TK TrichoKare Hair & Scalp Treatment + Trioxy Treatment Review

I started off the scalp treatment with a detailed consultation.  It involves detailed history taking and really takes into account my dietary habits, sleep pattern and hormonal changes.

After this my hair was analysed under a magnifying glass to check for any obvious thinning of hair.  They also used a Tricho-scan camera which magnifies up to 200 times to analyse my scalp.  It works as a visual proof of my scalp condition, according to which the treatment can be planned.


Take a look at the 2 pictures at the top.


True enough, my scalp showed redness and signs of inflammation. It is clearly shown and I got a shock when I saw how red the entire scalp was. My consultant told me that it could be due to stress, constant itching, too much sun exposure, too much colouring and hair dye. This can lead to hair loss and it doesn’t help when my hair is already fine to begin with.

I was very happy with the way my consultant explained me about the treatment. She went through every step in detail and customised a treatment Called *Tri-Oxy*.

This Treatment contains naturally derived ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and sodium hyaluronate – these ingredients help in exfoliation, hydration and retention of moisture and nutrients.

They use hyperbaric oxygen device to deliver these ingredients into the deeper layers of my scalp.

I was then brought to the treatment area to get started. The lady who did the treatment for me was very friendly informative as well. A customized premium European herbal scalp masque was administered onto my scalp, which can help to exfoliate the dead layer of the scalp and remove impurities and excess sebum. It is great for deep cleansing and detoxifying my scalp.


*TriOxy* was then performed on my scalp before I wash the hair. It consist of 3 steps – OxyPeel, OxyJet and Oxynutrient.

OxyPeel exfoliates dead skin from clogging pores, OxyJet helps to accelerate scalp’s cell metabolism and improves blood circulation while OxyNutrient provides nutrients and boost hydration to the scalp.


After TriOxy was done, I was brought over to the shampoo area for a revitalizing hair bath which can help my scalp restore its sebum balance, keeping it feel refresh and stress-free. It was a much-needed session as it relaxes my senses throughout. For some reasons, my scalp also feels extra clean after the wash.


After the hair bath, I was brought back to the same room for another round of TriOxy treatment. I really love the TriOxy treatment as it gives off a cooling yet relaxing sensation to my scalp.

I can literally feel the nutrients getting pumped into my scalp and the whole experience is super energizing.

My sensitive scalp can be really dry at times so *Tri-Oxy* can give the scalp the hydration boost that is needed.


The last step of the treatment is the Photodynamic Therapy, which is said to promote hair growth and increase blood circulation as it supports hair regeneration, and helps accelerate healing.


Now compare the before and after photos, which was taken right after the treatment. The redness is totally gone! My scalp also don’t feel as inflamed as before. All I need was a single treatment to calm the irritated scalp down. I believe that if I continue to do it every month, I will be able to see an improvement in the scalp condition and hair growth. I am truly convinced that the treatment works.


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Beijing 101 Scalp Care Review + Giveaway


Thick hair has never been mine to begin with because I am born with thin hair even though they are coarse.

I visited Beijing 101 at Funan last month and Beijing 101 actually provide a wide range of services for white hair, dandruff, oily scalp, hair cut and even hair dye!

A quick read up on their website here, they have been treating customers with hair loss problems for the last 42 years!

Because I dye my hair so frequently, I know that I will need to do something about the scalp before it gets dry and flaky… which can eventually lead to hair loss. It’s worst when I am anemic :O I am honestly worried about my thin hair. Hair thinning is a major concern for most ladies. The fuller the hair, the younger we look right?

Eken, my friendly and experienced Beijing 101 Hair Consultant, explained to me all about scalp care before proceeding to scan my scalp for me. I am glad it was a one to one consultation. I don’t want anyone to hear about my hair condition.

I was actually quite confident about the cleanliness of my scalp because I wash my hair every single day. I thought the hair smell nice and clean and thus, the scalp will be clean too. BUT TO MY HORROR….




After looking at the Scalp Analysis….. The scalp was clogged with oil and dirt!!!

When the pores are clogged, no hair will be able to grow and we are constantly dropping hair everyday…. which means that this can lead to serious hair issues like hair loss and balding.

A healthy hair follicle should each have 3-4 strands of hairs, but mine had only 1-2 on some areas. The Beijing 101 Hair Consultant told me that the weak follicles could be caused by the excessive sebum around the follicles area.

He also told me that he is not seeing much hair growth at the top of the head because of the clogged pores (clearly shown above). At that moment… It felt like I was at the end of my life. I am a girl and I am not even old….

A thorough scalp analysis can help you to address hair problems even at their early stage. It was through these detailed scalp analysis that we know what kind of treatment will be suitable for my scalp. Here at Beijing 101, they are able to customize hair treatments for individual customer as different customer has different scalp issues.

We went on to do my customized Hair Scalp Treatment.

Beijing 101 uses premium grade Chinese herbs to treat the root of most hair problems. Even though the herbs are effective in treating hair issues, it is gentle on the scalp so put your heart at ease, they will not cause further damage to the scalp but bring it back to its healthy condition. When the scalp is healthy, you will be able to see healthy hair growth as well.

I actually like the privacy of each little “cubicle” so we don’t have to look at the neighboring customers or hide our head from them. So thank you Beijing 101 for being so thoughtful!!!

The first step was a cooling mask, which was brushed onto the scalp instead of the hair. It can help soften the oil clogged around the pores. The mask was applied on the entire head of scalp and was left to let it work its miracles for 20 minutes before washing it away.

I enjoy the cooling mask a lot because it was very minty and refreshing. It felt like the entire scalp was thoroughly cleansed with mint. You know that cleanliness one can feel after brushing the teeth with a minty toothpaste?

While doing the session, I had a chat with Eken and asked where did they get their products from, did I then know that they were all specially created by Beijing 101! And you are able to buy these products to be used at home too. Different shampoos are used to address different hair loss problem as well.

After the wash-off came a very pampering massage and application of the ampoule. There are different ampoules. Some can help to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss while some can help scalp with dandruff issues. For me, I would take the one that helps with hair regeneration anytime!

The massage was super shiok!

Do you know that scalp massage can also help to improve blood circulation around the scalp area? With improved blood circulation, you will also be able to stimulate hair growth around the problematic areas.

After the treatment, I was ushered back into the consultation room where Eken did another scalp scan to show me the after effect analysis of my scalp after the treatment.

The first three photos were taken before the treatment. The last photo (bottom right) was taken right after the treatment. Can you tell the differences between the photos? SUPER OBVIOUS RIGHT?!

The scalp looks ALOT cleaner and less oily. I was even told that if I looked closely, I would be able to see the hair follicles have opened. When they are clean and open, hair will then be able to grow out. That’s when we are able to see an increase in the hair growth.

The benefits of Beijing 101 Herbal Scalp Treatment that I had done include deep cleansing of the hair follicles to unclog impurities and to soothe the scalp. You know how important they are now right? Do these and say no to hair loss!

Eken also told me that customers should do Herbal Scalp Treatment once every week in the beginning and once a month for maintenance depending on the scalp condition. So if you want healthier scalp and a head full of hair, remember to visit Beijing 101!

Thank you Beijing 101 and Eken for taking care of my scalp!

Just had news update that Beijing 101 have opened another outlet at JCube! Not only that, they had opened another at Tiong Bahru Plaza in April. So be sure to visit them for your scalp analysis consultation and treat your hair well today.

Check back on their website to see where is the nearest Beijing 101 outlet near you!

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Don’t neglect your scalp and hair just because you are young. You need to “pamper” your scalp like how you pamper your hair. Once it reaches the stage of hair loss… things are already at a very serious stage. So even for people who are not experiencing hair loss, I will still recommend you to do a scalp treatment with Beijing 101 once a month for maintenance.

My scalp still felt clean even after a week. When the scalp is clean and healthy, I feel the increase in self-confidence knowing that my concerns are targeted well. All credit goes to Beijing 101!