Party: Summer Loves SunPlay at Mambo Beach Club


Guess who are the SunPlay ambassadors? It is not too difficult to tell!!

But first, let me thank Xinyi for all the pictures!! I left my camera at home by accident :'( Because of the good weather and colorful outfits, the pictures were all so pretty!!!

We were decked in Red and Blue for Summer Loves Sunplay at Mambo Beach Club. Even though it should be the hottest period of the year, but it kept raining non stop! Luckily there was only a slight drizzle during the party.

It was such a happy sight to see kids playing in the pool. By the way, they got an ultra cute GUMMY BEAR FLOAT TOO!!!

We were there in a group which made the party even better!! The company, ambience, activities were ALL good! Especially when we did not even have to worry about being in the hot sun because we were all WELL protected by SunPlay Ultra!

Double the trouble with two couples!!

Darling girl. The huge ball beside me was float I stole from the pool!

And another bunch of fun-yet-nasty people 😡 Nasty but fun!

Celebrities were also present. They were busy doing zumba on the stage with the instructors who specially choreographed a dance for the event.

Spot us in action! Congrats SunPlay for breaking the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of people applying Sunblock together!!! So glad to be part of this party!!!! It was such a record breaking moment!!!

I am glad and contented to know that we can work together as a couple outside our job. I don’t mean moonlighting FYI. I meant to say that it is heartwarming to know that people see us as one.

I NEVER NEVER STEP OUT OF MY HOUSE WITHOUT SUNBLOCK. I don’t want skin cancer or pigmentations. So the take home message is….. Always remember your sun block!!