Japan’s Fluffiest, Jiggly Gram Pancakes Now in Vivocity, Singapore

Author: Alex Chua

There are 2 very famous (or Insta-famous) pancake shops in Osaka, Japan, and Gram Café & Pancake is one of them. This pancake has made its rounds in social media, and I am always reeking with insatiable pangs of hunger whenever I see my friends jiggle the fluffy towers on Instagram story. Why I didn’t make that pilgrimage when I was there 2 years ago? Finally, my dream has come true. This famous soufflé pancakes specialist has opened its doors in VivoCity, the very first in Singapore, on 16 June 2019.

gram pancakes

Easily the world most recognizable pancake, the signature Premium Pancakes ($17.90) consists of three lofty 4cm thick wobbly pancakes stacked together. Soft, airy and oh-so-fluffy pancakes, coupled with the melt-in Gram original butter, whipped cream and a drizzle of sweet maple syrup only makes the united combo sinfully luxurious and scrumptious.

What’s so special about the pancakes at Gram Café & Pancakes is that these fluffy discs are slow-cooked on low heat and whipped full of air, resulting in a fluffy texture similar to a cloud or cotton candy. Everything – the butter, sauces and cream toppings – are made in-house, so that only the best, controlled ingredients are paired with the pancakes for maximum enjoyment on the taste buds.

The Premium pancakes are prepared upon receipt of order, and sales are limited to 3 times a day, with 30 servings each time at 11am, 3pm and 6pm.

gram pancakes singapore

Besides the premium dish, other noteworthy items include the Rich Tiramisu Pancakes ($15.90). Inspired by the traditional Japanese dorayaki (doraemon food-love), the chewy texture is very much akin to a dorayaki. The espresso-soaked pancake is layered with rich mascarpone tiramisu cream with dust of cocoa powder on top. Personally I like my pancake light and fluffy, but the chewy variation still tastes pleasant on my palate.

gram pancakes singapore

If you want a pancake as a meal and not just dessert, try the savory Chilli Bean Pancakes ($18.90). Chilli bean sauce and cheddar cheese is served on pancakes with sausages, potatoes and salad. To some they say the chilli is quite potent, but for me it’s pretty mild. I like the light meatiness of the sausage, not overpowering the already soft pancake base.

gram pancakes vivocity

Finally, for something non-pancake type is the French Toast of Chocolate Banana ($12.90). The classic Danish French Toast is topped with fresh cream and maple syrup, with creamy vanilla ice cream, fresh bananas and rich chocolate sauce. I like the slight crunchy texture of the toast, but if you are in Gram Café & Pancake, you shouldn’t even think of skipping the pancakes selection.

Gram Café & Pancakes
VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-110 Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (last order 9pm)
Contact: 86666277

Serenade in Oktoberfest Feast & Fun at Brotzeit

Author: Alex Chua

Ahh Oktoberfest, the festivity of beer toasting, eating sausages and merrymaking knows no boundaries. Everyone’s favourite German festival is back with a bang at Brotzeit. Bringing authentic German experiences to Singapore from 13 September to 23 October, this occasion promises to be a gastronomic feast for the senses. It warms the tummy too.

Nothing evokes the communal Gemütlich experience better than Brotzeit’s Sharing Platter – the massive Oktoberfestplatte (S$138). Featuring oven-roasted pork knuckle, juicy beer-infused Bavarian honey ribs, whole roasted chicken & a flavourful one metre long Meter Wurst, or smoked pork sausage. Served with golden-brown wedges and tangy sauerkraut on the side, this boatload of succulent platter is good for a troupe of 6. Be prepared to get a little messy but that’s okay.


Don’t pass up the ultimate Oktoberfest experience with the exclusive Gefüllter Schweinebauch mit SoBe (Stuffed Pork Belly – S$69). Available only from 1 – 23 October, this pork belly is oven-roasted with a crisp crackling skin filled with a deliciously moist bread stuffing packed full of flavour.

For someone who wants a bite while soaking up the cheery atmosphere, you can grab the Leberkäse-brotchen (Traditional meatloaf in Kaiser roll – $15). Simple meatloaf sandwich which comes with potato salad for an added starchy goodness. A good pick-me-up dish that would surely amp up your spirit.

The jolliness of Oktoberfest and its beer will leave you a little peckish. Take the Schweinsbraten (Roasted Pork in dark beer sauce – $28). A must try for all pork lovers, the tender pork collar is slow roasted in dark beer sauce to perfection, served with sides of soft potato dumplings and sauerkraut.

Of course, it is not Oktoberfest without a little fun and games! There will be traditional Oktoberfest games to win exclusive merchandise and diners who come in Dirndl and Lederhosen will receive a complimentary beer on Brotzeit. There are also family-friendly activities such as Face-Painting and a Gingerbread Décor Station.

Signature Party Days at VivoCity – Season Finale
18 – 19 October: 6pm – 10pm
20 – 21 October: 1pm – 3pm/ 6pm – 10pm

Tsumtastic Night with Disney Tsum Tsum Mid-Autumn Lantern Installations @ VivoCity

Author: Alex Chua

Here’s a cooler, more magical destination to bring your young kids around to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival (and save those trees from burning at the Botanic Gardens!). Mega-shopping mall VivoCity has teamed up with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to create the largest Asian record-setting lantern sculpture light up. Dubbed Disney Tsum Tsum: A celebration of Love, over 2000 Tsum Tsum lanterns will be lighted up at VivoCity Sky Park for fanboy to ogle and your selfie galore.


Derived from the Japanese term meaning ‘to stack’, Disney Tsum Tsum is beloved for its range of collectable stuffed toys and mobile games based upon the popular Disney characters. This Mid-Autumn event will showcase Disney Tsum Tsum themed Mid-Autumn lantern installations in four different zones to reflect the different forms and expressions of love.

There is the Fairytale Garden, which is set in a magical and romantic garden with iconic scenes from Snow White, Aladdin, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. This is the definite must-go for those who love to pose at Madame Tussauds @ Sentosa.


Perhaps the biggest highlight of the event is the Tunnel of Love. Stretching 40m long, the kaleidoscope-like tunnel features Disney Tsum Tsum lanterns of over 30 different Disney and Pixar characters. Once you step inside you would literally feel like being transported to another world, and you would be overwhelmed by kawaii-ness. Try spotting your favourite best pals floating in the midst like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Nemo and Dory.


Once out of the Tunnel of Love, you’ve reached the Wishing Wonderland. Featuring the Ice Palace and the beloved sisters form Disney’s Frozen, Anna and Elsa as well as their friends Sven and Olaf.


For the do-gooders, here you can release a Mid-Autumn Disney Tsum Tsum themed floating lantern wishes for a worthy cause. Simply purchase a wishing card at $2 @ TANGS Customer Service Counter at level 1. 100% of the gross proceeds will be donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation.


Which Disney character has the longest ever-lasting love? Its Mickey and Minnie of course, its everyone’s #CoupleGoals. Standing at 10m tall and made out of 1500 lanterns, this larger-than-life centrepiece is an ode to the most loved Disney couple. Celebrating their 90th anniversary this year, this is truly a love for the ages. This installation also holds a new record in Asia Book of Records as the largest Lantern Sculpture.

Disney Tsum Tsum Installation is available from 30 August till 30 September 2018. Don’t missed out on this opportunity, so do bring your loved ones and family members to enjoy this magical moment.

What’s more, when you spend a minimum of $250 in VivoCity, you get to redeem a limited-edition Disney Tsum Tsum Mid-Autumn-themed ezlink card. VivoCity will launch a different design each week with a total of four to complete the collection. For those who are too excited to wait, the first 200 shoppers who spend a minimum of $800* will receive a special commemorative set comprising all 4 card designs.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Treat Yourself to Authentic Taste of Germany with Brotzeit’s New FIT Category

Author: Alex Chua

Say German cuisine and most people immediately think of meaty food like sausages and pork knuckles. Brotzeit’s hopes to change all that. Its recent updated menu encompasses the all-time Brotzeit’s favourites dishes plus a new category Brotzeit FIT, offering well-loved traditional German classics together with refreshingly healthier options. With a total of 24 new delectable dishes, there is surely something for everyone and anyone!

Take the Gegrillter Ziegenkase Salat mit Beeren (Grilled Goat Cheese Salad with Berries), one of the five sensational salad on top of the DIY salad selection in the Brotzeit FIT category. Loaded with anti-oxidant-rich pomegranates and cranberries over a bed of mesclun greens and baby spinach, the salad is further topped with grilled goats cheese, strawberries and pecan nuts for added crunch. The salad is well-balanced in flavour and bite, and the goat cheese gives the salad a smooth, creamy texture over the crunchy greens.


It’s a riot of rainbow delicious for the Violeter Bluemenkohlsalat (Purple Cauliflower Salad). Rich in antioxidants and flavour, the purple cauliflower not only elevates the taste of the salad it is packed with many wonderful nutrients. Inside the plate of delightful hues are cherry tomatoes, capers, marinated olives, fresh basil and parsley, drizzled with a special home-made white balsamic dressing.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a visit without digging into the traditional German food. Pfandl is one that touches my meat-loving fancy. The savoury pan-seared beef, Nurnberger sausages, pork patties, smoked Kassler, roasted pork collar and meat loaf goes well with the delectable mushroom sauce. The fresh sauerkraut and creamy mashed potatoes that come with the dish balance the strong meaty flavour.


Another dish to love is the Klassisch Gekochtes Rindfleisch (Classic Boiled Beef). Deceivingly light in appearance, the Australian grass-fed beef ribs and oyster blade is tender and flavour rich. Served in a succulent piping hot beef broth with seasonal vegetables, it is the absolute comfort food – all in a bowl.


For those who craves for fried chicken and authentic German sausages, the Bayerishches Duo (Bavarian Duo) is the one dish that combines the best of both worlds. The unique combination features fried chicken over a fresh serving of potato salad, together with juicy Weisswurst sausages, served alongside freshly made pretzel and mustard. The best part, however, is the fun part where you got to either test your cutlery skill to peel off the skin or suck the filling out German style.


Brotzeit Vivocity
1 HarbourFront Walk #01-149/151, VivoCity, Singapore 098585
For reservation & enquiry: 6272 8815

WEEKENDS Grand Opening


It’s weekends right now and guess where were we few nights ago? We were at WEEKENDS!

WEEKENDS is located at VivoCity #B1-10 and they sell a lot of pretty stuffs! A damn good place to shop for gifts and pretty items you need on a daily basis to keep you happy.

It is a one stop, multi-brand lifestyle store as the shop brings together 14 international lifestyle brands from Europe and America to cater to people like us who requires stylish jewelry, designer stationery or unique fragrances to keep us sane. In fact, I think I might be popping by the store whenever I need to get a gift.

I really really really love the concept of the store.

The Story of WEEKENDS is Do More Of What Makes You Happy! Sounds cheerful enough!! Actually, the entire store is very colorful because of the extensive range of products they sell so it is pretty hard not to feel happy when you’re in the store.

It was a love at first sight with this Watermelon Tote!! There was a 25% storewide for media and I regretting not getting it. I was secretly hoping that I might win one!! Hehe. This Watermelon is retailing at $69.

The stuffs you see in this store is not any other item you can find outside.
Out of the 14 brands you can find in WEEKENDS, 12 of them are new and exclusive. Yes, that means you can only get them in WEEKENDS!

The 12 brands include: Acctim, Alphabet Bags, Brokies, Coulson Macleod, Fiorelli, Gary Birks Designs, Ginger Ray, Jonathan Alder Gifts & Stationery, Mr Maria, Read Between The Lines, Royal Apothic and Talented.
There are also 2 very popular brands that WEEKENDS carry – Ban.do and Kate Spade New York Gifts and Stationery.

People who wants to shop for bridal gift sets can also find suitable items there.
Let me show you some of the stuffs they sell:

The huge ass note pads at the bottom cost only $18.90 per pack. It makes working so much colorful no?

This tote bag is ultra cute and made of natural cotton. Buy it home for $39.90.

Look at Ban.do’s Giant Gem Speaker which I also thought was really really cute. This was the first thing that attracted me when I stepped in. What a huge diamond for $76.

The Glass Catchall Tray (all designs) at $49.90 each.

Love love love the entire Kate Spade range!!

WEEKENDS flagship store is located at #B1-10, VivoCity.
I think you should check them out yourself because my pictures did not do justice to their shop/items!! You can find anything from Household items to decorations to stationaries to accessories to office needs to more more more!

VivoCity Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron


Can you sense the presence of Marvel’s Avengers in the air by now?

I can’t wait for the movie because I am a huge fan of Marvel’s!!!

Being huge fans of Marvel’s, James and I visited VivoCity Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron mall event. This even will run from now till 3 May 2015.

I made James buy me one Thor plush during the event because it was sooooo cute! And the plush only cost him $9.90! Although Iron Man is my favourite character, but I give him up because Thor was more colourful.

This boy thought his dressing looked like The Hulk so he posed one with the Hulk lol!

Other than soft toys, other collectibles and items are also for sale. I think this would make such a good outing for families with kids!

What amazes me most was, the event is free and they have a few stations for you to explore. You don’t have to be Tony Stark to transform yourself into an Iron Man and you can prove your strength by lifting Thor’s enchanted hammer.

We participated and won ourself some masks! Both of us won the Thor’s mask so we traded one away for the Captain America’s. We mingled around because it is hard not to when you are at such a place which constantly keeps one happy!

There are also other booths where you can snap a picture and bring it home for FREE and treat yourself to an eye feast by on a diorama of an action scene from the movie! We joined in the queue and snapped a picture. Where else can you find such booths for FREE?!

Also, take the chance to take pictures with life-sized 3D figurines and bring home exclusive movie merchandise!

Stand a chance to win a pair of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron movie tickets or $20 shopping/dining vouchers when you spend $200 or more from now till 1 May 2015. Limited to the first 150/day.

Sounds like a weekend plan already? They are located at Level 1, VivoCity Atrium. Visit them not only because it’s free but because it is fun and interactive!!!