SHOP: New Prada Frame from Spectacle Hut


New spectacles farm from Spectacle Hut! I picked Prada! Hehe! I was told that they provide express service like 20 minutes for single vision lenses and 4 hours for progressive lenses too! Something I don’t used to know.

Spectacle Hut carries a lot of branded eyewear brands including exclusive brands like Victoria Beckham, Loewe and so much more incase you did know!

Now you know where to do your Christmas shopping!

NEW: Maybeline’s visit to Hirocon at One Raffles Place



Author: Maybeline Sim

I just made a pair of spectacles two months ago and it was so cute that I got quite a few people asking me where I made it.

This month, I just made another 2 pairs! Thank you Hirocon for sponsoring me another two pairs! Hehe.

The rounder pair is my first pair of transition lenses sponsored by crizal.

I love round spectacles so here’s another pair to add on to my current collection! It is super lightweight so I don’t really feel anything when I put them on.

You can hardly see me in rectangle frames and there are days where I just wanna look professional at work so…… here’s my pick for a serious look!

I am not new to Hirocon because I was first introduced to them when SEED contact lenses were launched. I remembered I was suffering from some eye allergy back then and stopped wearing contact lenses for nearly 3-4 months. Hirocon allowed me to try on the lenses before purchasing them to see how they feel and look on me. I think most optical shops should practice this so that we can see how certain colours look on us. Hehe.

Anyway, I was glad when I received a call from them with regards to a sponsorship.

“Maybeline don’t say no to new spectacles because people who know her will know that she HAS a whole drawer of prescription glasses.”

I went down to their outlet at One Raffles Place because they had their house brand – Hirocon spectacles there.

Since Hirocon is a Japanese brand, you don’t have to worry about the quality. We tend to associate quality with price. The better the quality, the higher the price. This doesn’t apply at Hirocon! Each pair of frame is only priced between $68 – $118!

The staffs there are also friendly and helpful. As there were too many choices, I took my own sweet time to pick out my favourite two. Joanne even recommended me what was suitable for my face shape.

There were so many funky spectacles there and gosh! I love funky designs~

I was really considering this but I figured out that I had too many pairs of funky designs and I only ended up wearing them for a while before I throw them back into the drawer so I went for something safer…

After picking out two desired designs, we went on for an eye check and eye test. Like I said, their staffs are really friendly, so don’t worry and share your eye concerns and questions with them. They are more than happy to assist you with them.

After all the eye checks, know that I wear contact lenses most of the time, Joanne introduced me to new Acuvue Define colours and gave me a pair of dailies to try. Such good services, how do you not love Hirocon?

Collection of spectacles was done two days later and they were prompt in their replies. I strongly recommend you to check them out if you are around the vicinity.

Hirocon is located at Orchard Gateway (nearest MRT: Somerset) #B2-28 and One Raffles Place #03-26 (nearest MRT: Raffles Place).

NEW: My new SPECKY look!


Wooot. A spectacles lover just got herself another pair of spectacles! A geeky one this time round!

I think I have 7-8 prescription glasses already :O

Didn’t expect myself to make this because I wasn’t at my usual optical shop. It was just another usual shopping day with the family. Nonetheless, it was a happy day! The silver frame is super in trend nowadays. I even got quite a few people asking me where I got it from.

Let me know if you like it or not? 😀

#Selfie alert!