Justamaze, Be amazed!!

I’m back with an online shop!!
This shop not only has a lot of varieties, but also A LOT of styles to suit your different mood.

You know, at times you just wanna be girly, and at some point of the week, all you wanna do is to just be in casual, comfortable wear or stylish.

It’s a one stop for all place.

This is their latest collection – Dainty.

I like the colour of this dress, what about you?

And it doesn’t hurt to be fun.

This Peplum Shift Top (Grey) is so versatile because you can easily pair them with a pants for office or shorts for shopping/lunch date.

And as you can see, there’s casual, dressy, stylish n chic.

All these different styles can be seen in just 1 collection!

You will be lost for words when you visit their web and look at the different amount of choices they have for you. It’s hard. Extremely hard not to like anything there.

The good thing about them is that they list down their model’s height and sizes so that you can gauge if you can fit into their clothes. Thoughtful yea? You can prevent buying oversized or undersized clothes this way.

I had a hard time picking my choices as well but I ended up with a hot red tank dress because it was quite similar to the dress on top and I don’t think I have and red dress as hot as this.

The material was also comfy and stretchy.
This dress is not in the latest collection but they have this in nude as well!
This was initially my first choice but I wanted to have a fairer effect πŸ™‚
Yeap, you can cheat by wearing darker or louder clothes to look fairer!

I also got this A lined Midi Skirt (Light Blue) for myself!
I love how feminine one can look with this.

I am still searching for a similar top like hers to match the skirt!

Do let me know if you come across any! πŸ™‚

The lady running the shop is really friendly and responds pretty fast so you can shop and pay with ease πŸ™‚

Be sure to visit them at http://www.justamaze.com!

Hurry up before everything goes out of stock!

Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2013

Do you know that Jill Stuart is only available at Isetan Scotts?

They have just launched their Spring Summer 2013 collection and yours truly was present at the launch.

This collection is filled with lace and florals which is what Jill Stuart is famous for.

β€œI make clothes I want to wear. It’s trendy, but not crazy. It’s feminine and sexy for women to be lady like, and it’s pretty, easy to wear, reasonable in price. This is the main concept for my clothes.” – Jill Stuart

The white top that the pretty model was wearing inside is priced at $199 and made of 75% Rayon and 25% Silk. The material made it sound so comfortable already.

The blouse on this model is available in 3 colours at the price of $149.

The dress seen below gives me a sweet summer feel. You know I would pick floral and lace anytime.

I had always find white dress sheer which is why I don’t buy them often, but this has proven that not all white dresses are sheer.

This playsuit caught our attention that day because it was quite different from the rest that were modeled that day. Florals and lace? No. It’s leopard now yo!

Not sure about you but I love knit tops. They are probably the most comfortable wear ever. But speaking of which, sometimes it may be too warm to wear a knit top for an entire day in Singapore.

This knit top is available in 4 different colours – Beige, Light Blue, White and Black at $179 each.

They also have sports wear just in case you’re wondering!

Very thoughtful of Jill Stuart to design for any occasion and event.

Cupcakes were specially ordered and designed by Shiberty (Jessica) to suit the theme. So sweet!

The collection is available at Isetan Scotts.

For more information, please visit:Β https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jill-Stuart-Singapore/391370580935104

Bershka new outlet at VIVO City

Bershka, the spanish brand is definitely no stranger to us and Bershka opens a new retail store at Vivocity!

Thew new retail store at Vivocity mall will feature 3 main collections from their Spring/Summer campaign, YOLO – You only live once. The collections include “Fresh Season” and “Urban Innocence” for ladies as well as a completely new ranger under Bershka men.

The Bershka brand attracts the younger male and female demographic and flaunts ready to wear apparel enthused by folk inspiration and geometric cuts.

I love the men’s section more than the girls! I always feel that I am a man in my previous life.

I wanted to get that mint bag because the colour is tooo damn sweet!

This jacket is also from their latest collection and is available in 4 different colours.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, these skinnies were only at $39.90 each. Too cheap!!

A deal not to be missed.

This comics shorts is kinda cute too. POW**
So chic!!

My all time favourite. Floral prints.

Love at first sight was this outwear on the mannequin.

Take a closer look at the prints. It’s summery and colourful with not-so-bold-colours used.

This outer wear is extremely lightweight. I think it weighs about the same as a basic tee.

The new Bershka store is located at Level 1, #0158/60/63 and is open daily from 10am till 10pm.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bershka.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/home/bershkasg/en/bershka

Natural Beauty Basic

Leading Japanese fashion label, Natural Beauty Basic made its debut in 1996 in Tokyo.

And now, in Singapore, they have launched their latest Spring 2013 collection! The collection takes a spin with contrasting colours and fabrics in a single desig and works exquisitely with the use of simple and modern optical art motifs.

The Spring 2013 collection also features designs with an oriental touch, inspired by kimono dresses with elements such as wide belts resembling kimono obi, and feminine details such as sheer fabric and nude colours.

I personally like the floral pants in the picture below. One can never go wrong with florals for spring. Instead of bold and loud prints, go for understated monochrome pieces to add just the right amount of edge to any outfit.

Really really like earthy warm colours. And even in pictures, they look comfortable when worn.

Each piece of clothing is specially selected from high quality fabric that is resistant to wear and tear and yet so lightweight and comfortable.

Accessories are also available to cater to the different outfits.

Bags, who doesn’t love them?

The orange one is so so adorable!!

This was what I wore there (I had exams before that so I rushed like mad!)

Specially dressed in simple to match the name “Natural Beauty Basic” πŸ™‚

There was a little contest, that is to wear mix and match the outfit from their clothes/accessories/shoes in 20 minutes and the 2 winners will walk away with the entire outfit.

My pick was the Synthetic Leather Jacket ($109) with a knith ($59) and a floral scarf (49) underneath. Matched the top with a pair of warm coloured pants ($79) and ended it off with their straw bag ($79) for a Spring summer look. I didn’t match their shoes because I think my wedges are suitable for the look.

The scarf is made from 100% Acrylic and pants, 82% Cotton, 15% Cellulose and 3% Polyurethane.

I find them very very affordable for such quality and comfortable wear – Well, pants could easily cost over a hundred right?

Really love the outfit I matched with. So camwhored :X

Look as if I was going on a holiday to somewhere cold~~~

In the end, Jessica (Shiberty) amd me won!! YAY!! I get to keep the entire outfit (except for the bag).

I was happy like mad but I had to act calm. I had been lusting for the jacket ever since I first saw it when the emcee was introducing the clothes to us. Hehehehe.

Other than their clothes, they also provided a lip and eye makeover by Lunasol for us. So thoughtful of them.

Food after the contest to feed the hungry us πŸ˜€

So love this polaroid that I made boyfriend keep it in his wallet. HAHAHAHAA.

Natural Beauty Basic is located at:

Takashimaya Level 3, Ngee Ann City
Isetan Orchard Level 1, Wisma Atria

For more information, Please visit http://www.naturalbeautybasic.com