The Face Shop Sent Us To Seoul!


I am no stranger to Seoul as this was my third visit to Seoul and my second visit was less than half a year ago. However, this was my first Winter experience. I have been to places like London and Newcastle and they were cold, but not as cold as minus 12 degree celsius!! Other than leaving my gloves and Heattech socks out, I must say that I was well equipped for this trip with 3 coats in my luggage. Lol!



I am not kidding about the weather. Just look at the frozen sea below!

My purpose for visiting Seoul again this year was for The Face Shop! The Face Shop (TFS) was my first K-Beauty brand during my younger days as they were one of the first to enter Singapore. So TFS Singapore, thank you for flying me all the way to Seoul, putting us up in a five star hotel and arranging all the activities for us!

Day 1 was free and easy. After touching down, we were greeted by two good-looking oppas. LOL. We were sent to the hotel and zoom, the 4 of us (Yina, Jamie, Kristin and me) set off for some good food and shopping! The weather was very very very very cold. We couldn’t do without our gloves. I shall not touch on where to shop in Seoul because I have already covered it previously:


Day 2 was a little pack but enjoyable because we get to try out all the new launches and even customize our own eyeshadow palette! We also managed to visit TFS in COEXMALL and did a quick shopping at Express Bus Terminal!

My customized palette are mostly coral shades because I really love peaches & coral tones.


Not sure if you know but Dr. Belmeur is actually one of the brands that TFS carries. Dr. Belmeur is a derma-cosmetics skincare that is safe and suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin as well.


We were given a detailed run through of the products the line carries but I have yet to try any of the products from this range even though I have long heard about it. I thought the packaging looks clean but I never knew that it is a derma-cosmetics brand. New lesson learnt! And now that I have their products, I can give them a try this month! Haha.



I am a very lipstick person person so I was VERYYYYY happy when I saw the new Flat Velvet Lipstick in my room! The application was SUPERRR smooth! Check out all the colors below. I may be doing a giveaway on the entire set later this month so do check back on my Instagram 😀



We actually went back to TFS 2 more times after the store visit because we couldn’t resist getting some limited edition cosmetics which are not available in Singapore :OO

Look at those marble blushes! Love love love the packaging a lot!



Day 3 was all about the SNOW AND SKI FOR MEEEEE! I have yet to see snow before so this was my first. I was told that the snow at the resort were all man-made but it’s okay, we managed to catch some snow falling from the sky right outside DongDaeMun at night! Hehe. This marks my first ever snow experience!


The highlight for the entire trip was probably learning how to ski for me! I fell really really hard a few times that left me limping for 8 days after I was back in Singapore but it was all worth it because it was SUPER FUN! I know how to ice skate and roller blade well so I thought they were the same but who knows, it was so hard to balance on the slope! Luckily for Kristin and I, we had Yina to guide us along. Lol.

The guys from TFS Headquarters were equally fun as well. We skied together for quite a bit! Haha.




Even though it was a very short trip, I am so glad I came as I got to know the brand a little deeper and I really do enjoy the company of Yina, Jamie and Kristin! Once again, Thank you TFS Singapore for flying us over for the wonderful experience!!! 🙂

The Face Shop Animal Mask

We received a box of animal mask (Tiger) from a friend last month but The Face Shop sent us more animals this time round! Skincare need not be boring because of these characters right now.

Best for stayovers. Imagine a bedroom filled with characters at night. That will certainly make a very cute wefie!

Instead of just Tiger, there are other characters as well. The Character Masks contain Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen which delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin (sounds like something I really really need).

The mask is retailing at $3.90/piece and available in 5 characters – Sheep, Dragon, Panda, Tiger and Fox. At first I thought the sheep was Monkey (LOL) because of the two rosy cheeks.

I gave them a try on two different (not consecutive nights) and woke up with a more hydrated and fuller skin. The hydration function seems to work well for me. I could also feel the difference when I do my make up in the morning. Even the application seems smoother than usual 🙂

As there was no sticky residue or feeling after the mask application, I would say that it is suitable for people who have combination to oily skin too.

These Character Masks are already available in The Face Shop stores since June so do check them out and have some fun with them.

For more information:

The Face Shop Ink Lip:quid


“A whole new level of Lip Color Formation: Lip stick, Lip Gloss and Lip Tint all in one.” says The Face Shop.

Lipquid comes in 12 gorgeous shades and they are already available in stores. When you see the word Lipquid, what is the first word that came to you mind? Liquid – Therefore, this lip color collection also nourishes and moisturizes your lips as you apply the color to your lips for a vibrant outlook.

Combination of 3 different effects:

– Rich colors of a lipstick

– Long-lasting effects of a lip tint

– Moisturization from a lip gloss

The new Ink Lipquid combines the wonders of all lip products, giving you a full lip palette. All three in one. Throw your lip sticks, glosses and tint aside. Keep this in your makeup pouch and make your bag lighter.

Of course, when it comes to lip collection, the color is the most important factor (ignore the blue black on my wrist please! heh). I was given three colors to try.

From left to right: Orange Some (OR02), Red Sing (RD02) and Shah Pink (RK03).

The colors are extracted from flower ingredients:

Pink and Purple shades: Willow Herb

Beige, Coral and Orange shades: Saffron

Red and Brown shades: Apple Blossoms

I was initially quite skeptical when it is said to maintain for 12 hours on the lips in terms of the moisture and color. So I gave it a try when I visited Malaysia two weekends ago. The color stayed on my lips for 10 hours without any touch up and the lips was really keep moisturized even in just one application.

The new Ink Lipquid is equipped with Moisture Holding System and Ink Staying Polymer which helps maintain moisture with its water-holding ingredient and helps maintain fresh and clean make up through creating a light and transparent film layer that holds both moisture and color.

I also love how it feels on my lips!! Not too sticky, not too weary, and not too drying at all. I guess I was really sold by these amazing colors because of the vibrant look on my lips.

Here is Shah Pink on my lips. You can apply a second layer for a color more intense.

Head down to the stores to find all 12 shades 🙂

Thank you The Face Shop for sending them my way!