Lost without you (maybe)

I think we are so crazily in love that either one of us feel lost when one is away. He’s going to Australia for a holiday next week and I am heading over to Taiwan in Oct. With a beauty blogger as his girlfriend, I’ll be packing a bag of facial products for him to bring over – to take care of his dehydrated skin for the cold weather. I don’t want a flaky boyfriend when he is back after 8 days….

True enough, I am thankful for having him in my life for the past few months. We had another huge quarrel last week but he kept reasoning even though I gave him all the shit and attitude. I can get really grumpy and say nasty stuffs non stop and I don’t think with my brain when I am mad.

We didn’t solve the issue that very night. A girl (not exactly a girl since she is in her 30s; his ex colleague, they had something going on in the past) bumped into us at VIVO and shouted his name (she probably wanted the entire patrons in VIVO to hear her, I don’t know but it was HELL embarrassing) and took the opportunity to ask him to party and hangout.

I know she isn’t faithful to her boyfriend, but to come in-between us when we were quarreling? I thought people who are religious would be even more aware of ‘sins’ and ‘faithful’ but all she know might only be ‘shame’ -.- Of course, James did not leave with her enough though I made the way home myself.

You guys might think that I am ranting over here, yup, I am, I am not overly possessive or what but I just felt not respected by that aunty -.-

I am also glad that he is quite into my blog now that there are sponsors for him too. A men fragrance was recently sent to me for review from Lacoste so I supposed it was for him! First the ColorRun, then the facial at Qi Mantra and next the fragrance, I hope for more to come! (Everything that comes along is a bonus and I thank god for that :D)

Lastly, here’s a BRO FIST for people who think we look alike!

Olay CC Cream Hide Pores Well

Do you see any pores in the picture below?

* This picture is free from filter or any edits. It is basically a raw picture*

If your answer is no, I’ll tell you why!! I have visible pores on my face (who doesn’t?). Maybe not those huge enlarged pores but it is still visible.

When Olay CC Cream was introduced, I was quite skeptical because it was said to have pore minimizing effects that gives women a seemingly airbrushed finish. “How well can they hide the pores or pigmentations?” I thought.

So I put it on to a one day test. True enough, results achieved!

There are facts to the CC Cream.

1. Instant results with the Smart Colour + 3D Pore Coverage technology: It reduces glare and diffuses light, reflecting off the skin to immediately minimize the appearance of pores and reveal skin’s natural luminosity and radiance. Also proven to have long term improvement in skin appearance with continued use.

2. Oil-free formula: So it does not clog pores or magnify the appearance of pores and uneven texture which tends to happen in oily skin.

Review: Light weight and not greasy. It is SPF 15 too! But you will still have to apply sunblock before applying the CC Cream.

3. Usage: Apply liberally and blend evenly. Can be used alone or as a make up base.

4. Results: Reduce the look of pores and uneven pigmentation while improving skin radiance in women.

5. Availability: Available from Aug 2014 onwards in most leading department stores and pharmacies.

6. Price: A 50g would only cost you $32.50.

Olay CC Cream is available in 2 shades – Light and Medium.

I would recommend the Lighter shade as it will blend itself to suit your skin tone. Applying the lighter shade on your face would also make the face look fairer and glowy.

One application of it before applying my usual make up lasted me for an entire day.

“Pores are the new wrinkles!” says Olay, so hide them when you can!

CreerBeaute Makeup Event

The much raved and most awaited Japanese Anime makeup line CreerBeauty, who is famous for it’s Versailles and Sailor Moon series of makeup products are now easily available in Singapore!! Find them at selected Watsons stores! Watsons is almost everywhere, right?

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner (and EX series), The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask had all won the Japan Beauty award @ cosme.

Versailles is based on a manga called The Rose of Versailles.

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black, Royal Brown & Dark Brown are retailing at $20.50. I have a thing for brown eyeliners as they can create a softer look. So I would go for the Dark Brown than the black liner.

They are the champions for the Japan Beauty award for 2 consecutively years.

Review: Fast drying and has a very fine tip.

The line also carry Eyebrow pencils – Dark Brown and Light Brown, which are retailing at $12.30 each.

Review: It has a very crayon feel so you might need to draw it a few times to get the colour to show on your skin.

For the Sailor Moon series……….. Even the packaging of the products are so cuteeeeesy.

Their Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black and Brown are retailing at $24.90.

Although it was said to have fine Lips like Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner, I thought that the brusher lines looked slightly thicker. I tried rubbing it to get the liners off but it was hard and the lines did not even smudge. I was totally sold by then.

They also come in Orange Gold, Green, Blue and Red – Lameliner.

The Orange Gold and Green are sold in a set with another product while the Red and Blue Lameliner are sold individually at $24.70 each.

As seen in the swatches below, they contain particles which make them shiny so you can glam up the night with coloured eyes!

With my usual girlfriends at event, Jacelyn and Elaine.

And and Cheryl!

The lucky me also won a prize at their lucky draw. Yay~~~

To side track a little, I wore my new hair of Shayna Sandles in Cream courtesy of Love Bonito to there event.

Just search for the Japanese corner in Watsons and you will be able to find the brands there! 🙂

Juicy Couture Hollywood Ingenue

Sometime ago, J and I witnessed Juicy Couture Fall and Holiday 2014 Collection.

Both collections were very related to Hollywood.

Thats us at the entrance.

The first thing that caught me when I stepped into the showroom was the latest perfume – VIVA LA JUICY Gold Couture. It is already available in US at prestige retailers in July 2014, but will only be available in Singapore from Sept 2014 onwards.

Ever since the launch of of VIVA LA JUICY 4 years ago, it has even rise to many other sister scent with this being the newest addition to the family. VIVA LA JUICY Gold Couture gives the girl who lusts for luxury the couture indulgence she craves.

Even the packaging is in gold colour itself.

Other than perfumes and clothes, Juicy Couture also carry accessories like bracelets, bangles and watches!

Fall 2014 Collection features clothes where the Juicy girl returns home from her summer travels to embrace the new season with a sense of intrigue and adventure, hence, the collection features the rebellious punk rock days of the Viper Room to the fresh natural beauty of the hills and the irresistible glamour o celebrity style.

Holiday 2014 Collection on the other hand, celebrates the sun-drenched holidays in true Juicy style where the girl transits her wardrobe from the romantic tones of fall to a hyper-luxe and edgy feel for the holiday season with Couture Clash.

A lot of pieces from the Fall and Holiday 2014 Collection caught my eyes but there is one particular set which I prefer most! Read on first….

The models really carried out the feel of the Juicy girl. Every piece of clothing or accessory were carried out well.

The sunken cheeks and jawlines…. to die for!!

This bag caught my attention too! Small enough to carry out for lighter days yet retaining that little tinge of classiness. Available in different colours as well.

Now… What caught me most was the sports attire!!!!

If I have this suit, I’ll gladly work out every night to show them off!!!!!

Tell me, is it CUTE or CUTE?!?!

We were almost blinded by the huge collections.

Thank you Bless and Juicy Couture for the generosity. We had a good time viewing the clothes (as well as trying our luck at the lucky draw booth).

I can’t wait for the next collection already. X

Seoul Trip Part 1

You would also probably know that I just came back from Seoul last month!! Would love to thank My Fat Pocket and Herman for giving me this opportunity and Xinyi for being such a wonderful partner (including Herman, who took very good care of us)!!

We attended the opening of Atria Flagship Store in Seoul!! Yes, this also meant that we met one of the girls from Girls Generation and BtoB boy band.

Some of the outfits were sponsored by Shop Lila Mila for the trip. Quote “Maybeline10” when you check out to get 10% off per cart.

Pink lips for that night because Pink is the NEW Red in Korea.

It was shopping and eating after the first day of event. We went back on the second day for some shoot and shopping after that! If I were to visit Korea again, it would be for the food instead of the shopping as the streets there sell stuffs similar to Singapore but pricier. The food there was really nice though!

Atria Day 2.

Starlash eyelashes, 3CE Glass Pink, and curls for a Kpop look. My first attempt to look like a Korean. I know I failed quite a bit because I still look Singaporean. Hahahaha. But at least it is quite different from my usual style.

When you’re overseas, you will tempt to dress up like the people there no?

We were told by many that we looked like sisters and most of the people there spoke to us in Korean. I guess we succeed a little? Hahaha.

Our tops were bought there. Mine was from Dongdaemun. There was a loooooot of stuffs to see but they are really overpriced. Literally out to cheat tourist’s money. There was a store selling a top for 58,000 won which is retailing for nearly $70, but another store, at $30. The aunty at the $70 store was SERIOUSLY pushy!!

Tip: If you really want to shop there, be smart, finish window-shopping at the entire building first and haggle the price after that.

It was really fun to travel with her and Herman with both of them being so considerate and thoughtful. They made me feel like I am a little girl (cause I was the youngest) and they had to take care of me. Actually this Xinyi made me feel that she is much younger than me because of her size and looks! I wish I can look like her too.

My top (jacket) cost $17 and the lacy shorts was sponsored by Shop Lila Mila again. Comfy and sweet looking on?

My favourite shopping street was at Hongdae. No nasty price tags, no pushy aunties there. You can get a nice top at an average of $15-30. Although the beauty junkie street is at Myeongdong, you can also find them in Hongdae! Etude house and other brands were really really cheap. Remember to stock up on the makeup and skincare!

I bought colour-ed cosmetic contact lenses there as well. The average price was between $15-$20 per pair. Well, you know GEO lenses and all are from Korea right?

This shop caught my attention right in the middle of Hongdae.

The churros were made and deep fried on the spot. It was very crispy and fluffy. I can’t get enough!!! I wish they have an outlet in Singapore too.

It was finger-lickin’ good to the last bit.

And I shall end this post with my first meal in Korea. Check back for part 2! 🙂

Summer Party’s Necessities

Summer is here! Are you ready for it? What is your summer must-have other than beach wear and sun dresses?

Do remember to take care of your hair, skin and body when you’re enjoying yourself at the beach. Apply sunblock, moisturize the skin and the scalp!

Let me introduce you some of the latest products from Tsubaki, Senka and Aqualabel.

Closer friends know that I WILL NEVER step out of my house without sunblock (unless I am supposed to go for some skin related consultation or facial). Sunblock is basically my necessity. It is more important than applying make up on my face.

I use all kind of sunblock, from cream based, to gel based, and to water based. Water based is always my first choice in any facial products.

Senka now has a new water based sunblock! The Mineral Essence UV which is made with 100% mineral water with strong UV protection and anti-aging care.

Yup, you heard me right. it has anti-aging care as it contains Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin looking youthful, resilient and firm even when you are protecting your skin from the sun. As it is water based, it does not leave your skin greasy. It leaves a silky smooth finish with no residue and is resistant to sweat and sebum.

My pre-make up base is usually essence followed by sunblock. So this works pretty well as a pre-make up base too. Only retailing at $17.90 at selected Watsons stores.

Next is the Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence. The texture is really jelly-liked and has 4 functions.

Lotion, Emulsion, Serum and Astringent.  I like it’s astringent effect as it can minimizes pores that tends to dilate or sad. Open pores is one of the first world problems for all ladies out there.

It firms the skin affected by dilated pores and keeps moisture for many house with the skin protected by the veil of the highly-permeating jelly. This is already available in Watsons at $29.90!

And TSUBAKI has launched another new product in it’s Head Spa range! The Head Spa Sparkling Serum!  Probably my favourite product in the entire event!

It is a leave-in scalp essence that delivers a range of Head Spa effects from moisturizing, softening to stimulation blood circulation for a healthy and moisturized scalp that leaves no sticky feel after application.

I like the product because it is convenient and cheap! Hair tonics or whatsnot are usually costly. This bottle of Serum only cost $18.90. You can have fun while applying it as it will produce the sparkling sound when it comes in contact with your hair and your palm.

It contains ingredients like Natural Essential Oil Blend, Camellia Flower Extract and Camellia oil. They can help to moisturize and soften the scalp while enhancing the hair shine.

What about your summer must-have?! Care for a share? 🙂

I permed my fringe!

I always regret it ALOT when I cut bangs. But when I have long fringe, I want it short because they can be quite irritating at times. I always choose to cut bangs because I like one part of the growing phase – the phase where u can comb it to the side nicely.

And my readers would know that I don’t work on Monday, therefore, Monday = pampering, chilling or full of errands day. And yesterday, was the HAIR DAYYY! I delayed the whole appointment for 3 Mondays because I was too busy.

The first thing my hairstylist, Oscar, told me was “You need to colour your roots already“.

I didn’t had the intention to touch up the roots, but oh wells, why not? Since I was free and all. I love how Oscar knows what my hair needs.

After touching up the roots, I told Oscar I wanted bangs. He’s the kind who would prefer girls with long fringe than bangs because bangs would make one look like a kid. Okay, that is what happens to me all the time.

But this time, instead of going for the usual flat bangs, he permed my bangs to look like a doll. And this was something new to me because I never had permed bangs, or rather, I have never tried perming the fringe before.

He snipped it after colouring. Welcome back~ Flat bangs!

I was quite afraid that I would look like some aunty with some “curry puff” fringe with the rollers. I was really afraid of the end result. LOL.

It was a pretty quick process. He added some cream and let the rollers stayed for 15-20 minutes before washing.

And the final result after blow drying…. I don’t think that it is obvious in the picture but the fringe was rather bouncy and curled in, giving me a very dolly look. My friend saw me and asked if I would prefer “Ang Kong Kia” or “Barbie”? LOL

Yes, the hair was shorten by a lot as well. With dry hair like mine, I think it is best to keep it short. I wanted to try shorter length but I have to let it grow until April for a bridal shoot.

That’s Oscar. Okay, he didn’t smile and that made him look fierce. But in actual fact, he is quite a chatty and funny person. One nice guy really. My hair always feel well taken care of  when I am in his hands.

Look for Oscar when you visit SalonB!
And quote “Blogger Maybeline” for 20% off chemical services.

They are located at:
1 Nassim Road #02-03 Singapore 258458
(Directly opposite Tanglin Shopping Mall)

Parking is free when you do your hair there!

Make an appointment at 6863 5855.

On TV again!: Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

I believed this is not some new news to the readers because you guys might have already seen it before me. Yup, the TVC interview for Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is out on national TV already. If you haven’t watch it, I think you can catch it in the evening on either Channel 8 or 5.

They are ranked third most popular ramen chain in Japan with more than 290 outlets worldwide. And within a short span of 6 months, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi had already opened 3 outlets in Singapore! – Star Vista, Cathay and Tampines 1.

You can customise the flavours and add oomph to your dishes with the add-ons they have. One of it which caught my attention was the garlic where you can crush the garlic yourself with their unique garlic press tool.

The most popular broth is the Garlic Tonkotsu which bought fame to the restaurant. Now, they have done it again.

Two new exclusive dishes were introduced – Ginjiro ramen and Itameshi dry curry rice.

The Ginjiro ramen is a laborious dish but is well worth the effort. Pork bones are simmered over long hours so that their natural sweetness can be extracted, Dried bonito (the flakes that you can find in your Tako Balls), kelp and several ingredients are then tossed to achieve that flavoursome goodness.

Overall, this Kagetsu Ramen original is rich in collagen and a definite must-try.

I like the broth so much that I wouldn’t mind a second bowl. I don’t even care about the calories anymore. I asked about the egg, it wasn’t served with runny egg because it might affect the taste of the broth. For people who love runny eggs, you can order the egg as a side, just like what I did.

You know, I am feeling all hungry again as I type this. Or maybe… I just need to sip a few spoonful of the broth..

Itameshi dry curry rice. Although it says curry, but it is not spicy at all.

A blend of spices lends a moderately spicy punch; even those who cannot take spicy food will relish the perfumed mixture. The rice is slightly scorched to create a crispy texture and smoky aroma.

Resting atop the rice is a wonderfully prepared egg, fragrant and cooked to perfection.

Nic, my partner for the TVC shoot. We loved the food so much that we just had to order everything on the menu.

I ordered 2 bowls of ramen for myself that day. Not kidding yo! Besides that, other side dishes were ordered which the rest of them on the table happily finished them because I could no longer take in anymore food.

T commented that he really love this.

Gyoza, which was mixed with a DIY sauce dip that night.

The gyoza was filled with juicy meat filing on the inside and crispy pastry skin on the outside. The skin is specially imported from Japan and even after frying, it retains its crispiness and chewy texture.

T, Nic and me!

Happy boys and girl with happy tummy.

Good food! New found ramen stall…… added to my list of favourite restaurants.

Lastest addiction – Pandora

I never thought I would get hooked onto Pandora bracelet and charms because I find them EXPENSIVE! I had always thought I wouldn’t spend a mid 3-digit figure to 4 digit figure on an accessory like necklace or bracelets but Pandora caught me!

I kept complaining on the prices and why would girls spend so much on them until my friend Sophia of Beau Essentials tempted me with them.

She helped me with my bracelet and my first two charms.

I got the 17cm bracelet which was way too big for me. But the sales person told me that it is always better to get a slighter bigger bracelet so that it wouldn’t be tight when you have more charms.

Bracelet – $124
Pandora Charm – $53
Fairytale Book – $71

It was so sad because the price of the Fairytale Book raised. It was initially $53 just few weeks back! Take note: Some of the charms like bow charm which was initially $53 is now $88.

I thought it was pretty plain with just two charms so I got more charms 2 days later. YES, this is extremely crazy! But well, bonus is hereeeee. It’s March! Heh.

Each charm actually serves a different meaning. Some of them have very meaningful meanings. For example, the cruise. My dad’s favorite memory of my sister was the both of the cheering and hugging when we were on the cruise years back (I miss you, Adel).

And 2 days later, another new addition! The Eiffel Tower! My favorite landmark in the entire world has got to be this tower, so how can I not own one?

The charms kept me smiling for days.

Whatever that made me smile is worth every penny spent 🙂

Yes, I have officially fallen into the irresistible trap of Pandora’s.

Marvel heroes & Disney Pixar characters

Adorable figurines for everyone – featuring the most celebrated characters from 3 bestselling movies is now exclusively available at 7-Eleven in Singapore!

Jazz up work space with miniature versions of Monsters University’s Sulley and Mike as well as Toy Story’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear! Or build up defences with Iron-Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Spider Man as the guardians.

Not only are the figurines adorable, they are functional as well. The Disney Pixar figurines come with markers and the Marvel figurines highlighters.

Simply spend $3* at any 7-Eleven store to get a stamp,

Collect the stamps and:
Get 1 figurine at $3.90 with 8 stamps collected OR
Collect 24 stamps to redeem a FREE figurine.

The promotion period runs from 26 February to 22 April, while stocks last.

You can also get additional stamps when you purchase these products:

26 February – 25 March 2014
– Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea (500ml)
– Big Gulp (22 oz)
– Quickbites Butter Chicken Biryani (300g)

26 March – 22 April 2014
– M&M’s Chocolate Assorted (40g)
– Quickbites Macaroni & Cheese (230g)
– 100PLUS Original (500ml)

PSSSST: the Butter Chicken Biryani and Macaroni & Cheese are REALLY GOOD. If you noticed, the 3 items add up to complete a quick meal for lunch!

It is actually very easy to hit $3. Just go for a quick bite during lunch or tea break. The 7-Eleven Quick Bites are fast and good, unlike other convenient food. You can still have chicken rice or beef redang even when you are rushing for time.

For me, I went for Mee Goreng (this option is available at the 7-Eleven at UE Square) with other little sides. The Mee Goreng was prepared served hot to me within 5-6 minutes!

As you can see, a meaty cheeseball was added to my noodles! Yummmmmeh!

Some other Quick Bites which my tastebuds kind of like are:

Mashed potatoes with cocktails.

and Cold Soba. I loveeeeee Japanese food so Soba is definitely one of the many choices that I would go for!

Of course, not missing out snacks. Snacks is probably the easiest way for me to collect all the stamps. Heh…..

Since the figurines are already available, go to 7-Eleven tomorrow!!!!! While stocks last!

Don’t cry when it’s all gone!! Remember, they are limited edition.