpage
2. “Share” this video
[] , & “Tag” 10 of your friends
3. Leave a message of following slogan under your post “Share LUDEYA video & Tag 10 of your friends to stand a chance to win Singapore VIP concert tickets ! LUDEYA – The best skin solution is now at Watsons & Sasa !”
4. Deadline for this activity will be on 7/10/2013 12.00pm
5. Winner will be announced on 8/10/2013
6. The organizer reserves the right to modify activities and awards details, without prior notice, and the right to an explanation of the activities on all matters or award.

**Participants must be [Ludeya Singapore] fans**

For more details, visit Ludeya Singapore Fanpage at


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Goodbye September, and Hello October!

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When it comes to October, not only does it reminds me that the year is ending soon, it also means that a new month to start everything fresh and new!

What is October to you? To me.. October is…….

This month, MyFatPocket is covering the following things! Remember to mark it all down on your calender and bookmark us!

  • Runways
  • Halloween stuff
  • Weird Food 
  • Sex Stuff
  • Horror Places
  • Fashion Week – Seoul
  • Fashion Week – London
  • Fashion Week – Milan
  • Fide Fashion Week – Singapore 
So do remember to stay tune to us for the latest updates of fashion trends, where we will be doing the coverage of Fashion Weeks from around the world!


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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