Enjoy all the overseas discount and ship them over with Buyandship!

Don’t you get envious when you see HUGE sales going on in other countries but not in Singapore? And most of the time, the shop with those sales do not ship out of their country.

So recently, I came across 6pm.com while shopping for a Juicy Jacket. I have never heard of 6pm.com. Their current sale is really crazy. It was more than 50% off Singapore’s prices. I went to read up on their shipping, sadly, they do not ship to Singapore.


Look at the prices of these Juicy Jackets!! I think a jacket from them, even with sales, cost at least SGD150?

juicy singapore

Of course, I went to google for shipping platforms that would help ship these items to Singapore. Guess what? I found Buyandship Singapore!

I got to admit that this was my first time giving them a try. I wasn’t sure how things will turn out.

One thing for sure was, their tutorial page gave very clear instructions on how to use the service. For new shoppers like me, you can follow the instructions here:

Step 1:
Sign up for an account

Step 2:
Obtain related overseas warehouse addresses for your intended purchase

Step 3:
Key in the overseas warehouse address as the shipping address, your name and your membership ID as the receiver during check out

Step 4:
Upon receiving the tracking number and shipping courier details, enter them on Buyandship (This is very important. Declare them as soon as you have the information)

Step 5:
Wait for your parcel to reach the warehouse…..

Step 6:
Pay for the shipping fees to Singapore

Step 7:
Wait for your parcel to arrive!!!


The shipping fee is based on weight and they are very reasonably priced. Even with the additional shipping fees, the stuff you buy are still 50% lesser than what you have to pay for in Singapore.

buyandship sg

One important thing to note other than the shipping fee is the number of delivery days! An impatient person like me will get very anxious and I will countdown till the day the parcel reaches me.

And hey… look, you only need slightly more than 1 week to get your parcel(s) from the states! Need I say more why you should go for Buyandship?!


They will also update you on all the latest sales that are going on, making sure that you are enjoying the best deals on the globe! Mmmm… sounds like they are trying to save me from spending too much.. but at the same time, encouraging me to shop more (at a cheaper price). I don’t know if this is good or bad. HAHA.

So far, I have had very good experience with shopping with Buyandship and I foresee myself shopping with them again and again.

Thank you Buyandship for literally “shipping” US to Singapore for me. I don’t have to fly there just to shop for good deals anymore! I am more than just satisfied with your service!

Hey shoppers, time to start shopping now! But before you do, remember to checkout what are the latest deals from Buyandship Singapore top picks!

Lazada Promotion last more than 30 days?


I shop online SO SO much more than I shop on ground because of all the promo codes and exclusive online sales. But having said that, I still love shopping both online and offline! Haha. What’s more, I love my surprises!! Hehe.

Lazada gave me a box for their 11.11 and 12.12 sale and WOOHOOO. I got the Philips Box! Honestly, at this point of time, I was more excited to receive electric appliances than any other thing else because my new house is coming in Dec/Jan!

Thank you for your love for your galaxy, Lazada!!


As expected, when I opened it up, it is a box of electric appliances. YAY!! I can save some money for my new place!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box because SERIOUSLY? THIS BOX IS ONLY $29? NO WAY!!!.

But it’s true you know, all the Brand Surprise Boxes cost only $29 with products worth more than $100! I am not going to tell you what is the other item in the box but I think that it is obvious  enough even though I tried to hide it with words. Lol!

IMG_2455 copy

My knight with shiny armor. Hahahaha.

FullSizeRender 3

One of the products received was the electric kettle! I am currently using electric kettle at home right now so I really do appreciate this! I can save the hassle of boiling the water with a single flick. Haha.

I went to check out the price of this kettle on Lazada, they are retailing it at $38 and it cost even more elsewhere you know! I really don’t know how does Philips and Lazada earn by selling the box for just $29!!

FullSizeRender 4

My box is already available for sale on Lazada and fastest fingers first!! I am super tempted to get another box of this also you know!

If you are not keen in electrical products, they have other products from other brands too!

Some participating brands: Acer, L’Oréal, Philips, Skinfood, Etude house, Maybeline, Delsey, Lenovo, Vichy, Giordano, Levis, Triumph, UAG, Mamonde, Durex, Laneige, Marshall, Colgate and more.

There are more than 110 Flash Deals and up to 90% off. Faster head over to Lazada and shop from their universe!

Lazada online revolution 11.11 12.12

Where to shop in Seoul, Korea?


Shopping can be really enjoyable in Seoul when they have all the latest fashion trends there!

Here are some places to share and I am ranking these places based on my favorite. I am price (I like cheap stuffs! Haha) and quality conscious.

1. Express Bus Terminal (Goto Mall)

(Credit: Eastasy)

If I only have a day to spend in Seoul, the first place that comes to my mind will be Express Bus Terminal. It is like Singapore’s Bugis Street but with better and faster fashion trend.

Even the clothes quality here are so much better! Best of all, the prices are even cheaper. You can get a very trendy pair of jeans for $20 or a jacket for $10!

2. Hongdae (Hongik University Street) and 3. EHWA Woman’s University

(Credit: VisitKorea)

I enjoy spending time roaming around the university streets because of the atmosphere there. The people are younger, happier and chattier! It may not carry as much stuffs as Express Bus Terminal but you will be able to spot some men’s apparels here. James got himself a few outerwear at Hondae.

Be sure to try the street food here too! It is half the price of other shopping districts.

4. Myeong Dong shopping Street

(Credit: VisitKorea)

Even though Myeong Dong is one of the most famous shopping street in Seoul, I find their items OVERLY priced. Yes, including those pushcarts. They sell almost the same stuffs that you can find in Express Bus Terminal and university streets but at double to triple the price.

However, if you are looking for beauty related products, Myeong Dong has one of the most varieties to offer. I also love shopping around their ABC Marts (which you can also find in Taiwan). Sneaker lovers anyone? Catch some good deals there! You can also find designs that are not available in Singapore.

Street food? EXPENSIVE.

5. Dongdaemun: Good Morning City, hello APM

(Credit: VisitKorea)

Mmmm.. Even though this is a wholesale place, I personally do not enjoy shopping there unless I have some spare time to waste. Otherwise, it will just be another late night shopping option for me since they open till late.

However, there are a lot of food places around the area. Quite a good place to chill actually! Oh, Common Ground is another hipster place that you should visit too (not for shopping though)!

I have of course, been to more than just these 5 places but I am only sharing what I love most. Hope this post will be useful for you 🙂

SHOP: Free $10 ezbuy Credits on Taobao or anywhere!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.58.01 PM

When it comes to online shopping in Singapore, I can shop and spend a lot at one go and end up hurting my own pocket. I have long heard about Taobao and have always wanted to try shopping there because it seems to carry ALMOST EVERYTHING at a cheaper price.

However, I couldn’t do it without the help of my friend because my Chinese sucks. I can speak but not read and write.

Until last year, I do not have my own Taobao account until I tried ezbuy. ezbuy is a one-stop global shopping platform for all shopping addicts like us who are stuck in Singapore.

ezbuy makes shopping so much easier! I am relating this to Chinese websites. Although you can buy stuffs from other countries but come on, admit it. Most of us use ezbuy for Taobao! Hehe.

You can control how much you are willing to pay for each item. Take a look at the picture below and you will noticed that $20 is the max that I will pay for a piece of skirt/top in ezbuy.

I also enjoy shopping on their mobile app as they have flash deals very often. For example, you can a backpack for $5 there. There interface is also neat and easy to navigate around. Sometimes I browse the app for at least 30 minutes before I manage to fall asleep.  Of course, I have to check out my cart after that too 😛

Just click on the item you want, and add it to the cart.

You will also know how much the item cost in SGD. If you are shopping on Taobao website itself or on your phone’s browser, just paste the URL into the app and it will follow the same.

If you plan to ship heavy items like furniture over. I will suggest you to sign up for Prime as you can enjoy unlimited shipping at $2.99 nett!

Some very common stuffs which I used to ask my friends for help till I tried ezbuy myself includes:
– Phone Cases
– Soft Toys
– Shoes
– Clothes
– Hair Clips
– Socks and more…

I got these phone cases on ezbuy even before my iPhone 7plus reached me last year LOL! Guess how much were they? Less than $5 each!!

My $9 Pastel Pink Sneakers which got everyone going gah gah.

My friend even bought her furnitures and pets’ accessories via ezbuy! I was very shocked when I heard the price. She bought her bar counter at $25 (inclusive of shipping fee)!!

Check out my roro behind the gate she bought from Taobao too. I am not surprised if her sofa and bed are bought there too. She’s a fan of ezbuy really. But then again… who isn’t when you can look for everything there?!

For people who are getting married, you can shop for wedding decorations, Sisters’ and Brothers’ outfits from ezbuy too!

The only thing I probably can’t get from ezbuy is……


Lucky you if you are new to ezbuy. I have a $10 credits for you with no minimum purchase!

Don’t say I never share ah. No minimum spending okay! So head over now to http://bit.ly/maybeline65 to claim your credits!

Christmas Shopping with Escentials

We are kinda stuck for all the Christmas gifts because there are simply too many choices around!! I wish I can get them all in one shop.

Till I saw all the goodies Escentials were carrying. They had presents that are suitable for both genders!

They are also going cuteee this time round. Escentials collaborated with Mina Kwon on their window and store display. She has worked with a number of reowned artistes such as Pharrel Williams, Chris Brown and more. Now, Escentials looked even more attractive than before!

The first thing that caught my attention was this box of soap – Extra Pur Discovery Box. I thought they were chocolates at first glance. The colorful and chocolate-liked packaging is really attractive and ideal. More important, Marseille soaps are made of vegetable oils.

A box of 10 for only $28!

They also have it in travel sized version – Extra Pur. This premium gift is retailing at $86 for 10 soaps (50ml each).

The fragrance wardrobe by Maison Francis for Her and him. Each box contains 8 11ml refills.

Her – Aqua Universalis, Aqua Universalis Forte, Aqua Vitae, Oud, APOM femme, Lumiere Noire femme, Amyris femme, féminin Pluriel.

Him – Aqua Universalis, Aqua Universalis Forte, Aqua Vitae, Oud, APOM homme Lumiere Noire homme, Amyris homme, masculin Pluriel.

REN has gifts of different sizes. From Mini Gift Set to Neroli Duo, Rose Duo and Luxury Rose.

Mini gift set is retailing at at $48 which includes their best-selling Moroccan Rose range and their new scent for 2014, uplifting Revivo-Tonic.

The set below you see is the Rose Duo Set. REN’s multi-award winning Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is one of those things that makes life just a little rosier. Twinned with Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion, the gift set is currently retailing at $88. It comes in a metal tin box so it saves you the effort of wrapping it up.

I love love love Penhaligon’s miniature fragrance sets! They looked so cute and vintage. It comes in 2 different sets – Ladies and Genetlemen, which both has 5 miniature bottles each.

Ladies – Vaara, Malabah, Ellenisia, Iris Prima and Quercus (in a red tin)

Gentlemen – Blenheim Bouquet, Juniper Sling, Bayolea, Sartorial and Opus 1870 (in a blue tin)

Each tin is retailining at $90.

Juniper Sling Collection ($300) and Artemisia Collection ($260) are also available.

Juniper Sling is rather interesting as it is an intoxicating fragrance inspired by London Dry Gin.

And of course, Annick Goutal has something too!

They have different sets from Eau d’Hadrien to Petite Cherie to Vent de Folie and more.

Below is a beautiful picture of the gift set of Eau d’Hadrienat $210.

Diptyque candles Holiday Season Candle set at $168 featuring resin, winter and spice.

Miniature sets are available as well.

StriVectin also came up with a Holiday Kit 2014 Perfect Skin Trio for Face, Eyes & Lips. The set is only retailing at $120 with $171 worth of products.

Radical Start Set ($45) – Age-defying Exfoliating Pades, Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum, Anti-aging Restorative Moisture and Eye Relive Creme.

They have more than what you see here. Head over to Escentials if you need to do some Christmas shopping! Best option for last minute Christmas shopping as well since they are already nicely packed!

Find them at Paragon level 3 🙂

Taipei Day 3

Day 3 was pretty boring (since we covered most of the famous shopping areas).

Day 3: Long Shan Temple, Xi Men Ding, Hotel (rest for 2 hours), Shi Da Night Market and then back to Shilin Night Market.

Outfit of the day.

I was very very hungry cause I skipped the hotel’s breakfast so I grabbed a Pudding Bread nearby first. They have interesting and nice bakeries!

We went to visit the famous Long Shan Temple and had lunch at that little village place. Ordered 2 You Tiao and my god, they were as hard as potato chips. The temple was crowded and the people at the village were quite old but friendly. Everyone was crowding around this little pom who was very very active and playful!!

The interior was amazing. The waterfall look kinda natural.

After we left the temple, I had to grab a cup of bubble tea. I drank bubble tea EVERY single day. And because I couldn’t read chinese, I could only order “Zhen Zhu Nai Cha” every time ~.~

Back to Xi Men Ding for lunch! This building is called the Red House – the police station.

We went into a Japanese restaurant for ramen! Yums. I realised that none of the restaurant serves runny ramen egg 🙁 Anyway, my ramen only cost $6.

My brother’s bento set which cost less than $8.

Headed to the departmental store to buy some Porter back as well! Birthday presents from the Dad. Got 2 bags. Hehehehe. (But I bought more Porter again later on…. on Day 5).

Buildings at Xi Men Ding… They reminds me of Seoul. The shops in myeongdong looks like Xi Men Ding and Wu Fen Pu reminds me of Dongdaemun. The places sell quite similar stuffs but it is much more expensive in Seoul!! At least 3-4 times more!! You can only get beauty products in Seoul (in my opinion).

After 2 hours of rest, we cabbed over to Shi Da Night Market and we were still very early (4pm). Please reach only after 6pm if you are intend to head over to any night market. I thought stalls would start to open at 4pm but I was wrong. The entire place was still very very very quiet. We grabbed some street food and sat at some cafe to chill while waiting. Only managed to grab very minimal clothes (3 pieces) there so I suggested to head back to Shilin Night Market for proper dinner and shopping!

This cap was bought in Shilin too! For $5 I think.

It seems like everywhere in Taipei sells very juicy fruits! We had fruits almost everyday (which we don’t in Singapore).

Stay tuned for Taichung!

Taipei Day 1

We took the 8.30am flight and reached Taoyuan Airport at 1.15pm. By the time we retrieve the luggage and all, it was almost 2pm. Cabbed from the airport to our hotel at Xi Men Ding straight. I have no idea why, when people told me that the cab fare in Taipei is much cheaper, I thought it would cost about 20-30% lesser but hell no. Our cab fare from the airport was SGD50. The distance is like our Jurong to Changi Airport (slightly further up). It would only cost SGD25-30 for that distance in Singapore though.

After checking in the hotel, we roamed around Xi Men Ding for lunch. Settled comfortably in a Japanese Restaurant. Each bowl of ramen only cost about $6. The portion is slightly smaller than what was served in Singapore.

And not wanting to waste any time, we took the metro (MRT) down from Xi Men Station to Hou Shan Pi Station where you can find Wu Fen Pu wholesale market.

The MRT fare is fairly cheap. SGD0.80 for a ride. And single ride journey tickets are in the form of a token. So cute!!

Wu Fen Pu is one hell of a good shopping place! It is so huge that it took me 3 hours to comb the entire place twice. I spent $200 on clothes for me and J within that 3 hours. My brother managed to grab quite a bit of male clothing too.

What to buy in Wu Fen Pu: Mostly clothes. Shoes are not exactly cheap here. You can get it cheaper at other parts of Taipei.

Station: Blue Line – Hou Shan Pi

After 3 hours of shopping, it was already 7pm so we walked over to Rao He Night Market. There is no direct station (Hou Shan Pi is one of the nearest) here so I would suggest you to cab there or walk over from Wu Fen Pu after shopping.

Rao He Night market has very good street food!! They do sell clothes, shoes and accessories but I would prefer the clothes at Wu Fen Pu instead. You can find cheap female shoes at NT200 (SGD8-9) where my mom and I got 2 pairs each. Male shoes are cheaper here. My brother got 2 pairs of loafers at NT500 (SGD22) each. Male loafers usually cost about SGD40-50 even in our Bugis Village.

My dad had Stinky Tofu there, although he insisted that it was good, I wanted to vomit at the smell of it. EWWWWW!

After all the street food and little shopping done at Rao He, we cabbed back to Xi Men Ding for more.

Xi Men Ding is very lively at night! I also realised from the Superdry Store in XMD, the stuffs here cost more than Singapore! A tee here cost about SGD90 when we could get it in Singapore for SGD70.

I love the people in Taiwan because they are dog lovers!!! You can see them everywhere!! Oh ya, pet clothing are cheap in Wu Fen Pu too!

Loot for first day.

Shopping and Outfits

[Note] This post is not an advertisment.

I have this very serious addiction to shopping and I tend to go beyond control easily.

I always go home with at least 6-8 pieces of clothing everything I shop alone. It’s weird because I can barely get more than 3 when I shop with the boyfriend or close friends ( I don’t really fancy shopping with people whom I am not really close with, or normal friends).
Ever since I started working, this addiction has become even crazier and I have even frequent urge of shopping alone when I have nothing to do. Like today, I left home 4 hours earlier to shop before my appointment. I seriously need some rehab! It sure ain’t nice as it can dry up the bank!


My favourite shops are the typical shops that you can find in town.


Top 4 favourites are:
1. Forever 21
2. H&M
3. Bershka
4. Mango


I tend to get my jeans from Forever 21 because they are lightweight and comfortable.


I seriously like cheap (well, who doesn’t?!) buys as well and I usually head to Bugis Street to hunt for them.For example, I got this pair of beaded skull jelly flats for only $10! It was a steal because it was on sale!And jelly flats are the most comfy covered shoes!

And this floral dress for only $15!

I got this Baby Doll top from a mall for $29. Actually it looks much better in reality, really.

Actually I have a few selective shops in Bugis which are the only shops that I would visit there. And whenever I am in town, they are also the only few stores that I would enter.

When the choices are limited, and I can’t get anything, I would seek for another alternative (basically, its a routine everyday – Online Shopping).

Like in reality, I have a few favourite online shops as well. One of it is http://justamaze.com.

I was totally sold when I received this outer drape from them.

And this Kaline Chiffon Sleever Dress. Although it was too short for me and I had to wear a normal pair of shorts inside, I really like the feel of this dress as I do not like to wear too much accessories on me. The prints on the dress can compensate for the plain jane me.

And the current most in thing is a two-piece outfit. This was actually a pencil skirt and a tank. I can match the tank and bottom with other outfits. It’s like killing two birds with a stone!

I have more than a dozen of new clothes to post! Am very excited to share all my buys / sponsored outfits with you!

Perhaps it would be nice if you could share your favourite shopping hangouts with me so that I can add more stores into my list 🙂