#JAMESNMAYBEL: Surprise Valentine’s Day


It all happened too quick. James could not digest the day well because it was full of surprises for him.

It all started from Nando’s when they gave birth to their new addition to the menu – Mango & Lime. Who would have ever thought that they would make such a good pair?

It was like our love story. We started out as being acquaintances for 3 years before we finally spoke to each other. Know what? Mango & Lime existed as well but they were never infused together right? That was just us.

However when the powers are combined, you will only experience nothing but a whole new level of fruitiness!


Our VERY early Valentine’s day went really well. It started out from a simple food tasting (James’ thought so) at Nando’s. Ironically, my first visit to Nando’s a few years back was also spent with him. Boy, he is a fan of them! He can easily finish one whole chicken by himself.

We ordered a few dishes in Mango & Lime flavour along with our favourite – Extra Hot. We love our spicy food too!

Look at the chicken below, he finished more than 1/2 of it on top of the other sides!

After the meal, everything looks normal to him. I brought him to Orchard to shop and got him his favourite bean bag chair! All he knew was “Okay, Maybeline is gonna plan the day so I will just go with the flow”. I was busy sounding him out what are the other items that caught his attention but he did not want me to spend too much on him. SO SWEET. The truth was, Daen and Melvin from The Good Folks were on standby to help me with the items. All I had to do was to send them the pictures and they would buy it for him.

We drove over to VivoCity to park for dinner 4 hours later. This stupid guy even scolded me for being stupid when I walked towards HarbourFront. He thought I lost my way. LOL. He sensed something amiss when I walked towards the Ferry Terminal to ask for directions.

He went “ARE WE GONNA DINE IN THE SEA? ARE WE?”. Only then, he realized that we were walking out of the building … towards the cable car.

To his surprise, Daen and Melvin APPEARED with his gift (to be revealed later). He was so taken aback. Me too! They surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and upgraded my cabin to a floral cabin behind my back. Thank you Nando’s and The Good Folks!!! :’) YOU GUYS ARE GOD-SENT!!!

James was exceptionally excited about the dinner because he did the shoot for them few years ago but never had a chance to experience the real thing. I saw his face on the website when I was making the reservation, his face on the voucher with a girl but the girl wasn’t me. THAT IDIOT! Lol.

Check out our beautiful floral cabin. We felt so so blessed and we were not sure what good have we done to deserve such love.

He got a new wallet (like finally!!!). We walked into Prada a few weeks ago and a particular design caught his attention. He refused to buy it because he felt that his current wallet was still usable.

A big shoutout to Dean and Melvin again for buying the last piece for him! They had to wake up earlier and buy it right before the food tasting you know?! 101% for the effort :’)

Thank you Nando’s for giving us the opportunity to fall in love again and again. We will be like Mango & Lime, bringing nothing but flavors to the people around us!

Etude House Cocktail Party

Etude House Cocktail Party 2015. Were you there? It was a girly girly day out for Valentine’s. Thank you Etude House for sending the sweet Valentine’s gifts over! It was a surprise, a rather sweet surprise!!

There were new eyeshadow and gel polishes at the party and demonstrations were shown to teach us how and when to apply them.



The theme of the new eye shadow palettes were quite cute – Give Me Chocolate Valentine Collection. As you can see there are 3 palettes to choose from. There are also 6 nail polishes. All of them are chocolate-scented. So cute! The packaging of the palettes have a very vintage feel.

– Etude House Give Me Chocolate Cherry Truffle
– Salted Caramel (my favourite!)
– Cacao Fudge



They also came up with Etude House Enamel+ing – Home Gel Manicure System. Of course, you would need your own LED-light which is quite mini and light.

There are a lot of colors to choose from.



The demonstration also showed us how to create our own home based gelish “palour” Hehe.



I was given 5 bottles of the colors but I have yet to try it because I don’t have the LED light at home. If I ever get one for myself, I’ll probably do a review on how it feels like to do gelish at home :X
Again, thank you Etude House for all the pampering and love! X


Hello fans of Etude, I have got a good news for you!

They are having a storewide discount for all of you!

30% for members and 20% for non-members. Go stock up whatever you need now!

My Valentine’s Day

Okay, with the lovey dovey day gone, it is time to prepare ourself for the next holiday! But first, let me blog about my first Valentine’s day with James. We spent the week before Valentine’s quarreling almost every night due to different characters but similarly, stubborn minded, hence, we always see our own thinking as right ~.~

Even so, we had a good pre-valentines and on the actual day itself. He wanted to accompany me for lunch because I was working full shift (9am – 6pm) but I told him I did not want to rush so we can make do with dinner.

That boy…

This bear with it’s bouquet of flowers appeared when I was about to start work. A colleague told me there’s a delivery guy outside… I remembered telling him NOT to waste money on flowers because you can give flowers ANY TIME, but NEVER on Valentine’s day. He said there was a bear so they are not just flowers. Lol. The flowers and bear are from Love Chapter by Noel.

“Since I can’t accompany you for lunch, my representative will be there to accompany you” he said.

I am the ultimate NUA or lazy kind of person so I would rather stay home for Vday than to head out. But when you’re stuck with a hopelessly romantic guy, I think you have to make do with at least a dinner. Lol.

He told me we would be going to Hyatt for dinner but we ended up at Long Beach Restaurant because of my love for crabs. I think Long Beach crabs are kinda rip off! Over $100 for a crab ~.~ I would pick Mellben Seafood any time.

To be fair, their Man Tou are really DAMN good but the crabs were just so-so.

I avoided lenses so I wore my spects everywhere. It was kinda hard for me to take selfie or wefie because I can’t see where the camera lens is when I remove my spects. This is a good excuse for looking like crap in the picture!

He even specially warned me to keep the bear in a safe place because bears are Roro’s best friend. He would bite them and bring them everywhere he go for weeks and then tear them apart and flood the living room with cottons. LOL.

Right after we are done with the dinner, we went for a little shopping. Visited our good friend, William, who was at Bugis selling flowers.

He has a lot of ideas when it comes to business.

Did a little shopping but I still opted for the option to head home because it was SO crowded everywhere. I prefer to do my shopping or anything on Monday where people are suffering from Monday blues.

Seems like a simple Valentine’s Day celebration but it is already good enough for me.

For the presents, HE GOT ME A RING A RING A RING!!!





















A ring light la! HAHAHA. Very practical hor? Actually I wanted nothing but he insisted on something so I picked this since most beauty bloggers and pretty girls have this!

He set up the light for me, snapped a photo and went “See my eyes? Pretty anot?” VAIN POT!

I got him a pair of cufflinks for his work because watches, cufflinks and shades are his favorite accessories.

Looking forward to future Valentine’s with you my love!! ūüôā

Valentine’s Photoshoot with J

Because of blogging, I was given more opportunities and ways to spend my pre-Valentine’s with James.

We did a couple shoot with Lee Cooper apparels. They apparels are really comfy and stylish. I was quite amazed by how stretchable the jeans were. We could even roller blade and stretch in it! Airy and lightweight – What a bonus!

The pictures you see here are the more serious ones.

We had more pictures of us laughing like mad (the smiles were so huge that my mouth looked really big LOLOL), fooling around and all. The photos looked really natural. Love how Chee BP Photography managed to capture all the silly moments we had.

Lovely couple (HAHA), comfy apparels (Lee Cooper), talented photographer and the cute Phoebe made all these come true!

Fine stitches, quality clothes at good prices. We got ours at Orchard Gateway Shopping Centre #02-17A ūüôā

I love this pair of mint green shoes so much that I got another color in coral.

I remember whining about not being different like coral on the left and mint on the right few months ago. Lol!

Still loving this denim jacket which is now finally mine ūüôā

To everyone who made it possible, thank you. Valentine’s Day 2015, I love you!!

A rosy affair at Escentials

As you can see from my previous posts, Valentine’s is coming!!

For the girls, if you are sick of receiving rose because they die easily, why not hint for something made from roses instead?

For the guys, oh come on, be creative! You don’t really have to give stalks and stalks of roses on that day!

You can hop on to Escentials because they have a lot of products that are roses related. You will be so spoilt for choices!

My favourite out of the entire roses collection was from Diptyque! Eau Plurielle & Rosafolia – Rosafolia is limited edition so while stocks last.

Eau Plurielle is the first multi use fragrance from Diptque where you can use it on the skin or fabric. The scent smells like fresh linen that has long been laid on a bed of ivy and Turkish roses (200ml, $130).

The candle – Rosfolia (190g, $110) is gracefully diffused at the heart of Turkish rose absolute and sharpened by the vitality from a hint of geranium. The pretty cup/glass can be reused for other forms of decorations once it runs out of wax.

The scented Oval ($76) on the bottom left can be hung in a wardrobe. It releases the aromas of French Garden for months.

There are also a lot of fragrances for the scent of rose.

And cosmetics……

Or even body wash, lotions or hand wash!!

Tadahhhh! Haven’t I just given you more tips for Valentine’s?

Escentials is located at Paragon #03-02/05 or at Tangs Orchard Level 1 ūüôā

Valentines’ at Fish & Co.

– Valentine’s Special –

Officially, today marks the first day of the 2 weeks to Valentine Day! However, a different case for us; Valentine’s came early for us this year as¬†we already had quite a few sessions of Valentine’s food tasting.But cooking wise….

….Fish & Co. hooked¬†us first !

So what do food are we cooking this time around?

A FULL course meal ! It comprises of a starter, a main course and a cocktail.

See how happy we are in our strippy aprons and cooking tools! All ready to learn from the true fish cuisine master! Also, met couple of friends there and in fact they are seated next to us here. Can you all guess who they are?

Spare you guys the guessing game la! Here they are! William and Shaun.

In any case, we were more than happy to share this happy day with them. In fact, they are the cupids that got us together! Since this post is kinda related to Valentine’s Day & we have never really shared with readers how we got together,¬†i shall briefly share it in this special post then!

Even though both of us are in the medical line and many have guessed that that’s where we might have potentially met. But the true fact is we met during an EVENT with them all and it wasn’t long before the feeling of LOVE blossom between both of us!

Started crafting our first dish after the chef taught us the procedures to prepare a decent Garden Salad. The only thing prepared for us was the dressing, hence pretty much we started from scratch.

After some slicing…squeezing…mixing…*poof*

…our Love @ First Sight Garden Salad¬†accomplished!

You must be wondering does it taste as good as it look or not?! Well, all i can say is It better be cos end of the day, we are the one eating our own creations! Lol!

With that done, next comes the main dish! We were given a choice to pick fish or prawn for this one. I did the decision making for ours knowing¬†one of my picky M’s favourite food is the Prawn!

We were given two TIGER PRAWNS of which were sliced in the middle for us to spread the mentai sauce upon. While I am doing this, M helped with preparing the COLESLAW as the side dish. I say we both did our part well and make an extremely good team when it come to food preparation!

Don’t they look yummy after the baking? Cheese and Roe on the prawns!

Our final product! Look at the rice! We moulded it into a heart shape!! Sweet not?

Extremely satisfied with our final product for the main course ūüôā

The last item on the menu would be the Mocktail – Deep Love. Look at how serious M is.

Now, for the main highlight, Come and spend your Valentine’s at Fish & Co.!

Seafood lovers would totally love the Love Bounty Set ($59.95) as it is specially created for Valentine’s. Enjoy most of the seafood at one go!

It is available from 9 – 15 February at all Fish & Co. restaurants in Singapore.

Look at all the goodness in a pan! The Love Bounty Set includes two soups of the day and two soft drinks as well. Guys, this set will keep your wallet safe! Heh.

If you are a Fish & Co. member, you are still allowed to enjoy your usual perks and boy, now our wallets are safe. They don’t have to go on a diet when we are busy celebrating Valentine’s!


NOX – Dine in the Dark

We were very excited about dining in NOX РDine in the dark because we have heard about this awesome place for the longesttttt time! In fact, M wanted to plan my surprise Birthday dinner here.

The anticipation is not just because of the novelty¬†of it being the¬†only dine in the dark restaurant in Singapore, but also because its for a good cause. This is because we heard that they work with the visually-impaired. Furthermore,¬†you get to experience the feeling of dining in the position of a blind. So guess what! Picky eaters like¬†M don’t get to pick this time around! Whatever is served, you just have to eat!

Enjoying our final bit of sunlight before heading into the ultimate darkness (you can’t see your hands even if it is 1cm in front of your face!).

That dark? YES, that dark!

M all dressed up to camoflauge with the darkness! ><

So here we are at NOX – Dine in the dark!

For those who are wondering why they call it NOX – Dine in the dark, it is partially due to it’s relevance to the Goddess of the Night!

Here is the first floor to the two-leveled restaurant! A simple, dimly-litted bar which already give preview of the mysterious feel..

By the side of the bar, there are some lockers which you are expected to keep your belongings e.g. phone, watches, bags. Basically, you just get ready to go really light to the second floor where the dinner is being hosted!

Below are some of the snapshots we took at the bar before surrendering our camera & phones.

Firstly, we are given a nice appetizer called “amuse bouche” to assure us¬†of the quality of¬†the 3-course meal¬†which we will enjoy in darkness in a moments time. After trying this visually-appealing appetizer, all i can say is we were more than happy to be ambush by it and it got us more anticipative of the dinner ahead!

Attention to ALL Cocktail lovers! You all will be thrilled to know that NOX has a hugh array of cocktails!

Here is our pick to pair with the amuse bouche! We were surprised to see how exquisite the drinks looked.

The cool dude just gotta choose the cool blue one!

Don’t want to get too drunk for the scumptious meal ahead? Don’t worry! You are allowed to bring¬†your drinks along for the meal! Just try not to make a mess when you are feeling for your drink in the dark!

Red for the hottie apparently!

A quick question to you all readers: So who is prettier? M or the drink?

Well, for me the option was pretty straight-forward. Of course, its my girl since I am also blinded… Blinded in love! <3

After sharing so much on the first level, guess you guys can’t wait to hear what’s installed for us at the second level right?

Here goes NOTHING! The interior of level two…….







Like i said above, it was NOTHING! ><

Anw, just be ready to rely on the rest of your other 4 senses for the delicacies ahead! In summary for the 3 course meal, it consists of 12 different dishes crafted from the finest ingredients by the head chef and his team. And by finest, i also mean to say they are pretty expensive ingredients in there!

That’s all folks!

We shall keep you all in the DARK for the rest of the details! *No point revealing the dishes we had as well because we were told that they switches their menus every 2 months. In fact, the next switch will be after Valentine Day!*

After the meal we returned back to lounge to find out what amazing dishes we enjoyed in the dining room.

Exterior of NOX:

Don’t you agree that the exterior look kinda mysterious and cold as well? Ironically, we left the place feeling warmer than ever internally.

Why so?

Thank to one of the blind waiter, Halimi who served us during the 2 hour meal! His warm hospitality and his touching story of how he lost his sight make us empathise the visually-impaired like him. Despite his current plight, he is one of the most inspiring and optimistic figure i have ever met.  In fact, his enthusiastic sharing at the end of our meal passed off as the best dessert for our evening!

That pretty much sums up our mysteriously memorable date with the goddess of the night!

Address: 269, Beach RoadSingapore199546

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6PM to late
Saturday: 5PM to late
Sunday: 5PM to 11PM (last reservation 9PM)
LUNCH: Open for group bookings.

Contact number: +65 6298 0708

Email:  enquiries@noxdineinthedark.com

For this special night they only accept reservations at 5-5.30pm, 7-7.30pm or after 9.30pm.

Personally, I would like to say it is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. If the dark doesn’t frighten you, then take a bold step into the shoe of a visually-impaired for that two hours of food tasting!

Christmas & Valentine Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Painting People Since 1987
Personalised High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits

After a long tiring day at work, I was surprised by the arrival of this oil painting from PaintMeReal.com. It brought a smile to my face cause this is how I look in cartoon! Cute yo?!

FYI, this is hand painted and not printed from any printer. I opted for an A3 sized self portrait which cost USD$99.

This is the original picture of me that was sent to them. Quite similar but the oil painting is cuter no?!

Instead of getting expensive perfumes, watches, bags or flowers for your partner, why not try something different this year?  It is unique, interesting and more importantly, meaningful. Picture speaks a thousand words, moreover, a hand painted one.

Look closely and you will realized that it is not drawn on any paper but a canvas. It doesn’t tear nor get dirty easily.

HINT HINT: Christmas is here soon!!!

Let me share with you some examples I saw from their website:

Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards. We paint individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, sibling portraits, best friends portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc.

We do Worldwide International Shipping. It takes around 2 – 4 weeks for the painting(s) to arrive at your doorstep. It is the most creative and romantic personalized gift for your loved ones.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps
International Shipping – PAYPAL & CREDIT CARD System


Upload Picture & Choose No. of Persons

I uploaded a selfie of myself. Please upload close up and clear picture of your face(s).
I selected (1) Personal Portrait. CHOOSE No. of Persons in your photo to be painted
* You are currently able to paint up to 4 faces, directly from the website. If you would like to paint more faces, you are able to request for a customized painting by email – sales@paintmereal.com

Choose Canvas Size and Add-ons

I choose to paint an A3 size. CHOOSE FROM VARIOUS CANVAS SIZE A0, A1, A2, A3, A4
* Apparently, the prices on the screen changes according to how many person faces are in the photo, hence please, select the [No. of Person] carefully in Step 1.

Shipping and Billing Information

Fill in your Shipping / Billing Address.
Chose “Registered Shipping” so that you can track your painting.

I keyed in the Special PROMO CODE (10% Discount): xmas2014 (Valid till 25 Dec 2014) OR vday2014 (Valid till 14 Feb 2015)

Click Check Out.

* You may also choose to select “Send as a Gift“, whereby you would need to fill in your recipient’s information. I think it is a great gift, for your friends and loved ones. Surprise them now!

I was very amazed by how good their customer service was, they sent me 3 emails in total.

1st Email
– Thank you for purchasing from www.PaintMeReal.com

2nd Email
– Your order has been Painted.

3rd Email
– Your Painting has been Shipped Out, with your Registered Shipping “TRACKING NUMBER”.

If you would like to have your hand painted portrait, just in time for CHRISTMAS, Don’t waste any more time, this is precisely the right time. Order it now, via Paypal, select “Send as a GIFT” to write a “Love Note/Message” to your special someone.

Use this PROMO CODE to enjoy
10% discount all Paintings: xmas2014 OR vday2014

* Please read the Terms and Conditions / Shipping Details.

MEDZS – Lover Platters

MEDZS left me with a WOW with their Carbonara the previous time I went for their food tasting. And now, they are back with another theme specially for Valentines’ Day which is only available between 13th – 16th February 2014 (Thursday to Sunday) with the lowest platter being priced at $18.90.

There are 7 different platters to choose from so there would be choices to cater to everyone’s likings!

Seduction in MEDZS Garden – $26.90

This platter consist of Charcuterie and Pickles, Bread and Spread, Pork-and-Sage “Albondigas” Slider, Salad Chiffonade with Balsamic. Ham lovers should love this platter because of the extremely fresh parma ham.

Spanish Surprises – $32.90

Calamari with Bacon and Squid Ink Sauce, Galician Baby Octopus with Boiled Potatoes and Piquillo Peppers, Crispy Pork Belly and Chilli Aioli, Smoked Paprika Shoft-Shell Crab and Braised Mixed Paella.

Classicially French – $38.90

Smoked Chicken and Cheese Sausage, Smoked Pork Belly, Salt-Crusted Beef Sirloin, Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs, Roasted Mushrooms, Patatouille and Steakhouse Fries.

This is perhaps the biggest platter among the seven platters and would definitely for people/couples who are meat lovers.

Greek Temptations – $36.90

For me, a seafood lover, this would be my ultimate choice for the main course. Prawn, fish and chicken all in one. This platter is made up of Chicken Soulaki with Tzatziki Sauce, Salmon and Spinach “Spanakopita”, King Prawn Thermidor and Grilled Mixed Fish.

Moroccan Memories – $32.90

Chicken “Brochette”, Mechoui Baby Lamb T-Bone, Ras-el-Hanout Spiced Beef Kebab, Couscous, Hummus and Gyro Bread. The serving of source in the middle was pretty acquired as it has a mixture of yogurt in it as well. Either you like it, or you don’t, but trust me, it taste just good with the Gyro Bread.

Passionately Italian – $32.90

Served with Grilled Italian Vegetables, Grilled Crayfish with Shallots, Chilli Flakes and Provencal Herbs, Risotto-and-Olives Arancini, Sicilian Braised Baby Octopus and Squid.

Lastly, a meal isn’t complete without desserts. The last platter is Dainty Desserts – $18.90.

This is every girl’s favourite platter for sure! The macarons actually comes in heart-shaped. Platter includes Chocolate Crepe Dentelle Trio, Chilled Strawberry Souffle and Hearty Lychee and Rose Macarons.

Other than these, we also ordered ala carte mains and desserts. We literally went gah-gah over their pretty and happy desserts.

Although I prefer chocolatey stuffs, rainbow cakes never fail to bring a smile to the face.

Even happier when the table is full of desserts!

With the pretty girl, Alene.

The above 2 images of Alene and me are directly taken from her blog¬†ūüôā

Deep sea prawns for prawn lovers like us!

And my must have when I visit MEDZS!!

Parma Ham Rosti. I think the Salmon one taste equally good too!

Thank you for having us MEDZS! The platters are really affordable and each platter serves 2. There is not much place that could offer such delicacies at such prices, especially on Valentines. Remember to call them to reserve a table!

You can find them at two locations:

MEDZS @ Orchard Centraal
#B2-01 to 03, #B2-30 to 43
Reservation: 6238 9028


MEDZS @ Millenia Walk
Reservation: 6337 7507