Teeth Whitening at La Vie Aesthetics

Just a few days before Chinese New Year, I went to make an appointment for teeth whitening at La Vie Aesthetics located at 277 Orchard Road, #04-08 Orchard Gateway, 238858. I really really love the results as my teeth got 6 shades whiter after a single session of 2x LED Light Whitening within 30 minutes. I love it so much so that I have already decided to head back for my second session in April or May because I want a set of pearlie white teeth for my big day in June!


Let me share with you what the treatment consists of. Firstly, a consultation will be done with you in a room. That is to explain to you what they will be doing for you and at the same time, check on the shade of your teeth. Mine was shade 20 and to my surprise, I thought that shade 20 was pretty white already but I can’t help feeling that my teeth are super yellow from my daily coffee consumption. I can never live without coffee!!


When I was brought into the treatment room, I was told to brush my teeth and the beautician double confirmed my current teeth shade before beginning the treatment.


They were very thoughtful. As the LED was very bright, they gave me a pair of eyewear to wear just incase I can’t sleep and wanted to keep my eyes open because they know I would be scrolling the phone for sure. Lol.


They even have gum protection. A layer of blue fluid will be placed around the gum areas and then left to harden for 15-30 seconds like the picture below. This is to ensure that the whitening gel do not touch your gums. Disclaimer: The picture below is not me!


After the protector was harden, whitening gel was placed onto my teeth and I was under the LED light for 15 minutes. There is a total of 2 episodes. So after the first 15 minutes, they will clean the gel off and replace it with another round of new gel. The gel do not contain any bleaching agents and did not cause any sensitivity issue for me.


The entire session took less than 1 hour. And after that 1 hour, my teeth actually got 6 shades whiter!! Actually the teeth is not as yellow as seen in the picture below. I think the lighting played a part in making them look yellowish. Anyway, just take a look at the comparison!! My teeth is so much whiter now!

Left: After, Right: Before


Imagine a row of teeth with before on top and after below, it makes a lot of difference!!

Sooooo, this is how I look for CNY Day 1! Look at my set or white teeth!


Instead of $588/session, quote my name to enjoy the service at $168! They promise to whiten your teeth for up to 6 shades.

La Vie Aesthetics located at 277 Orchard Road, #04-08 Orchard Gateway, 238858.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/lavieaestheticssg/, http://lavieaesthetics.com.sg/promotion-teeth-whitening-sparklesmile.html and http://lavieaesthetics.com.sg

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

It’s crazy. My wisdom tooth did not give me any problem except for some slight sensitivity once in a blue moon but I am quite afraid of the consequences it will bring in the future so I went for the surgery in KTPH myself. I extracted 3 at one go under GA.

I had two impacted ones at the bottom and one fully grown on the top left corner of my mouth. I immediately regretted the decision to extract it when I woke up after the surgery after the effects of GA wore off. It was so crazy that I had tears in my eyes and I had to pop Codeine every 3 hours. I even woke up at 5am due to the pain. The worst part was staying at home. Although I was given 8 days of hospitalization leave and 1 day of MC, I couldn’t remain still at home. I went out on my 3rd day for a while to run some small errands with the annoying pain, climbed up and down the house searching for stuffs to do, blogs to post etc. It was super boring.


The nurses told me that my face will start to swell on the next day but I experienced swelling 6 hours after the surgery.

After 24 hours..



It was worst after 40 hours. I had a square jaw and I looked so fat.


I skipped my meals on the day of surgery itself and only resumed eating porridge for lunch and dinner on the second day. On the third day, I realized that I do not have to take Codeine anymore because the pain was bearable and maybe just a little annoying so I tried rice. The first few spoons were nightmares. It was so painful because the grains of rice would make their way to the wounds and stay there. Gargling would help get rid of them but still, they hurt too much. Imagine the flesh and stitches swimming here and there while you gargle. No thanks!


It’s Day 9 today and I am heading back to KTPH for post surgery review. I can still feel the stitches in my mouth and the ears are still blocked. Gahhh.


Let’s hope the doctor will be able to address my issue with the ear block and blue blacks later.

Teeth Whitening only at $99

I have been wanting to do TEETH WHITENING for the longest time!! And Groupon gave me this opportunity!

I had my teeth bleached before using the take home kit I bought from dental clinic, but due to my massive and extremely heavy caffeine intake, my teeth were stained again. I have to drink coffee once I wake up/before work and sometimes, during lunch, otherwise a part of me would feel weird.

And as you know, Monday are pampering days~~~ Made an appointment with ONLY via Groupon. This deal can be bought from group on. Link can be found below.

I did not expect the place to be so beautiful and poshly decorated.

As mentioned earlier, my teeth were rather stained from coffees. This was taken rather close up, so it looks kind of scary but no, the overall isn’t that yellowish!! I have to defend myself! *laughs

The shade of my stained teeth was 2.5 prior to any treatment done. I only needed about 45 to 60 minutes to lighten the shade. Yup, almost instantly. No take home kits, no laser. Best, no hydrogen-peroxide.

The whitening gel was applied in 3 intervals at 12 minutes each time. Light-Emitting Diode was also shone on it for the whitening effect.

Very much thankful to the clock on the LED light because I don’t have to keep guessing “is it 12 minutes already? Am I done?”

The discomfort was minimal and the whole treatment was non-invasive.

Look at the picture before for the post treatment effect…. IT JUST GOT WHITER!

This instant whitening will only cost you $99 and up to 8 shades lighter!

But right now, between 24-30 March, Groupon is offering its GLAMOUR RUSH Promo which includes $10 rebates for every $80 spent on a beauty deal.

For the full list of GLAMOUR RUSH beauty deal, click here.

And for my Teeth Whitening at ONLY, click here.

The outlet which I visit was at:
Raffles Place: 22 Malacca Street 09-00 RB Capital (Raffles MRT)
Tel: 6220 4434

Please note, this is only valid for customers who are 21 years and above.