REVIEW: Tokyo Bust Express – Free Detox Beauty Program


If you think people like who, who are not exactly busty have no issues with our bust (except being small), then you are so wrong. I knew exactly what the problems were so I went to Tokyo Bust Express to seek treatment.

Tokyo Bust Express is located at 3 different places:

Novena Square 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/112 Singapore 307506
Next Mall: 23 Serangoon Central #03-32 Singapore 059300
Regency House: 123 Penang Road, Regency House #07-13 Singapore 238464

I went to the outlet at Novena Square 2 and boy, it was so conveniently located next to the MRT station! I was so so worried about getting lost initially.

You will not miss the welcoming pink when you walk past them. And when I entered the parlor, I was greeted by a group of happy ladies! There is absolutely nothing to feel shy about because all of them were pretty smiley and friendly.

Prior to the treatment, I had a consultation of 20 minutes. I shared my concerns with my therapist and true enough – I knew my bust was a little saggy. What I didn’t know was that my bust was also pretty distant. The therapist told me that it could be due to my lack of knowledge during puberty. Like I did not get the right bra or I wore them too loose 🙁

So make sure you are wearing the right bra, or buy your daughter(s) the right one. Please do not save on bras! Thankfully, she told me that I was not hopeless. Lol. There are treatments to help bring the bust back to the correct shape and place. Instead of focusing on enhancing the bust size, I went for firming instead. She also explained to me the ingredients used for the treatment and that surely put me at ease.

The first thing that came to my mind when I was the room was “ahhhh, time to enjoy and sleep” and I was right. I fell asleep for a good 20 minutes.

We started the treatment with a scrub and hand massage, followed by a machine which sends micro-electric currents onto the bust. The currents are pretty light and there was absolutely NO pain at all. They felt more like a massager instead. It can help in the absorption of all the nutrients that was applied before that.

The massage also can help “push” my boobs inwards to help them get back to the correct place. If you are rather busty and the boobs are not at the right place, they can help you with that can who knows, you may have a deeper cleavage! Hehe.

One more #selfie before I nap away~

It is pretty obvious that I am pretty satisfied with the results because I feel slightly bustier with the boobs in the right place. Of course, I would need maintenance to keep them in place.

Thank you Tokyo Bust Express for the experience!

Redeem your x1 Tokyo Bust Express Detox Beauty Program now by SMS-ing ‘maybelinesim’ to 9108 4276.
This will be limited to 20 ladies daily. It will be available at 3 outlets:
1) 23 Serangoon Cerntral #03-32, Nex, Singapore 556083
2) 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/113, Novena (Square 2), Singapore 307506
3) 123 Penang Road #07-13, Regency House, Singapore 238465

Kate Tokyo Spring/Summer 2014

Japan’s Number 1 Makeup Brand, KATE, is now known as KATE TOKYO. This is a tribute to it’s birthplace of Tokyo. KATE’s motto was “no more rules” in the world of make up – there is no limit and no guidelines to being stylish.

Now, in addition to its new name, KATE TOKYO also embraces its unique Japanese identity with its choice of spokes-model Japanese actress, Meisa Kuroki. For Spring/Summer 2014, KATE will be launching 11 products, featuring the hero KATE SPOTLIGHTING SHADOW.

There are available in five colors and are retailing at $27 each.

The eyeshadow contains pure Light Reflection Pearl Powder. When they are combined with a perfectly calculated oil solution, the oil-pearl formula will give off a sophiscated and unprecedented radiance for a glamorous look.

As compared to regular pearl powder eyeshadow, the light reflection pearl powder will give a shine with high translucency that creates lustrous captivating eyes with the radiance of clear spotlights.

These palettes also do great for beginners because all palette comes with “instructions”.

Look closer and you will be able to see the purpose of each colour. Before applying makeup, the most important thing is the make up base. The same for the eye too. Start off with the base colour and spread the shade over the ENTIRE eyelid – do not worry about it being too overpowering because the base color is usually the lightest.

Note: Always start off with the lightest shade to the darkest, followed by the Glossy Light to complete the look. If you’re intending to try out the KATE TOKYO’s palette, it’s Base Color > Medium Color > Dark Color > Glossy Light.

Some people likes puffy eyes, or rather, aegyo sal which describes the bags of fat under the eyes. You can also apply some of the Base Colour of the spotlighting shadow to create a more girly look.

I used the pink palette for the eye makeup below.

Although it may have pearl powder inside, but it can still create a natural day look. Japanese people quite like pearl shades and this is probably why all the shades are pearly. Take a look of the actual over all. The eyes look more define and I received quite a few compliments for the eye makeup that day!

The shine lasted me for an entire day of work. Value for money! $27 for an all-in-one palette!


I wanna try their Cover Powder next!

The collection is available from May 2014 at selected Guardian Pharmacy, OG, John Little, Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa Cosmetics and Watsons.

For more information, please visit: