Ariston Water Heater GSS Promotion 2017

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Following to our Ariston Water Heater Review –

You will be happy to know that they are running their GSS Promotion from now to 13 August 2017!! Receive up to $50 worth of free grocery voucher with any purchase of Ariston Constant Temperature instant water heaters.

The round one is the one both James and I have in our own house now and I must say that we are VERY happy with it. So are his parents. I have my own private toilet in my room so my parents have yet to try out my water heater ūüėõ

I don’t have to worry about the water temperature going too hot or cold with the Constant Temperature technology when I am showering.

To recap (incase you didn’t read my previous post), the 2 main advantages are Energy Saving – the water is heated up and maintained at a constant temperature and Water Saving – no water will be wasted as you can shower comfortably with no temperature fluctuations!

Now, redeem $30 NTUC Voucher with Aures Smart SMC33 and $50 NTUC Voucher with Aures Luxury ST33, Aures Smart Round RMC33 and Aures Luxury Round RT33!

You can buy them from authorized dealers at and redeem your vouchers at Mojito Redemption Centre located at Plaza Singapore Extension #04-60/61 :

Do note that even though the promotion is only valid till 13th August 2017, you have till 31st August 2017 to redeem your vouchers! ūüôā

Happy Shopping with Ariston this GSS!


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Tell me what you look forward the most to after a loooong day of work?

For me, it is a good warm bath!

Recently, I just upgraded my Instant Water Heater and ever since then, it has totally revolutionised my bathing experience!

For this post, I will share my personal experience of the installation process & the special features of my new instant water heater, AURES ROUND LUXURY RT33.

Firstly, let me share how my previous water heater looks like. I would say a typical one with manual knob to adjust the temperature. Nothing fancy looking. Even the black wiring is visible and I was so ignorant about the safety aspect and took this for granted! I read up on the wiring and realized that people can be electrocuted to death while showering soooo… Better to be safe than sorry.

also face one of the most irritating problem which I believe most people will face; inconsistent temperature of water especially when you flushed the toilet bowl!

Before (my previous instant water heater):

Before the actual installation, a contractor came over to have a quick assessment. Following on, the actual process only took around 1.5 hours on a subsequent day.

All in all, it was a hassle-free process! Furthermore, I appreciate that they emphasised a lot on the safety aspect such as hiding the wires under a proper casing so that it would not be exposed to water & hence the risk of being electrocuted!

I picked Aures Round because I thought it looked pretty futuristic! Hehe. Maybeline also picked the same model! Her dad also bought another 2 water heater for the guest toilets!

Now, let me share my experience with the Aures Round Luxury. I can confidently say every shower is a bespoke experience!

It was love at first sight with its elegant Italian design & nifty functions that operates under soft touch interface.

The feature I like the most is its ability to¬†memorise up to three shower profiles. Like for my case, I share the bathroom with my parents. As such, we can ‘save’ our own desired temperature and just switch to our own temperature profile with a soft touch.

Another feature which I appreciate is the fact that it can maintain the temperature fairly constant as compared to my previous one. This is even after I flush the toilet bowl or on the tap which has interconnected pipings. It also has other features like the anti-scalding system & total safety system while allows me to shower in ease.

This is the reason why I go out lesser after work as I got a date with my luxurious instant water heater! Hehe.

Thank you Ariston for not just protecting me from getting electrocuted but also scalding! We sure are fans of Ariston now!

Ariston AURES SMART Water Heater


What is the first thing you want to do when you reach home?

For me, it is taking off all my clothes and jump right into the shower. I am not lying. I have to take a quick shower each time I step into my house even if I was out for only 1-2 hours.

And since young, I have never bathed under cold running water (unless public pool) so a water heater is an essential part of my life. It doesn’t help when the temperature is not constant. Sometimes it gets too hot and sometimes too cold.

When I showed Ariston my old water heater and the wires, they were so nice to replace a brand new one for me. They even noticed that the trunking is not done so they offered to do it up for me. This is such a kind gesture! After all, loose wires and water…. They don’t sound too fun to play yea?

OH by the way, my old water heater was from Ariston too!

I was not home when they came to do up the installation but my mom was with them the whole time. She even complimented on their customer service and positive attitude.

I don’t really have super pretty photos of my toilet.. So just admire my new water heater ok? HAHA.¬†It is designed in Italy by UP DESIGN, which is a famous and established Italian design firm. The design looks clean and it is suitable for any bathroom concepts which you ¬†may have in mind.

It is also quite idiot-proof because you can easily operate it within a look and that is a plus point! Thank god for this, because you can also install this for your grandparents.

Everything is so neatly installed and you don’t even have to bother about the water getting too hot or too cold. Revolutionary technology by the Number 1 Italian water-heating brand – AURES* assures consistent temperature for all water output.¬†This makes it stand out¬†from traditional instant water heater.

With this, you do not have to keep turning the temperature knob to get the best temperature at every shower. All we want is to release an entire day of stress in the shower!!

Not only that, safety is very important. Do not save on the cost electrical appliances because they may trip easily. the new EIWH series is only retailing at $199 and I heard from my dad that some other brands can easily cost $200-300!

Ariston prides itself on the Total Safety System as they have been certified by the most safety organizations in the world.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the gesture to keep all my loose wires in the trunk below!

You can purchase them from all authorized dealers in Singapore and psst, they are the FIRST in the WORLD to launch the Constant Temperature* Technology. Buy first, thank me later!

A worldwide leading company in the thermic comfort industry, Ariston Thermo offers a complete range of heating and water heating products, systems and services designed to provide the maximum comfort with the minimum use of energy.

Ariston Thermo, founded in 1930, is the most global Italian company in the heating sector with over 89% of its turnover coming from outside Italy.‚Ä®In 2014 the Group sold 7.4 million products in over 150 countries, reaching ‚ā¨1.34 billion turnover.

More about Ariston can be found here: