Singtel Dash 5th Anniversary Deals

Happy happy birthday Singtel Dash!!

Do you know that Dash was born in 2014? And many of you might not know that you don’t have to be a Singtel user to be able to use Dash! An all-in-one mobile wallet, Dash is a really useful app to have in your phone!

For instance, last year, Dash joined Asia’s first cross-border payment alliance, VIA, allowing Dash users to pay overseas via QR codes with no additional fees, and competitive FX rates!If you love shopping in Bangkok or enjoyingbeach holidays in Phuket, you might want to try it out for yourself. You can simpley scan and pay at over 1.6 million merchants in Thailand with Dash – from restaurants to night markets, or even to buy your BTS tickets in Bangkok! What’s more, Japan will soon be added to the list with more countries coming really soon!

Other handy services include transferring money can be done via Dash too – a quick and easy way to split bills among friends!

Another great feature is being able to shop online with Dash! When you download the app, you automatically get your very own Dash Visa Virtual Account – a Visa, without the card!


Singtel Dash

I shop online every day…. almost every single day….. Guess how happy I was when I saw these birthday deals on Dash?

Singtel Dash Deal 2

Singtel Dash 5 Deal

Singtel Dash Deal 3

These deals… They help me save a lot of money! Even though it is Dash’s 5th Birthday, it feels like my birthday instead. Shopping at a discounted rate 😀

Dash also makes commuting easier. Scan and pay for your taxi rides with Dash and enjoy up to 5% cash back and pay 0% admin fees. It’s 5% cash back, you know! Do you know how much I spend on taxis every month? I am guilty to say that the amount has been rising non-stop… I need that 5% cash back to make myself feel less guilty.

There is also a $5 off when you make an order via Deliveroo too! Yum Yum. Discounted food order to the doorstep

Singtel Dash Deal

I can’t screenshot all the awesome deals so you will have to head over to the to surprise yourself! Work hard, shop smart!

On top of all this, Dash is also offering sure-win gifts with their in-app birthday game! Earn a chance to open a gift box when you shop, remit or top-up prepaid airt ime with Dash and stand to win a Razer Phone 2, Dash credits or cashback at a variety of merchants.

If you aren’t a Dash user yet, what are you waiting for? Download Singtel Dash App on your mobile and enjoy up to $5 off your first purchase!

It’s useful, just Dash!

Video Shoot with Lee Cooper

Did a shoot with Lee Cooper for a social media video about a week ago and I got to keep the clothes that I picked. Yay. Can’t wait for the video to be out too.

I was so tied between the denim jacket or the soft jacket.

Yup, my ultimate choice was the soft jacket because it is much lighter and practical. But I must say that I love the denim look too!! Loving the mint coloured sneakers as well. I wish I could have it red and mint. One side of each. Lol!

You guys know that I am still overseas and Singtel Easy Mobile Plan allows me to track my phone bills easily with email reminders! Wahhh, I seriously love how earth friendly it is as well by being paperless.

Thank you Lee Cooper and Singtel! 🙂

SingTel Easy Mobile


So it has been exactly a month since I started the Singtel Easy Mobile Plan! It’s been….. SO FAR SO GOOD. I am having fun with the plan because of it’s flexibility.

Read about the plan here:

The data usage was way more than the calls made so I moved an additional unit over for data! Personally, I feel that it is very cost savings because I can ‘shift’ the units here and there instead of wasting the other units at areas that are not required.

It doesn’t restrict me to just 2gb of data and 200 minutes of talk time (for example). Nobody love restrictions yeaaaaa!

They have also launched on the Tweakboard! The Tweakboard is quite interesting because it allows user to post about anything, ANYTHING they want.

The most innovative tweak to the Tweakboard from now to 30th September 2013 will get to win a 2 year Easy Mobile L plan each!

I was browsing through the tweaks and I couldn’t help but to focus on all the food tweaks. LOL.

Let me share with you my favorite tweak in the entire lot:::

HOW CREATIVE!! I am pretty sure that it would taste so much better than the normal pizza!!


L plan cost $65 a month. And to win 2 years of L plan…..

24 X $65 = $1560.


For more details, please visit: