Casio Selfie Camera TR70 Software Updates


Author: Maybeline Sim

Are people still going gahgah over Casio’s selfie camera? The answer is yes. Not exactly new, Casio TR-70 was launched early this year with three sexy colors – Gold, Pink and White.

I did a review on the day of the launch. If you are interested in getting one for yourself,  read my review here:

If you are a proud owner of TR70, like me, I am pleased to share with you that Casio heard you and they do take care of after sale. There is a software/firmware update from Version 1.00 to Version 2.00.

If you are not sure of your version, go to 1) Menu, 2) Setup, 3) Version. You will be able to see if you are still using Version 1.00

Download the update here:

If you are happy with the current version, you can choose not to update but for me, I updated mine to Version 2.00 and did a comparison with the older version on another TR70.

What you can expect from the update are:

  • Improved Make-up Mode
  • Dark Location Shooting Performance

On the left: Version 1.00 ; On the right: Version 2.00

If you look closely at the two photos, you will be able to see that Version 1.00 gives a “whiter” tone while Version 2 gives off a more “orangey” tone which makes the overall outlook natural.

As for night shots, Version 2.00 looks brighter because of the improved performance. Haha, I am quite amazed by how I can maintain the exact same face for the two pictures.

So in case you haven’t already know, Casio TR70 has LED flashlight for you to selfie in the dark. This is so much better than taking selfie with your phone’s front camera.

Worth the update? You will be the judge. If you need my opinion, the answer is a yes for sure. I have been taking photos with Version 2.00 for all my latest Instagram posts, including all my OOTDs (and a lot at @james_awyong as well) and all the comments are really positive!

Updating the software will probably only take up less than 10 minutes of your time.

All you have to do is to:

  1. Download Version 2.00 here:
  2. Delete the old version and drag Version 2.00 into your memory card
  3. Insert the memory card into your camera
  4. Go to Menu
  5. Select Setup
  6. Select Version
  7. Tap on Update

If you prefer visual tutorial, here’s a video you can refer to for better understanding.

New Selfie Camera for a beautiful you: Casio TR70 Review

Know what is the best way to do JUSTICE to a selfie camera! That is by just snapping NON-STOP!

I do practice what I just preached! At this point of my life, I CANNOT LEAVE MY HOUSE WITHOUT MY TR. ESPECIALLY DO YOU KNOW WHAT?


My heart AND my mind was one! Both just kept chanting: “I want the one in whiteeee. I want I want I want!!!!! In the end, fairy god mother did pop one for me for this review! Yeppy! As always, Casio is my favourite camera brand! A definite TOP of the mind when it comes to selfie cameras and it serves as a pocket mirror whenever I need to touch up my makeup.

In fact, the design of TR70 is soooo versatile, even the vain pot guys like my dear J can use it too without appearing too metrosexual! ><

The new TR70’s design is so beautiful and elegant, don’t you think so? Pretty much because of the full metal frame and the lens decoration! Easily the state-of-the-art for Selfie camera!

Apart from the design of the camera, do you know what I love most most most?

The VERSION UP Make-up Mode!!!

If you think the old model of TR series was already answering your need to look flawless, just imagine this VERSION UP one!

Personally, after taking a few shots with it, I felt the TR70 delivers a whiter tone as compared to its predeccesor, thus making the subject look even fairer. Furthermore, a more smooth, dewy-looking skin in the pictures too! Best of all, you will still look natural in it unlike those typical over-filtered shots in IG !


I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the photos! You can be the judge for yourself too! 🙂

Selfie under low lighting. This was taken at Henderson Wave at 10pm so you can imagine how dim the lights were. Surprisingly, the selfie is not as grainy as I thought it would be due to the low exposure! KUDOS to its night shots!

Because I have a camera thisssss good, more guys came to join in for a flawless wefie!

It has a 21mm wide angle lens that is wide enough for group portraits. Because of the screen’s flexibility to rotate and freely movable frame, you can capture a lot of error-free wefie with your friends!

There are also two new functions:

Make-up on Movie – which is very good for make short vlogs and video reviews!!! Make up mode is on even when you are recording yourself. Who doesn’t want to look flawless in videos too you tell me?!

Instant Movie – You can join multiple cuts together to make your own movie. It’s like creating a higher quality video for Instagram!

Like other Casio camera,

You can download Exilim CONNECt in apps store or google play and have your desired photo transferred to you instantly. No more blurry photos for your social media platforms? Only prettier and clearer selfies? YAY!!

Other functions like Selfie Art, Selfie Pad and more remains the same from my previous review. To find out more, read here:

TR70 is retailing at $1399 and is available in three colors: Gold, White, Vivid Pink.