Appreciate everything that you have

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As a saying goes, know your well when you drink your water. Be grateful of what you have today, and the little things that you may have taken for granted. Some parties may have came out with favourable and even promising ideas that might have attracted you to change your mind, but use this cooling day to thoroughly think about the past promises and proposals made for the past 4 years. Think about the one that can really represent and brings Singapore to a even better country, not just by their rallies, but by the results.

It is never easy to have come thus far, we needed someone who can really deliver his/her promises, and not just making empty noises. I am just hoping no one is making the decision just because they wanted a change, or worse, even blindly following the crowd.

If you are still unsure, take this time to read back those speeches and choose someone that is the best person to represent us. I can’t stress enough that the decision that you will be making in a day’s time will reflect on your future generation.

How will you decide?  Hard work against empty rhetoric, a vision against a cheap bargain, a strong, united Singapore or a weak fragmented one? The choice is clear. All for us, For Singapore.

I shall end my thought here.

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Our Golden Jubilee – Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

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We have progressed so far as a nation in the past 50 years with achievements that not only surprised ourselves but also the world! Today, on this special day, let us all celebrate this special milestone together, as one people and one nation! We made it!

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! It’s not easy to come thus far, but we made it! Let us all work hard together and looking forward to the next 50 years and many more!


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Essential – Hair woes no more!

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Do you know?

Just like facial skin having oily and dry zones, which commonly known as “Combination Skin”, hair that exhibits such mixed behaviors like oily roots and dry ends is known as “Combination Hair” too!

hair woes

Light, clarifying shampoo tends to target oily roots while leaving the hair ends to be really dry.

Likewise for the rich moisturizing shampoos that targets the hair ends but may be too rich for the scalps, and resulting in build-up that makes scalp oily!

Moreover, depending on the thoroughness of scalp massage during shampooing, the scalp build-up may not be thoroughly washed off, further causing the scalp to feel oily in a shorter time.

Today, I am going to share with you Essential latest range of hair care products that I had received recently and is in love with it–



If our face does need to alternate between normal facial care and deep cleansing care to maintain a clean clear skin, so does our scalps too! Afterall, especially for those with longer hair will understand the importance of a healthy scalp too. Nobody loves having oily scalp, who does anyway?

What’s new with this new ESSENTIAL Series?

Essential Light Finish Volumizing (The yellow packaging) and the Deep Cleansing Care (In Blue packaging) variants brings the best of both worlds (light and fluffy or refreshing feeling).

With the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care and Sebum Cleansing Technology, one can now achieve moisturized hair ends while maintaining a refreshing, yet breathable scalp! Combination hair woes be gone!

The Light Finish Volumizing series for those who is looking at airy light feeling at the roots and the Deep Cleansing Series leaves oily hair refreshed at the roots while both moisturized at the ends!


My personal favorite is definitely the deep cleansing series! I tend to look for shampoos that can really cleanse my hair as I use quite an amount of styling products except when I am not working, so I really needed something to get all the dirt and residue out of my hair and scalp, especially when I am shuffling in between indoor and out in the sun!


So I tried the Essential Deep Cleansing series for close to a week now and to be honest, I am truly impressed! I really love how it manages my hair after shampooing.


To be honest, my hair roots area are really less oily than before, (not saying my hair is really oily before, I just don’t like the feeling of having even the slightest oil on my roots, it just makes people think that as though I did not wash my tames for a day or two!), it just makes my scalp feels so refreshing and mild cooling sensation after shampooing, while leaving a hint of mint/menthol-like fragrance on my hair.

I always have issue with drying and combing of hair after shower, as my hair tends to tangles, especially when it is still wet, however, I realize that it is slightly manageable now after frequent usage of the new series though!


GEss shampoo brush

How many of us faces issues with getting our hair wash and at the same time secretly wishes that our newly done manicure can be as long lasting as ever.

While it costs a real bomb to head to salon to get our tames washed and massaged by professionals in the long run, some people would invest on hair washing tools to aid with hair cleansing and massaging at their own comfort space.

With plenty of hair massaging tools available in the market, what makes the Essential Massage Shampoo Brush stand out? 

504My answer would be the comfort level this brush is. In my personal opinion, this brush is really handy and the arch of the outside of the brush allows the palm to rest comfortably while using, the same theory as finding a comfortable mouse to use. Using human engineering, it allows the user to comfortably use the brush without feeling comfortable on their palm.


Unlike some other massage shampoo brushes that I had used before previously, the bristles, or the massaging teethes are really soft and flexible, hence allowing the user to massage their scalps without feeling pain or hard. Gone were the days of hard, small, inflexible teething of those brush.


Do you know the benefit of using a massage shampoo brush? Just like when we using body gloves or scrubs to remove those dirt, sebum and dead skin on our face and body, the massage shampoo brush helps to remove dirt and sebum more effectively from the scalp, and it is actually a common haircare tool in Japan used by the majority of Japanese women though!


The massaging action on the scalp also helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation, that is also the reason why many would go to the salon to have their hair washed!

Special Deal:

Good news! Do you want to get your hands on a good quality massage shampoo brush? Now you can! There is a special promotion in lieu with Essential New Hair Care Shampoo series!

For a limited time only, Essential is giving out the massage shampoo brush with every purchase of the bundle set of either the Light Finish Volumzing series or Deep Cleansing series, which is of 750ml each bottle for both the shampoo and conditioner.

GEss_Shampoo Brush Banded Pack

This limited set is retailing at the price of S$19.60 and is available at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores, so hurry and get yours before the promotion ends! There are 2 colors to choose from, the hot pink and mint green!

Sample Giveaway:


Who doesn’t fancy some sample to try before deciding to buy the full retail set right? Essential is kind enough to provide my readers and viewers free samples of Deep Cleansing Care shampoo and conditioner to try!

All you need to do is to head to Essential Facebook Singapore, LINK HERE, and redeem from there!

And also, don’t forget to follow Essential on Instagram at @essentialsingapore for the latest updates and promotions!

Bid goodbye to hair woes!


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Contest: The Cetaphil Experience Campaign!

The Cetaphil Experience
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Good news ladies! The #1 Dermatological skincare brand in Singapore, Cetaphil, has just recently launched its latest campaign, a campaign that gives the women the opportunity to improve their skin confidence and win INSTANT Prizes!

Yes, INSTANT PRIZES to be won just by joining the campaign! Interested to find out how to win? Read on!

What Is The Cetaphil Experience?

photo 3

The Cetaphil Experience is a social media campaign that lets women to express what skin confidence means to them.

You know, confidence and skin are related all together, so if you feel good about your skin, you will feel confident and vice versa.

Hence, through this campaign, Cetaphil is seeking to empower women from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and not forgetting Philippines with the new-found self-esteem and confidence with healthy skin!

Contest Details and Prizes:

To enter for the campaign, click on the link HERE and fill in the necessary details. Here is what the form looks like:


Upon submitting, you will be instantly rewarded with prizes ranging from vouchers to the Cetaphil Hamper (worth more than S$100!).

Also, 1 lucky winner from Singapore will also join other winners from the participating countries at a 3D/2N Skincare Retreat in San Benito, Philippines that is worth over $5000!

This workshop is exclusively held and conducted by Dermotologists and experts whereby they will give valuable insights, tips, and the wisdom to change their lives, not just physically, but emotionally as well!

So together with other winners and beauty bloggers, they will be sharing stories of their own journey to skin confidence! Feel and be motivated by their stories!

So what are you waiting for? Hover over to HERE and join the campaign now! I am joining this campaign too and best of luck to all of us joining to win the GRAND PRIZE!

‘Cause you are beautiful just the way you are. 🙂



Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Remembering our giant, our Legacy, our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

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Today, 23th March 2015 is probably the most heart wrenching day for almost all Singaporeans and other worldwide. At 3.18am, we loss our founding father, we loss our Legacy figure, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We all grief at the loss of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who he and his team built Singapore up to the metropolis that it is today with his determination and persistence. 


This heart wrenching news brought tears in my eyes. I am unable to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks upon receiving the news of the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Like many others do, I constantly prayed for the recovery of health for our founding father, and he is able to get well soon and join us in the celebration of Singapore golden Jubilee year, SG50. He fought hard for his battle, and we all know that he had tried his best, and he left us to the wings of the angel, and to reunite with his beloved wife.


It saddens me when I see and read posts sating negative remarks against Mr Lee Kuan Yew, saying nasty things about him and many more, and many of such remarks comes from the younger generation. Please do allow me to share my view and to remember this day forever as I pen down. 


No one can exactly understands his contributions towards the nation unless you experience it yourself. True enough, I had never experience any tough times and difficulties since I was born, however, my parents were of the pioneers who walk past all the changes. They are probably in the best positions to comment about the past Singapore. My parents were there to witness all the changes made towards Singapore all these while, from a tiny red dot, to a prosperous nation that we are living in now. They witnessed the transition from a kampung village, to merging and separation of Singapore and Malaysia, through the riots and to the high rise buildings, to a peace and harmony Singapore is in now. 


Since young, I was told about the history of Singapore even way before I started schooling and learned about the history facts by my parents. They told me how they survived through the hard times, working hard with Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team to slowly built up Singapore. 


If not of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, would we able to live in such a luxurious life? Would we be able to live comfortably in Singapore without fearing of shortage of water, electricity  and even shortage of food and many other technologies?  If not of his vision, would we even be successful today? No. Count your blessing to be able to live in this little tiny island. Some people are saying that we are respecting him in fear of him, fearing that something bad will happen to them should they say something not respectful. But is this the case? No. We don’t fear him for any reason, but we respect him with our heart for many reasons instead. When you have genuinely understands his every actions and words, you will truly appreciate his contributions. 


I am truly respectful of him and even salute him, whether as a leader, a politician, a public figure, and even as a father of his family. Ask yourself this question, did Mr Lee Kuan Yew ever demanded and asked to be recognized for being the founding father of Singapore? Did he ever tried to claim credits for the success of the modern Singapore today? No, he did not, he was truly respected by people for his actions. 


The younger generation will never understand the life of Singapore after Singapore got her independence except the older generation did. Those riots, those racists fights, those corruptions and crimes, who cleared all the “shits”? The answer is obvious. It was indeed a hard choice to be strong enough to separate between both countries and building up almost from scratch. 


He could have jolly well ignored all these crisis going through Singapore, he could chose not to come back to Singapore to serve after his graduation and he can live in other countries, but he did not, he chose to come back, to serve Singapore for the rest of his life, and to devote his knowledge and skills to build up Singapore. If not for the welfare of Singaporeans, why would he chose to come back when he had a choice not to? 


After the independence of Singapore in 1965, Mr Lee Kuan Yew fought hard to build Singapore from the 3rd world to the first world with his vision and determination, a safe, independent and prosperous Singapore. He and his team led the pioneer generation to change to the better and to help the poor to make their life better. He enforced many changes and set up many systems from CPF board to the HDB to NS system, the welfare of citizens and many others. If not of his foresight, we will not be able to afford buying a flat to stay in, a clean water to drink on, and even have our own reservoirs, a clean and green Singapore, a safe and peaceful country and even many business opportunities.


He spent his whole life building up Singapore, he was the first Prime Minister for 31 years, and later spending the rest of his life as a member of the cabinet, and even to becoming to minister mentor. He spent his whole life for Singapore, he gave us his best asset, Singapore. Let us all appreciate this fact and carry on carrying his never give up spirit and to bring Singapore to be even better. Let us not let him down and not let his efforts gone to waste. 


He is a giant, a legend, a great politician, a part of us, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. There will not be another Lee Kuan Yew, who made us better than we are or could be. You are a legacy. Thank you Mr Lee, even when I had met you personally for a few times, you never once fail to make me feel peace and safe with you around. We will never forget your kindness and your wise words. Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for letting me know what it is to be like to be able to live in a safe and peaceful country, and helping us when we are in need. 


I was honored to be able to be part of it to celebrate your 91st birthday and to be able to wish you. You are like my grandfather to me and I will never forget this. You are a remarkable and respected leader that we will remember always. No words can express my respect and grief. Make you Rest In Peace. 



Let us all remember him and mourn for him. Remember the tree while you eat the fruits. Don’t ever forget his contributions and every little things he had done to make Singapore a prosperous and beautiful one. He truly deserve our respect and rememberance. Thank you once again, our founding father, our legacy, our little giant, our great man that we will not have another you with us anymore. SG50 is not the same without you anymore. 


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Make love, not hate

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It really saddens me and lose faith in human beings when I read about those negative remarks and comments on our founding father current condition. I can never understand and I could not tolerate such remarks and reactions from those evil ones.

It further disgusts me when (almost all) made those remarks are from the younger generations. I did try to understand the reason behind their negative actions, but to be honest, I still really unable to figure out.

I mean, what are those people angry about? I really got no clue. Do they really know what they are doing, or just simply follows the flow of some?

Perhaps that they had forgotten the fact that Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team are the one that build our nation. Without him, do you think that Singapore will be what it is today? He dedicated his whole life building up this country, to make Singapore a successful country and even, to one of the first world countries.

If not of his efforts and hardwork, do you think we can be living in such a safe country? The land we are stepping on now, the education system and so on. Don’t you think that we can travel around countries with minimum disturbances and troubles with our little red passport? How many would understand how much he and his team had gone through in order to make our lives easier and those little things that we took for granted?

Cars might be expensive, and people might be comparing with other countries, but ask yourself this question, even without owing a car in Singapore, don’t you think that you can still easily travel around with the public transport systems available? You can already find yourself varies means of public transport the moment you step out of your house. If you had ever travel to other countries, how many times would you find yourself getting varies means of public transports the moment you are out? From a small island to what we have today, how many times do you appreciate those little things that is built for us?

How many times had you encounter electricity blackout and shortage of water? To be honest, I had never. Yet, people are complaining of trivial things and so on. Let me ask you, do you even dare to drink the water right from the tap without even boiling it while you are in other countries? In Singapore, I can just drink it without even boiling it, that’s one of the little things people take for granted? I am just stating a few of the examples, the rest, you can think ponder over it yourself.

To the younger generations that are whining and blaming the government for all the little things that is happening in your life, do you understand the hard life our pioneer generation had to go through? My parents are one of the pioneer generation and since young, I was told on how tough their life was and how Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team built the nation up and to make life better.

My parents was there to witness when Singapore decided to be independent and to separate from our neighbor, Malaysia. My parents was there to witness the changes since the independence of Singapore and how Singapore changes from a Kampong village to high rise buildings, the Singapore currency becoming stronger and bigger, the living standards becoming better and so on.

All these changes are being ignored and disregarded by some of the younger generation, sadly. Instead of being grateful, they are making rude remarks instead. That’s really saddening.

People, have a heart, he is a human too, I don’t care your reasons for being unhappy with him, but please bare in mind, he is our founding father, a living human with thoughts and feelings too, someone’s father, grandfather, someone’s family member too. How would you feel if someone you love, especially your father, is being criticized and cursed at? Don’t you feel angry and heartbreaking at the same time? Trying to make a joke out of this is not funny, really. Just step in their shoes and think. We all have parents and loved ones, we all pray for the best of them, we all wish for the best of them, isn’t it? Imagine if you were the victim today, would you be devastated?

Please people, we all are born with a pure and gold heart, one that god made us up not to be heartless and ruthless. Yes, no one is perfect, we all are not perfect. If you think you are better than him, then prove it, not just commenting groundless comments and even defame him. If you are unhappy with what you are living on now, you are free to leave, what for making yourself so angry every single day the moment you open your eyes? I am sure there will be lots more other people who will be happy to take over your place.

For now, my only wish this year is to see Mr Lee Kuan Yew to recover from all his illness and sickness, and to get back his health back, and to be able to celebrate this special Jubilee year of Singapore. He should be there, and he must be there to witness this!

And to Mr Lee Kuan Yew:

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew,

You are a man that I truly hold high respect for. Thank you for all your contributions and effort throughout all these years, I am genuinely appreciating to where I am today, the land that I am stepping on, the roof that is sheltering over me from all the rain and shine. It was really tough for you to fight and make Singapore to who she is today and we all appreciate that. All of us are grateful of all of your hard work.

Please keep fighting on and please do not ever give up! We are all praying for you to you to get well soon and recover from your sickness and illness so please do not give yourself up. You are really a strong man, you built our nation up, you made Singapore a really safe place to live on. Without you, Singapore will not be what she is today. Singapore has finally come thus far, and this Jubilee golden 50 years, all of us are waiting for you to witness and celebrate the country that you dedicated your whole life on. Please do not ever give up and we are all waiting for your good news so press on and get well soon!

Dear Lord, please heal our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, take all his sickness and sufferings away and please allow him to restore his health back and his longevity too.

Thank you Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Auto-correct Fail Collection

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No caption needed, have a good laugh to cure the mid-week blues! Good things are meant to share, isn’t it? 😀

And your favorite food is….  


I can’t even… 


Lets get pregnant tonight! Hahaha!


Boobsicles for you? 😀


What would you like for dinner? 


Which “M” are you doing? 


I can’t stop laughing at this! 


I’m eating your mother out! 


Poop party for you? 😛


Hop hop hopping home~


Fancy some mash potatoes or bitchgobblet potatoes? 


And she had to take deep P….


This is funny!


I’m a gangster living like a hamster life~~


McDonkadonk for you sir? 


No, you don’t smell like shit, I swear.


I wouldn’t even drink this juice too. Hahaha! 


Deadly Dear husband….


So excited you mean?


Fuckweasel, the new color.


We’re lesbian!




 My love for you is strong enough that I can buy you a WHAT? 


What a shitty morning!


That’s mainly some of the nicer one I came across! I hope you do enjoy this!

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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OPPO N3 – The world’s first smartphone to feature an automated swivel camera!

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Launch of N3

OPPO introduced its latest addition to the N series with the N3 – the world’s first smartphone to feature an automated swivel camera. Combining functionality, beauty and incredible performance across every parameter, the N3 is designed for life and the perfect embodiment of OPPO’s products.

Oppo N3_05

Jet Lee on Stage

“OPPO’s N3 was built and designed with our users in mind. We took what our users loved about the N1 and made it even better,” said Sky Li, General Manager of OPPO’s overseas mobile phone business. “The N3 is a perfect demonstration of our commitment to design and innovation.”

The World’s Most Innovative Smartphone Camera Yet

Oppo N3_02

The N3 features the much loved feature of the N series, the rotating camera, but with an added function – automation.

Oppo N3 scene 7

The N3’s camera has the ability to rotate 206 degrees and is capable of taking pictures using its free-stop and multi-angle shooting features, a truly unique experience in mobile technology and mobile photography.
Oppo N3 scene 6

Additionally, the camera can take panoramic shots of impressive, wide-angle shots, such as cityscapes, with a simple click activating the automatic rotation to capture clear, stable images – in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Oppo N3 scene 2

With OPPO focusing more on details, its 16 megapixel camera can take high resolution images, and is perfect for high quality prints.

Oppo N3 scene 1

Furthermore, the camera showcases OPPO’s unique target-tracking focus shift function, this means that all its users need to do is to identify the target in focus and the camera will constantly modify its angle to follow the moving target, helping users create clear, pristine photos and videos.

Oppo N3_06

It also features breakthrough mobile camera lens technology developed in partnership with Schneider Optics, leaders in the optical industry and the latest generation 16 megapixel camera that can take 64 megapixel high resolution image, providing users with an unparalleled quality of images.

In addition, to make the camera even more user-friendly and for maximum ease, users can control the camera rotation in three ways – by O-click, gestures and touch access. The N3 also includes the next generation of OPPO’s market leading Pure Image processing technology, the PI 2.0 plus.

Before consumers press the shutter, PI 2.0 plus will complete the white balance settings, brightness adjustment, auto focus, face recognition and other actions intelligently. The N3 delivers a user experience equivalent to that of a professional DSLR camera.

Designed for Life, with an innovative hollow underside design

Oppo N3 scene 5

The N3 features an innovative hollow underside design that not only presents a light and textured feel to the phone, but gives notification to consumers as well.

The hollow space houses the OPPO skyline notification light 2.0, which takes the form of polar light and breathes with the incoming message. Whenever consumers receive a text, email or message, the lights, visible from every angle, notify consumers about incoming texts and messages at all times.

Also, this hollow underside protects the phone if it is dropped. If the phone falls, the hollow space between the bottom of the phone and the screen bears the brunt of the impact, protecting the screen, and ensuring a sturdy phone.

Oppo N3 scene 3

The N3 boasts of a well-loved feature – Touch Access, which is not only secure and convenient, but allows for a higher recognition rate.

The touch-sensitive device will also respond to wet or gloved hands, making it the ideal phone for users in any situation or environment.

The Technology

A4 N3 Spec R1

The OPPO N3 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPU and is packed with 32G ROM and 2G RAM and a 5.5-inch screen made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for maximum clarity and durability.

Oppo N3 scene 8

The phone includes OPPO’s VOOC mini rapid charging system that will have the phone ready whenever the users are.

A 30-minute charge will provide 75% battery, and a five minute charge allows for a two-hour call. This time the VOOC mini is much smaller and easy to carry.

Oppo N3 scene 4


The N3 is available in the following markets from launch: Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt,India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam and China.

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

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Thanks to the technologies that we have today, almost all of us today are constantly staring at our digital devices, be it a computer/laptop, Television or even mobile phones and that often lead us to a common issue almost all of us are facing today, – Fatigued and tired eyes.

Today, allow me introduce to you a real gem that I recently gotten my hands onto and is loving it!


Not sure if you have ever heard of it yet, but its this MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask series that I am having high raves about! It is the new Eye Comfort innovation from Japan!

This patented self warming eye mask (JP patent no. 3629956JP) relieves and relaxes your hardworking eyes in just 10 minutes! How cool is that huh? 🙂

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask warms gradually to a comfortable 40℃ the moment you put it on.

From the moment you put on the eye mask, it is gradually heated to a comfortable 40℃, with heat spreading to gently envelop your eyes.

Steam produced from the heat moistens the skin area around the eye
and relieves tired eyes.

Specialities of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask


– Eye mask will start to warm up once it comes into contact with air.

– Ear loops allows usage in any position

– Comfortable 40℃ heat soothes and relaxes tired eyes

– 10 minutes is all you need to de-stress and relieves tired eyes

– Individually packed for single use and for disposal conveniently

Examples of Usage:

– Relaxation before bedtime

– Breaks in between household chores and work

– To aid in sleeping while traveling on planes and long distance journey

– Soothing of tired and fatigue eyes after staring at digital devices for a period of time

And the list goes on…


I always tend to have issues fighting with fatigue eyes, especially so when I am working long hours, straining my eyes with both digital devices and paper notes and often my eyes will get really tired after hours. Not sure if you guys have ever tried covering your eyes with warm towel, to me the hot towel method really helps a lot in relieving eye fatigue for my case, and my eyes would feel less puffy and heavy every time.

So, when I was being asked if I am interested in trying the Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask series, I accepted almost immediately after reading the press release! That just tempts me so much I cannot resist! Hehe!


I was given a huge box of the whole series for me to try out!

There are a total of 4 different variants in the collection, and I personally love the Fresh Rose Aroma series the best!

The Lavender-sage aroma series is best for relaxation and calming effect for me, and I would always use it after a long day before I sleep.


The Chamomile-ginger aroma series for calming and releasing of stress, and I would often use it when I am staying up late for assignment.


The Fresh Rose aroma series during the day time when I needed a little perk-me-up session. I just love how the mild rose aroma lingers around my eyes and nose area whenever I put on the eye mask. It just makes me brightening up my mood.


And of course, if you are not a fan of aroma, you will definitely love the unscented version. I guarantee you there it is really unscented and there ain’t any nasty smell though! I actually used it on my recent long distance trip, and that I didn’t want to use the scented versions in consideration of the other passengers on board though.


The steam eye masks really did a good job in relieving of eye fatigue just as what the warm towel does, in fact, it is hassle free and all that we needed is just to tear off the wrapper and the steam eye mask will work the rest for me.


In case you are wondering that the warm effect would go off really fast, no, it lasts me a good whole time till I fall asleep actually. (I am not a fast sleeper, so I usually really need to take a while to fall asleep, and I think this actually lasted me for about probably half an hour before it started to cool down and loses it warm effect)

I can actually adjust the hooks to cater to my own needs and the hook does not irritate/annoys me like those eye mask does. I actually let it stays on as my normal night mask even after the effect wears off to filter out all the lights and rays. The whole mask just feels so comfortable lying on my eyes!

And in case you are not satisfied yet, here’s a video proof to show you that the thing actually works!

Retail Pricing and Outlets:

Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask are available in 4 variants and it is retailing EXCLUSIVELY at all Guardian and Watsons stores for S$6.50 per box of 5 masks.

**PS: You might want to head over to MegRhythm website to request for a free sample if you are interested! Their link to the website is HERE!

To find out about their latest promotions and such, do follow their Instagram account:


Good Luck!

Written by Michelle 황현이

© All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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Laser Face Treatment with Lush Aesthetics

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Just not long ago, I finally did something bold for myself for the sake of beauty. It is like a new milestone achieved and I am really grateful of it!

Hehe, I am exaggerating! Actually I just brace myself to get some face laser treatments done to make my poor skin in better condition!

I actually have huge phobia with getting face treatments/facials done after a really bad experience with a known practitioner/dermatologist/clinic (Whichever it is applicable, ’cause I can’t really decide which to categorize them), that instead of making my face better, it got worst. It actually scarred me for life. No kidding!

One does not get defeated easily! *determined face*

And so, after so many years, I decided that I cannot remain this way forever. I need to really do something to my face and true enough, I got to find a really good and reputable aesthetics clinic to help me.

After some discussion with Lush Aesthetics Pte Ltd, we decided on the Laser Face Treatment. If you have not yet heard of it, the Laser Face Treatment is specially good for Acne, Pores and Pigmentation, which I will explain more in a bit.

What is Laser Face Treatment?

– The Laser Face Treatment by AlmaLASE at LUSH Aesthetics utilizes the latest technology in Laser Face Rejuvenation.
– It targets various skin conditions and imperfections such as acne, open pores, pigmentation, brown spots, dull skin, aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
– It is most commonly used for the pores, pimples and pigmentation.
– Some of the main benefits of this treatment includes immediate whitening and exuding radiance from the skin, while it also lightens and improves the imperfections.

How does this works?

– It utilizes micro beams of lasers along with an in-motion technology to eliminate signs of aging and imperfections.
– No preparation is required for this laser treatment and practically no down time, which means that patients can resume to their normal activities almost immediately.

My Experience:

Knowing that it was my first laser treatment in my life, the staff at Lush Aesthetics was really patience to explain to me how the whole procedure is going to be, and were attentive to all my needs throughout the treatment.

I am actually impressed with the fact that they do provide lockers stationed along the corridor for their patients to keep all their valuables and belongings! How thoughtful! 🙂

I was led to a cozy room to change into my gown and for the next 45 minutes, I had the best pampering session ever! If not of the staff engaging in small chats with me, I would had really fall asleep! Heh!  

The staff first removes every traces of my makeup following which a deep cleanse to make sure that there were no residue left on my face before the laser treatment.

The Laser Machine and Treatment Gel:

A short summery of the whole Laser Treatment:

The Result after 1st Session?:

No doubt a slightly glower and fairer skin. I purposely find this angle to show the results, half under normal room lighting and the other half, under bright light.

Not sure if you are able to see the difference between both sides of my face. But actually upon taking this photo, I was done on half of my face, and I can feel it slightly firmer, uplift than the one that is not treated yet. Oops! I am sorry my dear face, for neglecting you in the past!

Update few days after the treatment:

My pores seems to be slightly less visible than before, which I realize the difference when I was applying my makeup on. Woot!

Now, I am looking forward for my next treatment! Thank you Lush Aesthetics for helping me to find back my long lost smooth, glow and better looking skin!

There is literally almost no downtime at all and I was able to resume back to my normal activities as soon as the treatment was done. Life’s great now! ❤️❤️❤️

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