The Assembly Store – The One-Stop Stylish Online Men’s Shopping Portal

As a metrosexual individual who consistently seeks a phletora of preppy & gentlemanly styles, one of the events that got me really excited this year was the official launch of ‘The Assembly’ Online store (Website:! Nonetheless, the launch was held at its physical store nestled within the first floor of the Grand Cathay!

Spanning a hugh compound next to the famous Assembly Ground cafe, this multi-label store carries a wide array of mechandise ranging from men’s accessories, bags, belts, bow ties, bracelet, shirt, shoes, socks, ties, wallets to even watches. Basically from the head to toe! Definitely more than enough to keep any guy easily occupied with shopping for a few good hours!

The team behind this up and rising men’s fashion store is also the same team that brought about the successful local Menwear brand ‘Benjamin Barker’. They carefully handpicked a couple of brands which shared complimentary style to partner with. Together, they seek to further present a lifestyle experience for the discerning gentlemen with character, good taste and style in the comfort of warm, charismatic interiors.

Some of these brands they partnered with might already be one that you see day-to-day being worn by your male friends/colleagues or even in your own wardrobe!  It was indeed the case for me as I picked up my own Grey Herschel bag right at the corner of my eyes the first moment I strolled into the store! Immediately, I knew the style presented in this shop resonated with my own!

Having a quick glimpse across to all the other items in the shop,  it was crystal clear that they carried the latest Smart-Casual Menswear trend in Singapore. It just seemed like the most complete arsenal for any new age man to handpick their choice of dressing so as to best showcase their very own unique individuality!

As I took a closer look at the brands which was housed within the shop, I noticed that there were Aark, Bellroy, Benjamin Barker, Brown Breath, CNYTTA, Fabrix, Fjallraven, Gnome & Bo, Happy Plugs, Happy Socks, Hypergran, Komono, Moleskine, Orbitkey, Rawrow, Rugby & Co, Status Anxiety etc.

Found any of these brands familiar? I thought so! 🙂 Because this “Deja Vu” feeling also occured to me!

In fact prior to this visit, Rugby & Co bracelet has surfaced a couple of times over my IG feed & I always wanted one of these axe shaped bracelet! Guess what, end up I DID win one during their game station! Ultra happy with this unexpected loot & now I wear it as part of my accessories over the weekend! Never know you might just have the same pleasant encounter when you visit the store personally!

Finally to the HERO brand of the store! ‘Benjamin Barker’ which has received much attention in the local scene even before the recent Singapore’s Fashion Week! In fact, most of the outfits which were showcased during SFW or somewhat similar style were present in the Assembly Store! Hence, don’t worry if you missed the SFW runway, here’s the sneak peak! In fact now even better because you are just a few steps away from other matching accessories from the other labels ! Kudos to the convenience and time saved just by shopping in this one-stop shop!

Talking about convenience & time saved, nothing is gonna beat that shopping at their Online store!  So the management of the Assembly Store has decided to launch their online store (To visit, just simple click here: this year and they are aiming to progressively add more brands from their physical store to their online catalogue.

Simply put: Feeling lazy to go out yet you still want to look good in the latest male fashion trend, look nowhere beyond this one-stop solution!

Even for foreigner browsing the site, Fret not! Because they do offer worldwide shipping.

Below are a couple more pictures to give you a better feel of what is offered within the store…They have the Hippy style….

…right up to the Preppy, Gentlemanly style!

Nothing I say will beat visiting the online or physical store yourself & fuel your gentlemanly flair!

You can find them at:

The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday : 12:00 TO 22:00
Friday – Saturday : 12:00 TO 23:00
Sunday : 12:00 TO 22:00