A Hearty Affair at DC Comics Super Heroes Café – the 2nd outlet at Ngee Ann City, Orchard

Author: Alex Chua

I’m having a relationship with the DC superheroes now. No kidding.

I experienced the déjà vu moment when I first stepped into the DC Comics Super Heroes Café at Ngee Ann City. I found myself surrounded by my childhood wonders. From the high celling to the comfy sofa seat, every inch of wall and even the pizza oven inside the kitchen has a cool batman logo. The warm sunny light illuminates the gorgeous, very illustrious stained-glass window depicting larger-than-life Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern, posed in their heroic Justice League fashion. It was hard not to fall in love with this place.


The casual dining spot was vibrant, filled with various Justice League prints and memorabilia. With a dedicated glass shelf to showcase the rare collectibles, it’s hard for avid fans to peel themselves off from ogling the cool collections.


A life-size Batman in full battle-ready armour watching upon the diners. There are other similar life-size iconic superheroes lurking around the café for your ootd moments.


While the first DC Super Heroes Café made its debut at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands with both a f&b and retail merchandising concept, this 2nd outlet hosts many adorable chibi versions of your favourite characters which you couldn’t find in the first outlet. Chibi means a cuter version of the original character, with shorter limbs and larger face to make it more kawaii!


And look, even the expresso machine has its uber-cool Superman casing, only to be found in Ngee Ann City outlet!


Of course, all the elaborate details don’t matter if the food is not on par with the decor. Thankfully, the main menu is just as extensive. There is a kid’s section, breakfast menu and appetizers that consists of salads, light bites and soups. Mains include pastas, wraps, wood oven pizzas, burgers, grilled meats, live seafood and desserts that consists of cupcakes, waffles, freak desserts, gelato, and cakes.

And oh, the menu reads just like a comic book! Guess it will keep you and your kids awhile to order the food.


The first dish was the Batman’s Dark Kight Wagyu Beef Burger ($28.90). The best-selling dish recommended by the friendly crew, it comes packaged in a neat Batman lunch box (wish I can bring home!). Inside contains a hearty portion of the signature wagyu beef patty sandwiched between Dark Knight imprinted black charcoal buns, a throw of fries with accompanying cheese dip and salad. I loved the caramelised onions and the juicy beef patty. Though I had a biased against the buns, it turns out soft and fluffy as well. I thought it is just the right portion for 1 person.


Next is the King of Atlantis Crab leg Aglio Olio ($26.90), which is available only at the Takashimaya outlet. While I find the pasta pricey at first, the generous amount of crab chunks, poached onsen egg and ikura (salmon roe) atop the al dente linguine makes it worthwhile. Though I personally would prefer to have the Aquaman badge stamp somewhere on the dish itself, the flavours alone justify the positive raves it garnered online.


Another exclusive dish to the 2nd outlet is the Island Warriors’ Chessy Pork Sausage Calzone ($25). Baked in the dome-shaped oven for 3 minutes, the resulting calzone captures the almond wood fragrant and served with tangy tomato sauce. While at first glance it looked like a giant curry puff, the calzone, when sliced, revealed a generous amount of pork sausages, melted mozzarella, capsicum and mushrooms. I actually quite like the soft texture and rich, hearty flavour.


I especially adore The Joker’s Rainbow Freakshake ($16.90) not just because of its whimsical name and happy colours, but also for its not-overly sweet yet strong vanilla taste as well. Dusted with rainbow sprinkles and candies around the top funnel, the rainbow vanilla milkshake would surely be a hit for the kids and the child in you.


The Dynamic Duo Double Chocolate Kraack! ($9.90) ended the course quite satisfyingly. Brought up in a cool-looking Batman cup with a cape, the drink is chocolatey enough to warm my heart and perhaps my insatiable choco-palate to fathom a date for second visit. Till next time then.
Overall, I find this themed café entertaining and gastronomically delightful. It would be worth a visit especially for avid DC Comics fans and family with young kids.

DC Super Heroes Cafe – Takashimaya
391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #02-13, Singapore 238873 (Next to Taxi Stand)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Reservations: +65 6262 1918

DC Super Heroes Cafe – The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Bay Level, L1-03/04/05, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972