DHC Debut Haircare Range

My first exposure to DHC was their collagen drink and then moving on to their skincare.

But right now, they have more than just these. DHC launches their debut Haircare Range!

There are two ranges right now:

  • DHC Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo and Treatment that targets thin hair and limp hair concerns
  • DHC Light and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner for people with dry and undernourished hair

I think both ranges suit me well because I am anaemic so hair tends to fall more easily and on top of that, I have very dry hair 🙁

Q10 Revitalizing range is also suitable for people who have grating concerns as it contains Coenzyme Q10 – an essential ingredient required for maintaining the youthfulness of the hair that also keeps the scalp healthy and moisturised.

Light and Smooth range is a unisex range for people who have dry and hair breakage problems. Other than keeping the hair smooth, it also has a fruity floral fragrance to leave users feeling relaxed and refreshed after each use.

All shampoo and conditions are retailing at $19.90 at Watsons.

Watsons Day Out + My Bag Redemption Video

The last Watsons Girls Day Out was AWESOME! Read it here: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim/2015/03/17/watsons-girls-day-out-2015/

If you haven’t already know, I did a video with them for one of their recent on-going campaign!!

What is Watsons to you? I like shopping in beauty and healthcare store because I love to check out latest launches from different brands and their in-store promotions can get really really attractive. Watsons is almost all of our first choice when it comes to beauty and health needs from head to toe.

So when I heard that a second Day Out is coming up, it did not take me more than a second to decide if I am going or not.

James was there with me as well and he was so absorbed and fascinated by Tony & Guy’s latest Dry Shampoo series.

There are actually 4 new Dry Shampoo from them:

Matt Texture Dry Shampoo (Green)

Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo (Grey)

Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo (Gold)

Express Reboost Dry Shampoo (Purple)

I love Dry Shampoo so much that I use it on alternate nights and I will always keep a small bottle of it in my bag just incase my hair stinks from BBQ or workouts. So lucky him, he got the Perfect Tease which is rather lightweight.

Sometimes dry shampoo can look like dandruff on our scalp but the particles used for Tony & Guy’s dry shampoo are so nano that you can’t even see them or feel on your scalp. All you can feel is a cleaner and neater look! Most importantly, they smell nice too. I thought it would be expensive but surprisingly, each bottle (250ml) only retails at $15.90!

Can I say the lucky James scored 3 tins of amazing products as well! Hold on for this because I am currently waiting for his take on them. Thank you Shawn!!

Ahem.. Next, how about me? Haha. Just kidding. Maybelline brought New York City to Singapore as part of its 100th year celebrations.

Expect to find Mega Plush Mascara which is waterproof, Master Glaze Blush Stick (SUPER CUTE), Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer (which was missing when I was there), Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick and The Nudes Palette (OMG!!!).

Needless to say, I was super attracted by The Nudes Palette when I was at Maybelline’s event then. I am super tempted to get the palette and the blush stick!

This cute Blush Stick is formulated with a mix of glazed pearls and shea butter. No wonder I thought it felt a little creamy and easy to blend when I tried it.

Taiwan masks from Dr Morita. Dr Morita is a hit in Taiwan and has appeared on Singapore’s 女人我最大. I was a little sold by the price when I was told that it is retailing for $16.90 for 10 sheets in Singapore.

I love anything that has to do with hydration so Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask caught me! They have other masks like Whitening Mask, Repair Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask and SYN-AKE Essence Facial Mask as well.

Watsons also came out with their on in-house supplements like Watsons Omega-3 Fish Oil ($18.90) and Watsons Joint Formula ($39.90). Each bottle contains 90 capsules each.

Omega-3 Fish Oil contains 1000mg of ultra-purified deep sea fish oil and essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. Joint Formula contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which can aid in preventing deterioration of joint structure and relieving pain in joints.

Dr LeWinn is founded by Dr Laurence LeWinn who is a plastic surgeon and oftenly sought after by celebrity clients. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, you can find their Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream in Watsons ($72.90).

This anti-aging cream is formulated with diamond and black pearl extracts that helps user maintain and regain a youthful completion.

I gave the serum a try and I love the texture and scent of it too.

TruLife was the first bottle of Bird Nest received from James due to my lack of sleep. Their bird new are 100% genuine, premium and carefully selected from East Malaysia. They have concentrated Bird Nest which you can add to your desserts or make some soup out of it at $70. The amount you can find inside is so many times more than the usual bird nest!

For 6 bottles of 70g, it is retailing at $45.80.

La roche-posay brought their Anthelios XL Ultra-light Invisible Mist SPF50+ ($38.90) there and I fell in love with it as it doesn’t leave a sticky or oily feel. Whenever I need a sunblock touch up, I can just spray this onto my face because I don’t like to touch up sunblock on top of my make up. Something I must bring along for my upcoming Bangkok trip!!

Water resistant, suitable for face and body as well as people with sensitive skin.

O.P.I ColorPaints Blendable Nail Lacquer is a new way to get creative with nail art. You can add layers and blend colors to create designs on your nails as they are semi-translucent and buildable so let your creative run wild!

Each bottle retails at $16.

Rimmel’s new launch is their 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish.  It is a 3-in-1 technology as it has the functions of a base coat and top in as well. One bottle is all you need. It comes in 11 pretty shades and cost only $4.90!! :O

It was said to dry up within 60 seconds. Let me put it to test…. Mmmm..

Latest launch from Bio-essence is their Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly & ATP ($55.90), Deep Exfoliating Gel (Oil Control; $32.90) and Deep Exfoliating Gel (Sensitive Skin; $36.90). Both contains Royal Jelly and ATP. For people like James who have sensitive skin can rest assure and try out the Sensitive Skin Gel as it contains German Chamomile with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties.

I will be doing a full review on these products so stay tune 🙂

There were other launches like New Moon Collagen Drink/Powder and L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Hair Care Range too.

Read my reviews here:




Watsons Girl’s Day Out 2015


We spent almost 3 hours there and there wasn’t enough time to cover the entire segment as some of the booths were already closing then. But but, it was a Girl’s Day Out indeed! It was held at Serangoon NEX (which was really really really far for me but because it is Watsons, I have to go over no matter what!!), and I lugged home more than 6kg worth of goods! Haha.

By the way, Happy 27th Birthday Watsons!!!


Westies unite! We shared a cab home that evening.


We were so pampered from head to toes as we were introduced to the latest health and beauty brands be it cosmetics, hair, skincare, inner beauty supplements, health, and a lot of new brands (some can be quite shocking because you will never expect to find it in Watsons). Hahaha. As there were simply way too many many brands to cover (you guys know how big Watsons is right?!), I will only be touching on a few.

I think the girl’s favourite was the L’oreal  Revitalift Magic Blur booth because we can each score a $50 Zalora Gift Card there by posting a selfie with  Magic Blur on our Instagram.


It is retailing at $41.90 for a 50ml bottle. It can instantly blurs the look of pores, lines and imperfections. And with prolong use of up to 4 weeks, it is claimed to make your skin feels firmer and lines are reduced for younger looking skin.

Exture: mousse-cream and silky smooth.


And for their already famous extraordinary oil, my favourite was their latest range – Fine to Normal Hair SPRAYYYY. Yup, it works like a mist and is light weight.



I was also very impressed by Cetaphil Cleansing Cloth. And extra set was also delivered to me so I will be doing a review on it separately. I will explain how this saved me after my wisdom tooth surgery!!


The were also other new brands like Divinia and more.

I like it’s clean looking packaging and pocket friendly prices. A bottle of Triple Hydration Lotion (200ml) and a Triple Hydration Essence (30ml) are only retailing at $17.90 EACH. I always thought Essence would cost at least $30-40.


Okay, then I was attracted to Kustie because of the flower petals. You can find the petals inside the bottle of bath gel. My favourite was the Cherry blossom and Chamomile.  This brand is only exclusively available in Watsons at $19.90/bottle.


ASIENCE Inner Rich (Gold) and Nature Smooth (Blue) Ranges  which are already available and retailing from $7.95 onwards.

I have always love how nice ASIENCE products smells like!


Kinohimitsu was also another very generous booth. Drinks were served together with their health drinks.


That was not all. We were given a box of Kinohimitsu EyeBright and JointPro360 each.  I consumed one sachet of EyeBright on the spot because the lady was saying “you don’t have to mix it with anything else”. The taste was like the childhood crackling candies. It is suitable for everyone because even Vegetarians can eat it safely. I thought it was a little too sweet but they assured me that there was no sugar added. Yay!

EyeBright is retailing at $59.90 ($55.90 introductory price)
JointPro360 at $69.90 ($65.90 introductory price).


And here come’s the toothpaste and mouthwash. Honestly, I am perfectly fine with any brands 🙂





Energeyes is retailing at $67.90/pair without prescription. This can help block out the harmful lights emitted by your gadgets like phones or iPad. About 50% of harmful blue light will be reduced. My dad is constantly on his iPad till he sleep every night so I thought of giving this to him the moment I received it.


Also, SILKYGIRL has hair dye now! Because of it’s current promotion, I bought an additional 2 boxes of dye for my mom. Each box of dye comes with a lipstick inside 🙂 Only $7.90/box.


Bioderma, as usual, need no further introduction. But they have a new item this time round – Bioderma Sensibio Lait Cleansing Milk which I thought was superb!! It is as light as milk but it does more than just gentle cleansing, removing the make up from face and eyes.

The people behind the booth were saying that it is ultra clean and you don’t have to double cleanse to remove all make up. I did a demo on my hand after the scribbled some lipstick on it and true enough, it works like magic! Already available in stores for $26.90 (250ml).


YUPINZHEN is also exclusively available in Watsons. I had a small bottle to bring back and I noticed the differences. It is filled with jelly-liked bird nest with little rock sugar unlike those big bottles you normally see. Price is a little steep though. 6 small bottles for $95. I guess that’s why it is filled with bird nest instead of the “water”.


For shampoo wise, I did not manage to cover everything as it was too late by then and the booths were all closing 🙁

Honeyce is a very very cute brand from Japan with high-quality and carefully selected natural ingredients. It is formulated with eight different types of honey sourced from different parts of the world: Manuka Honey, Raspberry Honey, Clover Honey, Rosemary Honey, Orange Honey, Lemon Honey, Acacia Honey and Blueberry Honey… and suddenly my hair sounds sweet instead of smelling sweet lol!

Each unique product retails at $19.90.


Hair Pro is an in-house brand by Watsons. It make use of the Heat Activated Technology combined with non-silicone formulae for healthier hair. The technology can activate ingredients to protect hair against heat damages like curling, blow drying and straightening.

They are also free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, UV Absorbers, Artificial Colorants and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Prices range from $15.90 to $17.90


Not forgetting, they have an e-store right now! If you think lugging him 3 bottles of shampoo along with other products are too heavy, head over to their e-store. Spend $80 and they will deliver it over for free!



Bad Hair Day Rescue!

Do you ever feel like staying home because of bad hair days? Frizzy hair, thin hair, messy hair, or whatsoever causes me to want to stay home and hibernate till the hair get back in shape. But nothing will work if I am not willing to work hard for it.

– Use suitable shampoo and conditioner
– Blow dry the hair
– Apply hair cream

Marc Anthony has solutions for all your problems. For me, I face frizzy and thin hair problems on my bad hair days so I went out for their bye bye Frizz and Instant Thick Volume range.

bye bye Frizz contains 3 key products with one Blow Dry Cream.

The 3 key products are:

– 30 Day No Fizz Keratin Smoothing Treatment
– Keratin Smoothing Shampoo
– Keratin Smoothing Conditioner

With one use of the No Frizz Treatment, the frizziness can be taken away for up to 30 days! I can do it at home and if I don’t have the time to visit the salon. It helps to repel humidity so that the frizz can be kept under control no matter the weather.

The key ingredient in this range ins KERATIN! Keratin can smoothen the cuticle and retain moisture. *psst, I like hair products with keratin because it keeps my hair smooth and manageable.

The shampoo and conditioner smells nice tooooo! The shampoo cleanse to create softer, shinier and smoother hair as it contains K-Silk Complex and an Amino Acid Belnd which helps to correct frizz and protect the hair from damage. Keratin Smoothing Conditioner prevents the hair from tangling and adds shine to the hair. It has color protection too so don’t worry if your hair is colored.

YAY! So loving these magic tubes!!

The Instantly Thick range keeps my hair volumized!! The range was formulated to add volume to fine and/or limp hair. It helps to keep hair full and voluminous all day long.

Below are the 4 key products:

– Hair Thickening Shampoo
– Weightless Volumizing Conditioner
– Hair Thickening Cream
– Full Blow Out Lotion

The range contains their secret blend of Hydrolyzed Corn, Soy and Wheat Proteins. The proteins penetrates the hair to strengthen and expand each strand. The unique formula allows hair to be at its fullest and most vibrant all day long.

I kept all the products for myself except for the cream (I gave James the Hair Thickening Cream) and he told me he’s lovvvvvvinggg it!

He applied the cream before any hair wax.

Apply Cream on wet hair > Blow dry > Wax and style the hair.

The Lotion works the same way too. When you blow dry the hair, the heat activated formula adds body, movement and life to the very fine and lifeless hair. (Yeah, I have pretty lifeless hair :/ ) The Vitamin B gives you extra shine and body that lasts all day long.

Yay to Marc Anthony! Thank you for saving me and my boyfriend on our bad hair days!! 😀

Visit their Facebook page for more information on their products!: https://www.facebook.com/MarcAnthonySG :) or find them in Watsons!

Majolica Majorica x Ma Cherie Launch

Every brand has its own unique way of remembering bloggers.
For MM X MC, it’s printing our very own invitation pass with our name and picture on it.
Thoughtful much!

Met up with this little girl and headed over to the event place together.

Majolica Majorica has now entered Chapter 40 with some of their new products.

The main focus of the new addition is the Eye Hunter collection which consists of products for the lip and the eyes!!

Perfect Automatic Liner ($22.90) now has 2 new limited edition colours in Red and Purple. It is not just any matte red or purple but those that comes with glitters and shine. You can create a bold look with these new colours.

Honey Pump Gloss Neo ($12.90). People who knows me knows that I am a sucker for any lip colours/balms and whatsnot!

The line hunter ($19.90) is unique because it comes in a flat brush. Yes, not the usual brush. What’s the difference?

A flat brush allows you to draw your lines the size you want – thick or thin. All you have to do is to play with the angle, or the way you hold your brush. It is sweat and sebum proof, so no touch up is needed even after a long day! You can probably wear it to sleep because it also contains essence for your eye area. Heh.

Yup, I had my fair share of trying out all the products there.

Next up, Ma Cherie is introducing refill packs for their shampoo and conditions!

Like the shampoo and conditioner, it is available in two functions – Air Feel, which is retailing at $13.90 and Moisture at $14.50.

Champagne Honey Gelee are added in both shampoo which makes the hair easier to manage as they will feel smoother and softer after each use.

Not only shampoo and conditioners, Ma Cherie also has a whole lot of products to for your hair. From hair oil to hair fragrance.

Even their packagings look so attractive that you just want to try all of the products right?!

All products are available in selected Watsons store.

For more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/majolicamajorcasingapore

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Macheriesg

VOV Daily Fresh Mask, only at $2

Nothing can go majorly wrong with Korean beauty products!

VOV masks are now available in Singapore Watsons with 17 different types of “flavours” to choose from! Wooohooo! Korean masks? In Watsons? YYYYEEESSSSSS!!!

And now, they are having an ongoing promotion from 15 August to 22 August where you can buy 5 masks and get 1 free.

If you missed the promotion period, you can get 1 mask free with every 4 purchased on 28 August.

I know Taiwan masks are cheaper in terms of price, but just to let you kno (for your information), each piece of VOV Daily Fresh mask only cost $2. That’s like only a packet of chicken rice from the interchange!

Nobody ever said that it is always expensive to keep up with youthful skin. And now that the price is so damn affordable, you can just grab a few off the counters at Watsons and give them a try maybe? Maybe you would like it as much as me!

For me, I really liked cute their packaging because it’s like goodness in a jar!

Essential Nature had kindly sent over some masks for me to try and as of now, I have already tried the Strawberry Yogurt Collagen, Coenzyme Q10 Original and Sakura Honey and they smelled really good! Especially the strawberry one.

I have previously included the Black Raspberry Collagen mask in the previous giveaway for a lovely reader to try out this new mask.

They also have this cute mask called the Men’s energen, which I guess would be the mask for men? Hahaha.

As I had said, go on and give them a try, slap some goodies on your face! 😀

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/EssentialNature

Tsubaki Unveils New Technology!

Attended a Tsubaki’s private event and now, I am here to inform you that the reformulated Tsubaki 2013 range is now available at all Watsons stores!

Tsubaki was first launched in 2006 and has been leading the hair care market in Japan with a record total number of shipments of over 270 million units!

The new range contains Arginine which repairs melanin holes on our hair to allow light rays to penetrate the hair shaft and to be reflected beautifully, resulting in a lustrous, dullness-free shine. The melanin holes can lead to loss of shine and luster!

It also contains a UV protective ingredient to cut daily UV radiation which cause hair melanin and protect to be lost, as well as protecting the hair from UV damage. Now you know that not only your face needs to be protected!

Selected Camellia Oil was also added in to provide the hair with extra shine and elasticity.

There are 3 ranges available and each range comes with their own treatment and hair mask instead of just the shampoo and conditioner.

1. Shining range for Shine and Moisture

All 3 of them smelled really good but this range has the best smell! It has a glamorous scent with a blend of flowers and fruits. Smooth and creamy texture while shampooing.

Available in 2 sizes: 220ml ($8.90) and 550ml ($17.90).

The conditioner as compared to the old, makes the hair smoother after rinsing and does not have a greasy feel.

2. Damage Care for Intensive Repair

Its ingredients are able to penetrate inside the hair core and brings about silky manageable hair to the ends. Creates greater volume and fineness of lather give smoothness in shampooing. If you talk about scent, it has a combination of floral and green notes.

Camellia Repair Butter was also added in for hair repair and moisture while Tsubaki Amino replenishes the ingredients lost due to damage.

Available in 2 sizes: 220ml ($9.90) and 550ml ($18.90).

Likewise, the conditioner as compared to the old, makes the hair smoother after rinsing.

3. Head Spa for Scalp Care

About 70% of women, irregardless of age have scalp problems and we are usually unaware of it.

Camellia Flower Essence can prevent scalp inflammation which may cause newly grown hair to lack firmness and elasticity and promotes scalp health for the growth.

The new relaxing natural aroma with floral notes helps to soothe and unwind.

To wash away the impurities by refreshing the scalp through cleansing the pores, and replenish the hair with active ingredients and moisturizers.

The Essential oil blend moisturizes the scalp, making it more supple and promoting scalp health. Contains sage, ginger, rosehip, thyme, sorbitol.

It was testing and this shampoo can create greater hair volume.

The shampoo is only available in 500ml at $19.90.

As I had said, it is already available in Watsons! 🙂

Show your support on their Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/TsubakiSG!

DHC Apply and Consume


What is DHC to you? My first impression of DHC is COLLAGEN!

Actually, DHC is  Japan’s number one direct mail skincare brand!

I was very honored to be invited to Watsons x DHC’s cook off event! Cooking with collagen. Yum yums.

The japanese girls so kawaii desu~~~ Do also take note of the words. “Apply” and “Consume”

Smith, Verlyn, Herine and me me me.

A brand new DHC is to set to hit Watsons stores to focus on “Beauty Inside Out”. Now, that’s why it’s Apply and Consume!

They are adding an all-new oral beauty and health supplement DHC Collagen Powder and newly launched cleansing sheet DHC Make-off Sheet to its existing range of DHC Olive Essentials products.

I had this powered collagen initially but I switched it with Herine for the drink.

Now I feel like trying the powdered one again 🙁 hahahaha.

The collagen powder ($58.50) is a NEW product by DHC.

It can be added to food or drinks for easy consumption, the distinct smell of collagen is suppressed to retain original flavour of food and drinks (OMG do you know that most collagen powder has this strong fishy smell? This one has none even though it is made from highly purified and excellent quality small molecule fish!!!)

The powder also contains 50mg of Vitamin C which increases collagen synthesis to make skin become more beautiful. *-*

Background information for collagen:

– Plays an essential role in maintaining firm and supple skin by supporting moisture and elasticity of the skin

– One of the most effective and direct methods to replenishing and maintaining a healthy collagen level is to actively consume collagen on a daily basis.

Do you want younger, smoother and tighter-looking skin? I WANTTT!!

They also come in pill form.

This is the latest skincare series, the Kakonjuka Range.

It combimes six specially selected Asian botanicals for a youthful complexion. The anti-ageing skincare series comprising a lotion, essence and cream.

And the functions? To moisture to sooth, hydrate and fight signs of aging!!

Complementing the this series is the DHC collagen Beauty 7000+ collagen drink. Together, the products help to build healthy skin from within and strengthen the skin’s moisturizing effect, aiding in skin rejuvenation for smoother, tighter skin.

So kawaiiiii~

This is the DHC Acne Series. Did you notice the packet of oral pills on the left? It’s their latest product in addition to the series which helps to control sebum secretion and prevent the worsening of acne, helps the skin prepare for a healthy skin turn over and lastly, locks moisture in the skin while prompting skin elasticity and firmness.

Only retailing at $29.90 for a one month supply.

We were first taught by the DHC beautician who flew over from Japan to reach us how to achieve sharper jaw lines and radiant skin! She was so cute. Or are all Japanese cute? Sooo soft spoken.

The final programme was a cook off! We made ramen, sushi, and dessert.

Yes, all of them had collagen powder added to them!!

Me me me. With my DHC cook hat.


My favourite collagen drink! I used to drink another brand’s collagen drink but the price was too steep.

So I switched with DHC, it was slightly cheaper with higher collagen content!

The taste was also very berry berry. I like.

First dish was ramen! (no, it’s not pasta). I made thissss!

Collagen powder was also added to the ramen.

Making the second dish.


Likewise, collagen was added to the sushi too.

Just to add on, there is no fishy smell/taste in DHC collagen powder so you can add them freely into your food.

The collagen drink was used to make desserts. I prefer to drink it off the bottle though.

Really love the taste of it 😀 Plus, IT’S ZERO CALORIES!

Some of the products DHC generously gave us to try.

DHC Make Off Sheet ($17.50) – This is a new product. Other than cleaning away the dirt and sebum from the spores, it also remove makeup such as mascara with a gentle wipe. 100% cotton.

DHC Collagen Drink ($49.90) – I believe this is no new product to you. This is one of DHC’s most famous selling collagen drink! Taste like grapes. I like it.

DHC Pills ($25.90) – 6 tablets a day of 1 month supply. Excellent absorption and continuous daily intake will provide youthful beauty and also maintain proper body function. (Just started on this since 2 days ago. I’ll do a separate review on this for sure!)

DHC Olive Virgin Oil ($72.90) – This is suitable even for blemish prone and sensitive skin. It infuses moisture into skin effectively and most importantly – non greasy. Use it if you want a more radiant and healthy skin.

DHC Washing Powder ($22.90) – I have dry skin so this is pretty suitable for me. It is a plant based cleansing formula that is gentle to the skin and effectively removes dead skin and dirt. Light and fluffy foams appears once the powder comes into contact with water :O

DHC Mild Lotion ($55.90) – This helps to calm and refresh the skin as it contains cucumber extracts and it is suitable for all skin type. You can use it with DHC Olive Virgin Oil to maximize its results.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil ($43) – Perhaps one of my most favourite product in the entire DHC collection. It protects the skin while dissolving make up (even those stubborn makeups like waterproof mascara) and dirt and unclogging pores.

DHC products can be found at Watsons CCK Lot 1, NTUC Hougang Mall, IMM, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, Vivocity and East Point.

However for full range of DHC products (including the latest range), they can be found at Watsons Bugis Junction, Compass Point, ION Orchard, Takashimaya and Raffles City.