BioNike Beauty Products

Attended BioNike event 2 weeks ago and the brand was created in the 1960s.

It is pronounced as Bio-Nee-Kee, not Nai-Kee (Nike), the sports brand.

All BioNike brands are developed for subjects with sensitive, allergic, reactive skin and aim at providing relief to and preventing these conditions.

BioNike products are highly effective and contains no preservatives, no fragrances, no gluten and nickel tested.

Do you know that nickel, preservatives and fragrances are well known skin sensitizers that are responsible for triggering contact allergies.

I didn’t! Until I went for this event :O

BioNike products are:

• Nickel Tested
• Preservative free
• Fragrance free
• Gluten free

This is the BioNike Defence range.

If you have sensitive skin and is not sure of what products to use,
you can perhaps give BioNike a try.

A small presentation and sampling of their products.
Since there is no fragrance added to the products, do not expect it to smell nice etc.
It doesn’t smell bad at all but I would say that the products all smell the same.
They all share this neutral scent.

With Jacelyn, the beauty queen! 😀

And the rest of the beauty bloggers 😀
That was perhaps my first meal of the day that day :O

 I went for dinner with the girls after that though.

So it was a fattening dinner, for me because I finished the cupcake!

Camwhoring after the event. HAHA.

Do stay tuned for my review on BioNike DAY PEEL and ROLL-ON-FOCUS which will probably be up soon (as soon as I am free) as I have already tried the products for a week by now.

Photographer: Jacelyn 🙂

Outfit of the day:

Dress: My Exclusive Label (Ignore my inner piece. I forgot to pull down the dress when taking this shot :O)
Shoe: HongKong
Clutch: New Look
Watch: Aigner

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