Sephora Grand Opening at ION Orchard


Beauty junkies unite! Sephora ION Orchard had just relocated from Level 1 to Basement 2 (#B2-09 to 15)! Just so you know, it is on the same level as the MRT station. Tap out, and turn right!

The store is so HUGE and in fact, it is the largest outlet in Singapore. I bet one can spend hours shopping inside.

I heard that queues were already formed last night because people were all queuing for deals and vouchers! Seems like some took off to join in the queue as well!

Also do check out the full range of 100 Urban Decay 100 Vice Lipsticks retailing at $29 each.

There are also beauty counters and studio all around for a makeover.

I attending Kat Von D masterclass some time back and you will be happy to know that they are now available right in Sephora ION Orchard!!

The makeup artist is as cool as the brand itself! Goes without saying, she introduced the Signature Tattoo Liner Eyeliner ($32) to most of the guests. Do request her to try it on you if you pass by! The liner is seriously long-lasting!

After checking out the cosmetics and skincare, head further in and you will be welcomed by Sephora in-house products, fragrances and nail lacquer.

They are opened 10am to 10pm daily.

GLAMGLOW Mud to Foam Cleansers


I am a fan of GLAMGLOW masks. How about you?

I have yet to try SUPER-MUD Clearing Treatment (white) and Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask (black) though.

Among the 2 that I have tried, POWERMUD Dual Cleanse Treatment (green) and THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment (blue), I prefer the POWERMUD more because it helps to cleanse my face deeply especially after a week of make up and dirts buildup. It’s like, we don’t go for facial weekly do we? So why not use this as a home-care cleanser once a week like what I did?

I also do like THIRSTYMUD because of my dry skin as it boosts the skin hydration level and gives the skin a the dewy look.

Afterall, the best makeup one can ever as for is the clean and clear looking skin!

What if I say that they have now come out with GLAMGLOW cleansers as well?

These daily cleansers transform mud into foaming lather to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Although mud can be quite drying to the skin, they are quite gentle.

Like I said, I haven’t tried two of their ranges before, so I was generally more interested in the SUPERCLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser (white) and YOUTHCLEANSE Daily Exfoliatng Cleanser (black).

I was sold when I gave the YOUTHCLEANSE a try because the effect was almost instant. Skin looks more radiant and smooth. I like the scent of it because it contains TEAOXI green tea leaf which contains super antioxidants to protect against free radicals. Not only that, it also contains micro-algae scrub which is so gentle that you can almost feel nothing to help exfoliates the skin. Flaxseed & Quinoa, which is rich in omega-3 is also found inside for stronger and healthy skin.

Even the cleansing mud is of the same color as the mask!

SUPERCLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser on the other hand was launched in April, changes color and transform the mud into foam to dissolve the dirt and oil buildup on your face. Clear the pores yo! We want no blackheads or clogged/enlarged pores.

I like SUPERCLEANSE because it is formulated with paragons, sulfates and phthalates. I would say this is suitable for people with oily or sensitive skin. It has Licorice Root Extract to calm down irritated skin and Black Cumin Seed Extract for antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.

Not forgetting the all-time-favourite scent from the thirsty range.

This THIRSTYCLEANSE Daily Hydrating Cleanser, launched in May is rich in texture. Not only does it cleanse your face thoroughly, it also deeply moisturize the skin and contains rare Brazilian yellow clay to help remineralize the skin and pure green coconut for the hydration boost. Also because of the coconut, it has a very yummy scent which I personally like. When your skin is well hydrated, be prepared to welcome a healthy looking and beautiful skin 🙂

My skin is already looking more radiant now doesn’t it? 😀

All the cleansers are retailing at S$59 each and you can find GLAMGLOW at Escentials (Paragon/ Tangs Plaza) or Sephora.

Improve your skin with Talika

In 2008, Talika launched the 1st cosmetic revolution and created Light therapy and it was accessible to the general public thanks to mobile LED Applances.

This pocket sized device has both anti-aging and anti-dark spot effect using the wavelength of the lights.

It restores the skin’s self defense weapons by sending messages to the cell, which help to reactive its original intelligence. The cell is then fully recharged with life and energy.

There are three wavelengths in the device. Each wave length is absorbed by the skin and reaches different layers of cells (and blood capillaries).

The three wavelengths are:
525nm: Melanocytes: anti dark sports
590nm: Fibroblasts: anti-aging, anti0wrinkle
630nm: Fibroblasts, kerationcytes, blood capillaries, anti redness.

Light, therefore, penetrates the skin to reach the cells found in various layers of the epidermis.

I was told that you can either rest it on your face or put it a few cm away like what I did in the picture below.

The yellow wavelength admits anti-wrinkles effect where 32% of wrinkles were reduced in just 28 days.

The green light reduces dark sports and a study was done, 46% of dark spots were reduced within 60 days of usuage.

I didn’t manage to take a picture with the red light but red, obviously it has the last effect – anti-redness! The result was instantly.

The LIGHT DUO+ is also fitted with an ionotherapy function, which helps to create a temporary state of permeability in order to open the cell wall, allowing the cells to open up and receive the active ingredients.

Restore radiance without any effort or laser! Handy and hassle free. All in one!

And now, random pictures of me and the girls at my table.

Favourite little short girl. I am exactly 10cm taller than her. Hahahaha.

The device is available at Sephora, go and try it out yourselves there! 😉