Dose of Vitamin C from The Body Shop


The sun…. maybe he can hide behind the white fluffy clouds for a few days? The weather is crazy and I think I am a few shades darker! I don’t want my face to be filled with freckles, dark spots or dehydrated!! And May… I am quite glad that you’re gone. It was such a hectic month with all the back to back work and events. Gosh!

Thankfully, WOM x The Body Shop sent over some goodies to make my skin happy #happyskin. The new range is none other than the Vitamin C range which can help fight signs of fatigue, hydrate the skin with moisture to give it an energized and healthy looking glow.

What’s inside? You may ask. The Vitamin C range is packed with Camu Camu berries and Camu Camu berries is a natural source of Vitamin C. It is potent and the amount of Vitamin C is almost 60 times that of an orange!

Being soooooo busy in May, this range certainly came in handy because all I need was 5 minutes to a healthy glowing skin. When I am stress, I can feel the tired and dull looking skin coming out to play. How about you?

Vitamin C is an essential to good health so some choose to start their day with a glass of fresh orange juice every morning, but I opted for the easier way. I take a tablet of Vitamin C supplement every day after lunch.

When you consume the Vitamin, not all of it goes to your skin so this is where the skincare comes in. You apply Vitamin C on your face too – literally. Vitamin C plays a vital role in maintaining health of the skin. Soooo… let’s give this range a try! Infuse your skin with JUICY moisture!

– Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer ($40.90)

Texture: Light and fresh

Scent: Smells like citrus!

With this, you can kiss goodbye to dull and fatigued skin happily.

– Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer ($36.90)

This tube here is so convenient for travels! It is a skincare x makeup all in one.

Either you use it as an instant fix or as a touch up throughout the day for a glow boosting effect!

Vitamin C range is already available in stores since 11 May 2015 so hop over to the stores to get your hands on them 🙂

The Body Shop – Don’t retouch me!!

Obviously…. I love taking selfies. WE love taking selfies. And who doesn’t want to look good in their selfies? More often than not, we would filter this and that before posting it up to our social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Admit it, we are all culprits and guilty!

With the new InstaBlur from The Body Shop, we can stop editing the photos and post it up instantly!

Get flawless, photo-perfect looking skin in an instant with All-in-One InstaBlur 5 action perfector at only $32.90! Available in one universal shade, it blurs skin imperfections in an instant so your selfies need no filters!

What are the 5 actions? Answer is in the picture below.

The secret is the unique formula made of mattifying spherical powders with smart filling properties and moisturising Vitamin E.

The texture is non greasy and matte.

Take a look at the before and after. Observe the creases and wrinkles. The wrinkles disappeared so much! This would definitely make the skin look smoother in the pictures.

The MUA demonstrating how InstaBlur can be added to our make up.

You can either use it alone to smooth out imperfections for a mattified no makeup look or use it as a perfecting base (primer) after your daily skincare routine and before makeup to create the perfect long-lastig base.

We were also taught how to take better selfies by showing more of the better looking side of the faces.

They are currently running a No Retouch Campaign! You can join the movement and post your un-retouched selfies to your Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #noretouchtbssg or submit them via their Facebook app.

For every 50 selfies posted = Free express lip or eye make-over

For every 200 selfies posted = 15% off All-in-One InstaBlur offer (exclusiving for Facebook fans only).

What’s more, there will be 3 grand prizes worth $148.50 for the 3 most creative selfies!

Contest runs from 6 to 31 May 2014.

We have tried. It’s your turn now!

The Body Shop – All in one!

Attended a pampering session by The Body Shop just before Chinese New Year and you would definitely be happy to hear this.

They have quite a number of new products that you would like to try on your hair, face, or hands!

Vitamin E is one of the hot selling categories in The Body Shop. And in addition to the Vitamin E family is the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil with their highest concentration of wheatgerm oil.

With a unique texture, this non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula delivers fuss-free, instant skin comfort!

I know oil means greasy and oily and trust me, I hate apply oily stuffs onto my face. My initial question to the lady who dropped a drop onto my skin was “Why does it still feel a little oily?”. She confidently told me to continue rubbing it and it will leave me nothing but smooth skin. Indeed. That was it. Smooth and soft, no tinge of greasiness could be felt.

You can either apply it directly to your face or input 1 – 2 drops of it into your moisturiser.

You can now sleep and moisture the skin at the same time!

84% of the women in a study felt that their skin get replenished and 87% of them agreed that their skin felt softer the next day. Talk about radiancy, 76% experienced a more radiant look.

The next talk is their Spring Trend Collection.

In this collection, you will be able to find Shimmer Cube Palette in either Pink or Bronze, Lip Gloss in Vanilla or Rose and Hair Chalk in Pink or Blue.

Priced at $9.90 each, The Body Shop® Hair Chalks are an affordable way to get gorgeously colourful hair. The shimmer cubes are available for $36.90 and the 12ml lip glosses $16.90.

Let’s play with colours!

Hair Chalk had been around for quite some time already and they can be quite damaging to the hair or messy to apply.

The Body Shop has now come up with 2 bold colours – Tickle Me Pink and Falling For Blue.

Unlike other hair chalks you see in the market, it does not come in the form of a chalk but more like an eyeshadow, making it neater and easier to apply in just 3 steps.

1. Place a towel below the intended area.
2. Gather a section of hair and place it on the colour pad and glide down.
3. Seal the colour with any hairspray.

Get the colour on your hair for some fun and wash off the colour with any shampoo once you are done with the day!

Here is Miwitch, happily trying out Tickle Me Pink.

The Shimmer Cube Palettes are really cute because you can detach each of the cute from the box.

Each palette contains four subtle iridescent shades to mix and match. Crease-resistant and suitable for contact-lens wearers. They are dematologically and ophtalmologically tested.

Swatches of the two palettes.

Verlyn and me while waiting for Nadia to be done with her make up.

Nextttttt, the original and iconic body butter is now available in uplifting blueberry!!! They are available in stores from 10 Feb onwards.

You will never forget your first body butter experience! The Body Shop introducted their first body butter in 1992 and now, they offers over 20 varieties of Body Butter in fruity, nutty and floral scents.

Also available in Shower gel, Body lotion, Body Scrub and Lip butter.

One tub is sold every 2 seconds. The blueberry series comes with a blue berry bath sponge. So cute!!

Just so you know, the body butter offers up to 24 hours of skin hydration, and the skin-soothing butters are full of unique ingredients, scents and textures to suit all preferences.

Good for your skin and good for the world, each Body Butter is made with the finest ethically-sourced ingredients from the four corners of the globe for the ultimate skin nourishing experience.

Also available in Body Scrub which is priced at $30.90 for 200ml. Both the look and smell taste/smell like blueberry. And I like berries.

Scrub before you butter!

Each Body Butter from The Body Shop contains at least one ingredient sourced through its socially minded Community Fair Trade (CFT) programme. Through this programme, the beauty retailer buys the highest quality ingredients directly from small producer communities around the world, paying a fair price that enables families and communities to invest in their future.

Hair, skincare and make up, all in a post. Hurry up, go and test them out yourselves at The Body Shop stores now! 🙂

The Body Shop Christmas Edition

Had always felt that The Body Shop is one of the easiest and best place to get Christmas presents due to the large variety and the long history of the brand.

And this year, I was invited to their Christmas Launch and the whole theme was an old school theme to support The School Project by The Body Shop.

The body shop has been supporting education for over 20 years and through their Community Fair Trade programme, they have helped a lot of children over the world by investing in the building of schools and provision of teaching materials.
The Christmas edition is back again this year to spice up the festivities so you can spoil yourself everyday.

There are three scents to choose from – Ginger Sparkle, Vanilla Bliss and the Cranberry Joy.

I can’t make up my mind whose first. The Vanilla or the Cranberry. Both of them were REALLY GOOD.

To each his own, Ginger was quite a hot pick as well!

For every collection, it contains a Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, Heart Shaped Soap, Body Butter and Body Polish.

Items are sold individually. So you can decide what your friend may need. Very ideal and valued for money if you’re buying them for Christmas presents. I like milky stuffs and scents. Hence, I really really love this Vanilla collection.

As for the Cranberry Joy, you can see a cute little Canberry Joy Lip Balm at the bottom right. It is said to be slightly tinted as well. The Lip Dome only cost $12.90! The cranberry scent has a really sweet smell.  And I love all my scented make ups or perfume to smell fruity.

The ginerbread man can be found in the Ginger Sparkle collection which makes the whole outlook so christmas-y and cute!

The body butter is retailing at $32.90 for a 200ml tub. The gentle, special edition body exfoliator (Body Polish) is beautifully fragranced with the zingy Ginger Sparkle scent and contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia. It will only leave your skin soft, smooth, and ultra touchable.

Another good news, The Body Shop’s Sparkler is back!!

Also take note of the brush on the right. New Shimmer Bauble & Slanted Kabuki Brush can also be found in their new collection! It is said to be perfect for all skin tones! So, no matter dark or light, you can just try it!

You can decide if you want an Icy Plum or Golden Brown look for Christmas this year.

I love how the 4 step smokey eyes set are sold ($39.90)! You do not have to carry so many stuffs out just to make sure that the make up stays, all you have to do is to bring the palette out!

I love both, but I would love the Icy Plum look more!

As for the Lipstick (Colour Crush), retailing at $22.90 each, I gotta admit that I love the both of them equally. I am a sucker for lipstains.

They also have adorable Christmas Sets available for sale for the normal collection. You can save some time on packaging because everything is already nicely packed!

I love their Body Butter. Who doesn’t?

It is always nice to help the less fortunate. It is even better to be shopping and helping them out as well. I hope this entry has also given you more ideas for on what to get for Christmas this year! You really have to check the new collection out.

They will be in stores from November 2013 onwards.

The dress I wore that day. Courtesy of

The Body Shop – Honeymania Moisture

The Body Shop has a new range in store – Honeymania.

Dip into nature’s exquisite honey moisture with Honeymania Range. The new collection of ultra-indulgent Bath and Body treats are enriched with wild honey goodness for skin that feels as nourished and fragrant as if it had been dipped in honey itself.

The range consists of quite a few items:

– Lip Balm ($10.90)
– Soap ($6.90)
– Eau de Toilette ($22.90)
– Soap bar ($6.90)
– Bubble Bath Melt ($26.90)
– Body Butter ($30.90)
– Shower Gel ($12.90)
– Body Scrub ($30.90)

All the products in the range smells like honey and the Bath Melt looks totally like a jar of honey too!

Their Sheka honey has a very distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant rainforest flowers that the bees collect the nectar from. Its light floral aroma makes it distinct from any honey.

The bees that produces the honey are wild, therefore, they are free to roam and colonise the hive. So everyday, the bees communicate through “dancing” to direct each other to the tastiest flowers.

To gather enough honey to make each product, it takes almost 100 bees travelling over 2100km so they can harvest the nectar from nearly 50,000 flowers!

One of my favourite products was this Eau De Toilette which is handy enough for me to carry it everywhere.

The food served that day was also specially catered to the theme.

Cute bee cupcakes!

With Herine,

and Jamie, the very pretty girl!!

I was totally sold to this The Body Shop tote! So cute.

I can carry it out for lunch during lunch hours at work 😀 I want!

We were introduced to the story behind the collection as well.

To be honest, The Body Shop’s body butter is already as highly raved as it is. Though it is called butter, it isn’t as oily as you think because it gets absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving the skin smooth.

It would definitely be one of the best skincare regime for your body every night.

We also did hands on by doing a DIY necklace with the materials provided.

This is really creative!

Check out the new range in stores now! 🙂