Toss to Good Health with Singapore’s First-ever Soba Yusheng at Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Haci!


Autho: Sandra Koh

Before we realise, we are only less than a month away from the gou (狗) den Chinese New Year. While our zodiac animal calendar is a repeating 12 years cycle, things seem to be more exciting when it comes to the variety of our well-loved prosperity Yusheng (thanks to the innovative chefs). Speaking of new Yusheng ideas, we recently got to try the first-ever soba yusheng at Japan’s number one soba restaurant –Nadi Fujisoba Ni-Hachi (and boy we’re totally digging it)!

The vibrant colours of the dish are not only an appetite provoker but an eye pleaser too. The dish is layered with strips of crabsticks, tamago, winter melons, purple cabbage, Japanese cucumber, ginger, carrot and radish and paired with a generous medley of fresh orange cubes, salmon, seasoned octopus, seaweed, jellyfish and tobiko. Being a soba specialist, the restaurant cleverly buried both the soba and fried soba below the colourful tower of ingredients to provide some added crunch and pulls all the ingredients together with its special sesame sauce.


All in all, the dish is refreshing and provides an interesting mix of textures (think crunchiness from the fried soba and chewiness from the cold soba). With the combination of fibre, protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, this scrumptious rendition will certainly make your reunion healthier. This yummy yusheng is affordably priced at SGD 38.80 (8 pax), and is available from 16 January to 28 February 2018.

Besides the innovative offering, the restaurant will also be launching the Girls’ Festival Special Set ($19.80, 1st Feb-31st March), meant to celebrate Hinamatsuri, or Dolls’ Day or Girls’ Day, a special occasion in Japan celebrated each year on March 3rd. The set comprises of 2 offerings- Chirashi Sushi and Hamaguri Soba, along with a Hinaarare snack.


The Chirashi Sushi sets itself apart from its competitors with the usage of carrot, shiitake mushroom, konjac, snap peas and tobiko beside the usual sliced salmon. We loved how the vinegared rice provided a slightly sweet and tangy taste that slowly lingered in our mouths.


While the Hamaguri Soba showcases 2 pieces of calm imported from Japan, perched atop a bed of al dente soba, all in the fragrant soup. The soup was rich and smooth with a strong yet not too overwhelming shouyu taste, in fact, it was really refreshing (thanks to the orange peel) and left us craving for more.


Toss to a healthier CNY with Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi at:
100 Tras Street,
#03-14, 100 AM
Singapore 079027

Family bonding time with Magni-fish-cent!

James and I whipped up some dishes at Fish & Co. previously and today, tonight, we Lao some Yu-sheng with my family!

I don’t like celebrating Chinese New Year because I prefer quiet environment but I can’t deny that CNY bonds the entire family together. And because of this Magni-fish-cent Yusheng delivery from Fish & Co., it made our night more a little more special!

James’s big eyes lit up when he saw the juicy salmon slices. The fresh Norwegian Sashimi-grade Salon melts in the mouth! For me, it was the sliced cooked prawns that caught my tastebuds’s attention! Hehe.

My parents and brother were pretty happy to Lao together as a family!

This huge platter (maybe not so huge in the picture, but my, IT WAS HUGE FOR MY FAMILY) serves 8 – 10 people and it is only retailing at $36.80. Do your Maths, less than $4 per pax?!

Fwahhhhh. The Magni-fish-cent Yusheng is available at all Fish & Co. restaurants from 5 Feb to 5 March 2015.

Of course, with good stuffs, comes good promotions!

Early Bird Offer – 5 Feb to 11 Feb (Pre-order Period)

Non-Member – Receive $10 Fish & Co. Dining voucher with every purchase of Magni-fish-cent Yusheng

Member – $20 dinning vouchers + usual 15% fish points rebate

DBS/POSB cardholders – $20 dining voucher

12 Feb – 5 March (Dine-in/ Takeaway)

Non-Member – No ongoing promotion

Member – $10 dining voucher + usual 15% fish points rebate

DBS/POSB cardholders – $10 dining voucher.



Seriousllllyyyyy? The preorder promotion sounds crazy! For $36.80 and if you are their member or DBS/POSB cardholder, you are entitled to $20 dining voucher. That’s like paying only $16.80 for a platter that serves up to 10. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE OR WHAT?!

Hurry up because preorder is so much cheaper!!

Happy advance Lunar New Year people! 🙂

Thank you Fish & Co. and The Good Folks! 😉