Tied as one on our fourth finger with Goldheart Jewelry Celestial

They say the most taxing part of the wedding is the banquet itself. That, I have to agree. However, I disagree when people says that it takes a year to plan for a wedding banquet. I booked my hotel (Hilton Singapore) 8 months prior to my wedding date and my wedding date was an auspicious day itself.

I got all my 4 gowns and 2 suits settled within the last 2 months of my wedding thanks to Bridal Veil and The Mens Club. Even better, I got my jewelries and wedding bands fixed within the last month.

Who would believe that I spent only 2-3 months to prepare for something so important in my life?

Goldheart Jewelry played a very important role in dressing me up for my big day. I did not have to worry about what and how to match the jewelries to my gowns as we do not have much time to play with.

wedding jewelries

This was my morning outfit and I could match it with my MODE Gold 916 Si Dian Jin Set from Goldheart Jewelry and….

goldheart jewelry

the K-Style jewellery set. I received many questions on this set when I wore in the morning on my Instagram Direct Messages. Bet you guys love this set as much as I do! One flower motif, many styles to play with. If I were to pick a favourite set out of all the jewelry sets that I wore, this is definitely the one!

wedding singapore

I also matched this dainty floral K-Style jewelry set to my kimono cheongsam. The gentle flowing lines that resembles the flowers’ stems just makes it so elegant and easy to style with.

wedding singapore

The accessories got a little more glamorous at night where I had more blings on me. The design of the white gold diamond jewellry set that I wore was so versatile that I wore them for my first and second march in. Lucky for me, I do not have to worry about the accessories, only change my hairstyles and make up for the respective gowns due to the little preparation time I had. Do you know how busy a bride can get during the banquet? I only had a bite of the food for the entire evening!

First look:

bridal veil

Second look:

hilton singapore wedding

Apart from dressing up the bride (me), the groom (James) needs some grooming too because it is also his big day after all! My dad bought a gold ring for James from Goldheart Jewelry. Trust us when we say that we have been doing gold shopping for a few months but we couldn’t find any that is suitable for James until we walked into a Goldheart Jewelry outlet at NEX. Not all outlets carry the same designs but we were glad that we ended up with one who walked the entire journey with us 🙂 *This came from the bottom of my heart!*

At Goldheart, Celestial is also known as the star diamond due to its 73-facet starburst pattern, which is a world’s first. Hence like the eternal stars in the heavens, our Celestial Orion Wedding Bands represents our eternal love and a lifelong commitment we have for each other!

Wedding bands

Bespoke Wedding Gowns at Bridal Veil by MichelleHuiMin (Part 1)

This is going to be a lengthly post as I would like to pen down our gowns and suits journey for #AwMayzingJourney.

Some couples fly overseas to get their suits and gowns down and some fly over specially for Bridal Veil. Lucky for us, both Bridal Veil and The Mens Club are located in Singapore, and conveniently, right in Orchard – Delfi Orchard – 402 Orchard Road.

When James first proposed, we were lost and since I was totally caught off guard, we had no idea where or what the next step was. Other than booking of the hotel, people often tells us to book my gowns early as the design that I want may be booked by other brides-to-be already. However, I wasn’t sure if I want my gowns to be rented or bespoke then. I also dislike the idea of wearing the same gowns as other brides so I was surely leaning towards bespoke more.

It didn’t take me long to make a decision. I made an appointment with Michelle from Bridal Veil and my mind and heart already knew what I wanted when I stood outside Bridal Veil for the first time – even before I entered the shop. The gowns and suits that were showcased behind the glass panels caught my attention. All of them look edgy yet elegant and classy.

I remember telling Michelle this “I want something that still speaks me and I can still look like myself at the end of the day.” The bottom line is – I don’t need anything too fanciful. I just want to be myself.

I was also given different fabrics and colors to choose from and I ended up with Satin and The Great Gatsby – Black, White and Champagne. I love satins because of the simplicity and shine.

Michelle knew exactly what I wanted and showed me sketches of the gowns that she had specially designed for me. To be honest, it was such a difficult decision because all of them were so beautifully drawn. How do I even settle with 1 out of the few? One point that she was spot on was that James is more daring than me in terms of dressing. My head turned to her when she said that and I went “wow.. she really took the time and effort to study our styles and characteristics.” Boy.. I was so touched.

After we are done with the designs selection, Michelle arranged for more appointments for me – from the skeleton fitting to the finalized measurements. If there is one thing that I do not have to worry about for my wedding, it would be our suits & gowns because I went to the right designer and team (Yi Xia & Cherie), the right friends.

wedding gowns singapore

bridal veil

Trust me when I said I do not have to worry a single bit about my Gowns. Michelle is a perfectionist. She thought of everything for me from my theme, to the designs and everything that you can think of.

wedding gown

My gowns are not exactly simple. Take a look at the picture below. The layerings were so perfect. I could almost feel their hardworking in putting the different layers together.

wedding gown

James had his suits designed by Colin from The Mens Club and it was always a joy having Colin around because he loves to joke around. Both Michelle and Colin are so nice that they treat every bride & groom as friends. By the way, The Mens Club also designs bespoke suits for the ladies if you ever need one.

James had 2 different suits designed by Colin, which I will not be revealing them at this post for now. Stay tuned for the second post.

colin lee

the mens club singapore

Now, back to my gowns. I think everyone’s favourite has got to be the Pink Cheongsam I wore for my tea ceremony and sending off of the guests at night. Each flower was painstakingly hand cutout by Michelle and her girls from a Kimono fabric that Michelle had sourced from Japan. My mother-in-law even asked me to buy over the cheongsam so that I can wear it for future dinner(s).

One little issue I had was my tummy. I couldn’t bring myself to cut down on carbs during the fittings. Michelle kindly shared tips with me on the cutting down on cuts and how to walk in a cheongsam gracefully. I hope I didn’t disappoint her on my wedding night.


What can I conclude from my first post?

It is important to choose the correct people for your wedding. They literally strike off an item from your To-Worry-About list. We were very very fortunate to walk down the aisle in gowns and suits from Bridal Veil and The Mens Club. No words can describe how proud we feel to be dressed in them.

bridal veil

Stay tuned as I pen down the final designs and our feelings as we march down the aisle in them on my second post 🙂

Is Si Dian Jin (四点金) still important during 过大礼?

Nowadays, a lot of youngsters would conveniently make do without all the traditions. The bottom line is as long as you are happy, that is all that matters right?

However, as the elder daughter of a traditional family, some traditions are still very important to me. For example, I feel that Si Dian Jin (四点金) is a must for my wedding as I value the meaning behind this set of jewellery. Generally, it means acceptance into the groom’s family in short.

“Translated to mean “four touches of gold”, Si Dian Jin represents the four corners of a roof — the groom’s family’s assurance to the bride that she will always have a roof over her head, and will be taken care of throughout her marriage. This betrothal gift from the groom’s mother to the bride usually consists of a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earrings.” – you can read more here: http://www.goldheart.com/weddingblog/breaking-down-traditions.html

Although a typical set of Si Dian Jin (四点金) consists of a Necklace, a Ring, a pair of Earrings and a Bangle but it is really up to one’s preference. Some may prefer to pick an additional pair of earrings instead of a bangle. For me, I still went ahead with the 4 typical pieces.

However, I do not want the usual 四点金 with the piglets on the necklace because I want it to still fit my daily life after the wedding instead of tucking them into a safety box. Almost all my friends kept their 四点金 away because they find the designs undesirable.

I specifically told my parents-in-law and my parents that I prefer Goldheart MODE Gold 916 Si Dian Jin designs.

Yeah, I received 2 sets of them because my parents got me a set of 四点金 for my bridal gift too.



To be honest, I was also quite afraid that my Mother-in-law would buy me jewellery with piglets so I chose the designs myself. James helped me with the decision of course.

Choosing from the Goldheart Jewelry Mode Gold 916 Si Dian was enjoyable for me as the designs are beautifully crafted to complement bridal gowns, while also versatile enough for to be worn “à la carte” for daily styling. I found out Goldheart actually use European state-of-the-art technology to create their Si Dian Jin, such that the designs are stylish and modern, and yet able to retain the values and symbolism of Si Dian Jin gift.


Instead of just simply choosing one set, I customized my own set from the plethora of exquisite designs from different MODE Gold 916 Si Dian Jin collections. One that fits my character and individuality.

I love the geometric sets because of how the shapes played out. The set in the picture below was the first one that caught my attention.



James, on the other hand, preferred the leaves set. My other half always love designs that are slightly more complicated yet classy while I always opt for the simpler designs.


As for the bangle, my wrist is quite small so I went for a bracelet instead. Isn’t the one below simple yet pretty? I love how the spiral designs are played so…


sooooo.. I went for this set! Except for the ring, which was picked out from another collection, the rest remains. James gave me nods of approval too.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-26 at 9.51.11 AM

I would strongly advise you to do the Si Dian Jin shopping with your mother‑in‑law. Pick something that you can see yourself wearing even after the wedding, and on a regular basis! Since it’s a gift of love and acceptance from her, it will make her happy to see you wear them everyday too. :p

FYI, these MODE Gold 916 Si Dian Jin designs you see here can be bought individually too – don’t you think these lovelies make wonderful, thoughtful gifts to your girlfriend, wife, mother and even in -laws too 🙂

It only took us less than a week to shop for our wedding bands!

If you look at the outfits I put on everyday, it is not hard to imagine that I tend to go for things that are minimalist yet classy.

The same for my wedding which is happening in a few weeks time! For my wedding gown, I am extremely thankful and privileged to have Michelle HuiMin from Bridal Veil to dress me up for that!

What is another big task to settle? Our wedding bands! The top of the mind brand for both James and I was Goldheart Jewelry (www.goldheartjewelry.com) because of the huge selection they have.

Furthermore, we have long heard of the highly raved Celestial Star Diamond collection from friends around us who have entered into their next phase of married life before us. Hence we have decided to check them out ourselves!


Don’t you feel that humans are just like stars?

The couple shines the brightest when their thoughts align.

Similarly for stars, they form one of the brightest constellations when they are aligned. This is the inspiration of their premium collection known as the Celestial Orion Collection.

Let me share with you some of their exquisite selection of engagement rings, eternity rings & wedding bands before revealing our pick! 😀


This premium collection is a tribute to the modern minimalist trend, and this is exactly how I would like my marriage to embody.

It is simple & elegant with two distinct features : the Celestial Star Diamond is the world’s first 73-faceted starburst diamond that scintillates with supreme luminosity of the brightest star.

Using the blue diamond scope, I viewed the Celestial diamond up close and my eyes were greeted with the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on earth: a spectacular eight-point starburst pattern that glittered so brilliantly due to the  more reflective environment inside the diamond that allow for more light to pass through. It is this patented design that a Celestial diamond possesses a superlative, brilliant scintillation and more “fire” than any other diamond.

Look closely at this design: the Celestial diamond is nestled in a 8-point star motif made of rose gold, which works like a charming tribute to the eight pointed starburst pattern found in the Celestial diamond.  Elegant, minimalist and with a touch of storied significance – needless to say, it was simply our dream choice.

True to its reputation as a “star” diamond, the iconic Celestial promises 5 Guarantees: 1) superior cut, 2) light symmetry, 3) brilliance, 4) fire and 5) sparkle performance. Watch video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhliwkOGfq0

Celestial diamonds are graded with very strict standards and every Celestial diamond from 0.5ct is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) attesting to its premium diamond quality. So guys and gals, if you are buying diamonds for an important event in your life such as your wedding, make sure you are getting the real stuff.

If you need further proof of the value of Celestial diamonds, you would be impressed to know that it scored distinction in all four categories in the Sarine Technologiesgrading system, which measures the brilliance, fire, sparkle and light symmetry of diamonds.

The Sarine Technologies grading is separate from GIA, so this means Celestial diamonds are certified by TWO independent institutions on its quality, which makes it a truly valuable diamond.

What’s more, each Celestial diamond comes with its own unique Sarine digital light performance report detailing its light performance and a 360-degree view of the diamond which can be access anytime. Here’s a sample of how it looks: http://tinyurl.com/ydckzkaa

However, do note that the grading is performed for Celestial diamonds with 0.3 carat and above. So you can expect all Celestial diamonds in proposal rings to come with a Sarine Certification.


For Goldheart, the design continues beyond what you can see on the exterior of the ring. Like the icing to a cake (or inside the cake in this case!), there is a blue sapphire in the inner band. In fact, this is a unique concept called “Pure Blue” introduced by Goldheart since 2011! The blue sapphire symbolizes purity, fidelity and true love between a couple.

Initially, we thought having a blue sapphire on the inside as a design looks cute but after finding out the real reason behind the sapphire stone, we cannot help but be impressed by Goldheart’s commitment to telling every couple’s romance and love story. The blue sapphire is like a promise, or a secret, that is shared only between a couple in love (which is why it cannot be seen by from the outside… get it?). And because it is always in contact with your skin, it is like gentle touch from your S.O to remind you on the promise you’ve made together.


Don’t leave just yet because the Celestial range is not the only pretty range that caught our eyes that day.

If you belong to the cool and edgy crowd, the stylish Felicite Collection would fit you and your spouse perfectly.


Just look at the wide variety. I could spend all day trying on every single one of them!


Look at the detailings and how Goldheart play with the various gold e.g. rose, white and black gold on their rings here.


Another range that I was considering very seriously was the Intimo range.

Truth be told, Intimo was our first choice because I wanted to match the ring with my solitaire proposal ring. We discovered that the Intimo wedding bands also comes with a Pure Blue Sapphire in the inner band. It was a tough choice having to choose between these gorgeous designs but eventually we leaned towards the Orion Celestial range because James was besotted with the eight-pointed star motif. For me, seeing James happy made the call for me!



Ever wanted to become a goldsmith? Now, you can do that – without even sweating a single drop – with Goldheart’s Create-Your-Ring service. I thought that this idea was so cool and fun when the staff told me about it and you know what, the whole process takes place on a computer! It is a step by step procedure that lets you (go wild and) express your creativity/personality through your choice of ring design, band width, gold type, texture, gem setting, as well as engraving – both on the outside and insideof the ring! You have to take a look here to see what it is all about!: ww.goldheart.com/love_wedding



If you fancy having premium materials on your love bands, you can consider the Le Pure Platinum collection.

To me, this collection signifies “strength” as we know that platinum is one of the strongest metal on earth! (It is 60 times tougher than gold!) It is also very rare. Hence, would you agree that finding a soulmate who you are able to form strong emotional connection is like finding platinum?


I have to admit that I am not a girl who chases after fairytales. But even for me, it was love at first sight with their Enchantine collection. The details are delicate and feminine, featuring inspirations captured from fairytales that we are familiar with, such as dove wings, fairy lights, blooming roses and laurel wreaths.

I have a soft spot for whimsical designs so I think I will probably come back for a ring from this collection after the wedding. This is the part where I wish I had more than 10 fingers to fit on all these lovelies!


Look at the fine detailing, it is hard to resist being enchanted by it, don’t you think so?


Now, let’s recap some of the considerations before we make our final choice for our wedding bands? They are:

  1. Design
  2. Weight
  3. Feel
  4. The meaning behind each collection

I believe I speak for to-be-married couples that sometimes we experience difficulty in picking out the perfect ring and need to consult someone who knows jewellery more than you do. And I think you can relate when I say that the desire to know certain information strikes you at the most random moments, such as when you are on the train to work, in the middle of a meal or when you are lying in bed getting ready to sleep. The desire to get an answer NOW can make most of us anxious!

So I found out that Goldheart had created a FB chatbot called – would you guess it – “Bling”. This A-I enabled virtual assistant is designed to answer questions related to wedding jewellery, and is scripted to “talk” like a human. I must say that I was delighted chatting with Bling, like I just found a new friend!  May I have the pleasure of introducing Bling to you: : https://www.facebook.com/GoldheartJewelry/

To prove my point, take a look at my conversation with Bling below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.13.48 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.16.56 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.19.36 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.19.45 PM

The marvelous thing about Bling is that it REMEMBERS from our conversations on important dates leading up to my wedding day. After some time, Bling will remind me of the list of things I have to clear, which is really REALLY helpful now that the wedding is just a month away. I’m sure most of us have our ways of tracking, and if you are a heavy Facebook user, it wouldn’t hurt to have a friend to catch you just in case!

Besides weddings, Bling also keep track of other important dates in your life – such as birthdays to anniversaries – and alert you in a timely manner so that you have the time to shop for the perfect gift!

Guys will definitely find a friend in Bling, especially when you are planning to propose. Bling is capable of recommending the perfect proposal ring taking into consideration your budget and preferences. Shop on your phone or computer, shortlist and then visit a Goldheart boutique to examine it closer.

(Doesn’t this bring to mind J.A.R.V.I.S from the Iron Man movie series? Well, Bling was born less than 1 year ago in July 2017, so voice capabilities are still undeveloped!)

As I have shared extensively above, there is no lack of choices at Goldheart, who had taken great effort to offer modern, well-crafted designs that cater to different styles and sensibilities of couples.Where does one even begin?!

Well, my advice is that planning a wedding is like going on marathon – you need to build up your stamina and strength before you even start to run. As a leader in the love and romance category in Singapore, Goldheart had certainly walked the talk by being super generous with offering bridal resources and references. Besides chatting with Bling, you must check out their wedding blog (www.goldheart.com/weddingblog), which offers tips and advice for wedding.

One other thing that impressed me was how Goldheart had expanded their customer touchpoints, from the boutiques located islandwide, online website, social media and, of course, chatbot Bling. It doesn’t take long for Goldheart to feel like a friend that I can turn to and check in regularly for gift ideas or inspirations – no matter when or what time.

For couples who are getting married, I hope my experience in this blog had given you (new) ideas and inspirations for your big day!

What went behind James & Maybeline’s Proposal


I know I should have started working on this post for the longest time but I just can’t find the time to sit infront of my desktop every night.

How it all began:

We had a staycation at The Quincy Hotel and everything felt normal because we have staycation reviews very frequently. The only different thing was I had an event to attend that evening and will be away for 3 hours.

Obviously, I felt guilty because it was a staycation but I had to leave him alone so a very good brother, TJ, accompanied him throughout. Little did I know that they were just putting on an act.

He sent me to Casio Headquarters to gather with the other influencers as the meeting point was quite near our hotel. We then left the place, dressed in bridesmaid dresses. He kept joking about us looking like Jie Meis for someone’s wedding. I guess he was kind of dropping hints already? Me being me, was oblivious of the words and more concern about my shoes. I had wanted to wear heels but I picked comfort over beauty.



We left in a Limousine Party as it was Casio TR80 Limousine Party! I heard that it was a great hit in Japan and Casio is a Japan brand soooooo… the lucky us were quite privilege to try it! There were a few “stations” where we had to alight and take photos from Chijmes, National Gallery to this and that. They told me they will drop me off at my hotel after the event so obviously I didn’t suspect anything.

When we alighted back at the hotel lobby, I was busy looking for medication for Xinyi because of her headache so I did not even notice anything. It was also pretty normal for her to hold my hand because we are girly like that.

Who knows, as we started to walk down, I began seeing 1 or 2 familiar faces. Still nothing much yet until I saw James. The spotlight was turned on and there…. you can continue watching the story below:

Still…. don’t judge me. I know the shoes are pretty ugly…… 🙁

After everything, I realized the day itself was a beautiful lie. He had been planning for this months back. I don’t even have a single clue about it because he was with me almost every day – except for one when he had a conference to attend. The conference was fake too. He went out for a final meeting with his team.

There are a lot of people I want to thank here but I am most most grateful to TJ and William. William brought his lights from the office for him and he even held the light throughout for our photo taking session. TJ, for being a good liar, making me angry, happy, angry and happy again. He was so stressed throughout the planning and even after the proposal because I gave him quite a hard time on the video LOL.

You can also find Behind The Scene videos here: https://www.facebook.com/simmaybeline/media_set?set=a.835989136419115.1073741833.100000241080390&type=3&pnref=story

I grabbed them from the influencers’ Insta Stories so pardon me for the quality.

All in all, I feel truly blessed and I am not sure what have I done to deserved all these. Thank you love, for getting our family members and friends down. (He forgot to ask my BFF along because he felt it was quite packed already 🙁 aahhhh). Nonetheless, thank you each and every one of you for the blessings. Not forgetting, The Quincy Hotel for the drinks and location, Casio Singapore for the surprise! 🙂

We are off to the next stage – Planning of Wedding Dinner, taking Bridal Photos etc…..

MAYBEL’s Take On Beautiful Wedding Photos in Singapore


We had over 100 shots to choose from and I swear I love every single photo. I cannot simply just pick 10 to share so I will be splitting the photos into two posts – 1 from me and 1 post from James.

This will be interesting because you will be able to hear from two gender’s point of view on taking wedding photos.

Every girl wants to have their own fairytale but sadly, fairytales usually only happen in your dreams or movies. We don’t have groundbreaking love stories to tell but as long as you are truly in love, that’s enough.

Taking wedding photos can somehow satisfy that inner self who wants a fairytale love story because both of you will look perfect in there and it is not everyday where you get to dress up like a real princess.

We did a few thematic styled shot with a few sponsors:

Gowns: The Louvre Bridal
Photographer: Dreamz Coffee
Themes: Wulalaaa
Make Up: Cynderellasg
Flowers: Cherriesmitten

If you want more themes, you can visit The Louvre Bridal at 69 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239368.

I remembered telling James that we DON’T HAVE to do any more wedding shoots after our last one 1.5 years ago because it was very very very tiring. I rejected a few collaborations because I don’t want to tire myself out. I accepted Dreamz Coffee’s shoot because I did my homework and I liked their portfolio.

We went for fitting prior to the shoot and gosh, I had 7 gowns to change into!! If you haven’t wore one before, gowns can be really really really heavy but the gowns they picked for me are REALLY BEAUTIFUL! I will give two thumbs up for the service and attitude at The Louvre Bridal!

It was indeed a long tiring day but Dreamz Coffee took the shots quickly. He could get the pictures he wanted in a few shots. I am not sure if James and I have such good chemistry or is he really such a professional! I concluded that it was both! Hehe. Of course, not forgetting the themes, flowers and make up. Anything less, it would not have been such a perfect shoot.

Both James and I uploaded a few photos into our Facebook and Instagram and everyone went WOW. We even get people whatsapping us to tell us how good we looked! Actually, most of the credits go to the sponsors!

7 gowns, 2 themes and a hundred over photos.

Here are some photos from the first theme. Enjoy!

If you ask me, will I still take wedding photoshoots in the future? Mmmmm… only if they make the whole outcome look as pretty as this!

Wedding Photographs #jamesnmaybel


Finally… I know how it feels like to be a bride in a gown.

A photoshoot can be very very exhausting because you have to change into the different gowns (especially those with cancan). Both the wet and dry weather doesn’t help much because dry = ultra sunny and hot, and that means melting makeup and feeling sticky all over. If it’s wet, you will get smudge makeup or dirty/wet gowns.

But but but…. a wedding shoot is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us. Clearly, it will be more than once for me because this is a collaboration haha.

My advise is… if you’re getting married and you are preparing for a shoot, bring along a pair of heels (wear flats inside your gown, because that was what I did. If I wore heels throughout, I might just die within the first 10 shots), bring at least 2x 1.5L of water, find a good makeup artist and a good photographer.

Even though I felt really really REALLY REALLY exhausted after the 5 hour of shoot on a wet day and I almost ALMOST gave up halfway, I am really grateful for this opportunity because all the pictures turned out really beautiful. I even have people asking me about my photographer the moment I uploaded one to my Instagram and Facebook.

Makeup: Christina Wong | Photographer: Hur Faye | Gowns: Swaggers Couture

Both Christina and Hur Faye are working free lance so if you’re looking for any make up artist or photographer for any functions, please approach them directly 🙂

As for Swaggers Couture, beside gowns, they do tailor-made suits if you ever need them as well! I saw how each crystal or bead is painstakingly sewn onto a plain gown. I can now finally understand why gowns cost so much. Every stitch is a blessing and every design are designed and sewn in-house.

For now.. please enjoy some of the pictures below… Do take note of the different designs for the 3 sets of gowns 🙂

Once again, Thank you Hur Faye for the awesome photos, Christina for the makeup and to the both of you, how can I ever thank you for your patience!! *some flying kisses over*

Thank you Swaggers Couture for all the little adjustments made to the dress and for styling us into the gowns which best fit us! 🙂

2 gate crashes in a month

So… for the weddings..

2 consecutive weekends on gate crash is seriously no joke when you have to work during the weekdays.. I work from Tuesday to Saturday so I had to take off for the two gate crashes.

First crash: Close blogger friend Xinyi
Second crash: Best friend (almost like my sister from another family)

I had to wake up at 5.20am on the two Saturday to prepare because I live in the west and both of them live in the East/North East and I had to reach at 7am. It was….. super tiring!! There were moments where I had to zone out because I was too tired. Both crashes were equally fun!

Here is a little tip for the bride to make things easier for the sisters:
– Prepare breakfast for the sisters so that they save some time in the morning

Thank god there was food before the crash. It saved me 30 minutes!

As you know, the morning ceremony takes quite a while and the whole thing would only end around 1pm.

7am to 1pm = 6 hours.

And the brothers and sisters would have to report to the venue of the wedding dinner at around 5-6pm (this also meant that we would only get 4-5hours of rest time in between. And if you minus the traveling time, we are only left with 3 hours of rest).

TELL MEEEEE. How on earth did I survive? Actually I died. I was super super tired. 1 week has already past and I am still feeling exhausted from everything. I am also experiencing a minor breakout from the lack of sleep T_T

Although I kept complaining that I am tired, I must say that the time lost on sleep was quite well spent. When someone invites you to be part of their big day, you know you are just not that someone.

And for now….. enjoy the pictures taken on the 2 days 🙂

Wedding Bells

Sigh.. I think I am seriously getting older and older… Other than counting the numbers of lines on your face, you can also estimate the age by counting the number of wedding invitations received.

Total wedding invitations received this year: 5

People around me are getting married while I am still pretending to be young. Literally acting cute and having fun.

Enjoy some of the pictures taken at the very unique wedding of #chriSmith!

Base: Kate Tokyo, Hada Labo BB Air
Eyes: StarLash Liquid Eyeliner, Collection Cosmetics Natural Lashes
Blush: Revlon
Lips: VDL

Dress courtesy of Style Bliss: http://miyoconline.com/shopping.php?mode=B&var=6329

I have people googling for my age. So make a guess? What’s my actual age?